Behind Your Touch Season 1, Episode 3 takes viewers on a journey of revelations as Ye-bun continues her pursuit of truth through her unique psychometric abilities. The episode unravels with Ye-bun’s relentless determination to uncover the hidden secrets surrounding a kidnapped girl, leading her to unexpected encounters and dangerous situations. As the complex plot unfolds, we see Jang Yeol and Ye-bun working together and learning to understand each other. In this episode, we delve into the pivotal events that shape the narrative, exploring the evolving relationships, uncovering the mysteries, and setting the stage for further intriguing developments in the series.

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Behind Your Touch (Season 1), Episode 3 Recap:

The episode begins with Ye-bun rushing to Jang Yeol’s residence to talk about her junior from college. She sees Jang Yeol being terrified of a cat. Jang Yeol starts sneezing as soon as the cat gets near him, and he tells her that he is allergic to all furry animals. After caring for the cat situation, Ye-bun passionately tries to convince Jang Yeol of what she has seen. She tells him that Jong-hook had kidnapped a girl, and she seemed to be a live streamer. She begs him to investigate more on it, but he kicks her out of the house.

Ye-bun decides to take matters into her own hands and meets up with her college senior under whom Jong-hook was currently working. She gets his house address from her senior and visits his house. She cannot find any evidence but is caught off guard when Jong-hook sneaks up on her. They go out for a meal, and Ye-bun tries to ask many questions to get some answers but to no avail. While in the café, in an attempt to touch Jong-hyeok’s butt, she trips and touches the café owner’s butt and sees some weird fetish in his memories. She goes back and tries to search online for streamers and missing persons.

Sun-woo brings his cat to Ye-bun’s clinic. While treating the cat, she touches its butt and finds a half-naked Sun-woo. She remembers seeing cats in Jong-hyeok’s house and decides to visit him again. She uses his cats to get a glimpse of his house, but she cannot find the kidnapped girl. Ok Hui asks Ye-bun to meet her boyfriend at a café. Ye-bun is surprised to see her best friend dating the café owner. Outside she sees Jong-hook walking by. She tells Ok Hui to look into her boyfriend as there might be another woman and rushes out. Sun-woo decides to rent a room in the shaman’s house rent-free as he would be close to Ye-bun’s house. He had offered to tutor the shaman with English lessons, and they both decided not to pay each other for their services.

Ye-bun rushes to Jong-hyeok’s house and uses another cat to get the passcode to his house. She enters the house and finds the streamer’s chair and room. She is investigating further, but she hears the front door. She rushes and hides inside the bathroom. Jong-hook enters the house and immediately senses that someone has trespassed. He checks on every single room. Meanwhile, Ye-bun decides to jump off from the window. Unfortunately for her, a part of the window wall was stuck to her waist. Jong-hook enters the bathroom to find his window gone.

Behind Your Touch (Season 1), Episode 3
A still from Behind Your Touch (Season 1), Episode 3

Jang-ye sees Ye-bun in this state and helps her out. Ye-bun tears up and asks him to trust her. She brings up a memory from Jang-yeol, and he is shocked as no one knows about it. She begs him to trust her just like he had trusted that man from his memories. Ok Hui brings in her girls and asks them to watch her boyfriend and report to her if they see him with another woman. Ok, Hui confronts Ye-bun as there is no evidence to her claims. Ye-bun gets Ok Hui’s boyfriend drunk to get answers, and as she is about to touch his butt to see his memories, Jang Yeol appears, so she leaves him be. She carries him to a motel. Jang Yeol and Ok Hui barge inside the room and go to the police station.

At the station, Ye-bun asks Ok Hui to check his house and asks Ok Hui to trust her. Ok Hui gives her a last chance, and if this does out give her evidence, it will end their friendship. Ok Hui goes to her boyfriend’s house and kicks one woman down, only to realize her boyfriend is in the woman’s clothes. She bids him farewell and leaves wondering how Ye-bun had known. At home, Ye-bun finds the kidnapped streamer on MeTube. On the streams, Ye-bun realizes that the posted videos were in a different house-it wasn’t Jong-hyeok’s house. Through more streams, she gets the address of the streamer Sia.

Behind Your Touch (Season 1), Episode 3 Ending, Explained:

Can Jang Yeol’s Trust in Ye-bun’s psychic abilities crack the Case?

Ye-bun calls Jang Yeol and informs him that she is in front of Sia’s house and trusts him to find her. Jang Yeol asks her why she trusts him, and she tells him that she wanted to trust him in the past and that she will continue to do so. Jang Yeol gets distracted as there is a lead to catch a criminal from a big case and asks Ye-bun to do whatever she wants. On the way to catch the criminal, Jang Yeol stops and decides to help Ye-bun. Ye-bun enters Sia’s house and sees the room she streams from. She comes face to face with Jong-hook. He tells her he had CCTV installed in his house to keep an eye on the cats, which caught her sneaking in. He yells at her, asking why she is doing this as she never spoke to him in college.

Ye-bun apologizes for college and asks about Sia. He tells her that he tried to convince her to stay with him, but she didn’t listen, and he was annoyed as he had just finished cleaning up and had to do it all over again. He starts choking Ye-bun. In time Jang Yeol comes to her rescue. They manage to rescue Sia as well. Jang Yeol talks to his friends from Seoul and tells them he will be there soon. He talks to Ye-bun about this psychometry and tells her he will treat her to a meal. Now that Jang Yeol has come to terms with Ye-bun’s abilities, we can surely see their relationship improve. We will see them working together to solve more cases. In the next episode, we may see Ok Hui confronting Ye-bun about how she knew the secret about her boyfriend, and it will be interesting to see if Ye-bun will reveal the truth. Sun-woo moving in close to Ye-bun’s house can be a sign of a budding romance to begin. Things will also get complicated for Ye-bun if she actively participates in solving police cases, as she will lose hair every time she uses the ability. How she navigates all the complex situations will be a treat to watch.

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