Crime comedy has always been one of the most popular genres because it has a unique mix of tension, humor, and mystery. “Only Murders in the Building” on Hulu belongs to this genre, and if you like this type of show, you can’t help but watch it. “Knives Out” maybe this genre’s most sophisticated recent film series. However, there are a lot of shows that have tried to brilliantly construct and unravel the mystery. Today, we’re going to look at TV shows that withhold a great mix of mystery and humor, in the same way as “Only Murders in the Building.”

“Only Murders in the Building” is about three neighbors who become friends over their love of true crime podcasts and then find themselves exploring a real murder in their high-end apartment building. In a similar way, the main elements of “Poker Face” and “The Afterparty” are fun and mystery.

1. Poker Face

7 Shows To Watch If You Like ‘Only Murders in the Building’ on Hulu - Poker Face (2023)

Poker Face” was made by the same people who made “Knives Out.” Like “Only Murders in the Building,” it is a mix of mystery and comedy. The show is about a group of strangers who meet at a high-stakes poker game and get caught up in a real-life secret. Like the characters in “Only Murders in the Building,” the characters in “Poker Face” have to figure out what’s going on while navigating a web of secrets and surprising turns, all while adding humor to their adventures. What particularly stands out in the show is the way Natasha Lyonne plays Charlie Cale. The writing was taut, entertaining, and relentlessly funny.

2. The Afterparty

In the same way that “Only Murders in the Building” brings together people who wouldn’t normally work together to solve a murder, “The Afterparty” brings together a variety of characters at a wedding reception that turns into a crime scene. This series looks at what happens after a murder from different points of view. Like the dynamic trio in “Only Murders in the Building,” viewers can try to figure out the mystery while laughing at the funny talks and interactions between the characters. “The Afterparty” is one of the best crime shows right now. Zoe Chao and Sam Richardson are two of the actors who make the show so fun to watch. The creators took the main idea from “Knives Out” and added their own style to it, making it an interesting show to watch.

3. Search Party

7 Shows To Watch If You Like ‘Only Murders in the Building’ on Hulu - Search Party (2016)

The story of “Search Party” is about a former college student Chantal who goes missing. In order to find the truth, about 20 people get involved and start to untangle the web that leads to it. This dark comedy series has some of the same themes as “Only Murders in the Building.” Both look at the lives of regular people who find themselves in strange situations. “Search Party” has the same mix of mystery, excitement, and humor, making the Disney Hotstar series so interesting. You might want to look at Jeff Goldblum’s role in this series again.

4. Psych

“Psych” is a comedic take on solving crimes. It’s about a man named Shawn Spencer who pretends to be an irregular detective but is actually a good observer. Obviously, like “Only Murders in the Building,” “Psych” adds humor to the mystery genre with witty banter, strange personalities, and interesting cases. The way the main characters in “Psych” get along is similar to how the main characters in “Only Murders in the Building” work together. Moreover, James Roday Rodriguez does a good job as Shawn Spencer.

5. Midsomer Murders

7 Shows To Watch If You Like ‘Only Murders in the Building’ on Hulu - Midsomer Murders (1997)

“Midsomer Murders” is a great show for people who like complicated murder mysteries with a touch of old charm. In this long-running series, which takes place in an English town, a detective solves complicated crimes in a tight-knit community. Like “Only Murders in the Building,” it’s all about beautiful scenery, complicated cases, and a little bit of humor.

6. Queens Of Mystery

“Queens of Mystery” mixes classic whodunits with modern humor and is about a police force led by women detectives. This series is about a group of strong-willed women who work together to solve crimes while figuring out their own lives. Furthermore, both shows have a mix of mystery and funny moments that come straight from the heart.

7. Based on a True Story

The secrets in “Based on a True Story” are mostly based on real events, making it hard to tell what is real and what is made up. The great chemistry between Kaley Cuoco and Tom Bateman in the show comes through in their strong performances. The series provides a satirical look at how people sell their souls to get rich and have fun.

Final Words:

If you liked “Only Murders in the Building” and its mix of mystery, comedy, and crime, these series offer a wide range of choices to satisfy your need for fascinating plots, exciting characters, and well-timed humor. Whether you’re intrigued by amateur detectives, unusual detective teams, or old-school sleuths, these shows offer a great mix of tension and humor.

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