A pastiche is a work of visual art, literature, theatre, music, or architecture that imitates the style or character of the work of one or more other artists. A very popular example of practicing this in the medium of film is Quentin Tarantino. He uses all his knowledge and admiration for other filmmakers’ works in his films by imitating their style or directly quoting them in his own way. From B films to gun-fu action films to classics of world cinema, he borrows from everywhere. Following his trend, newer directors often try to do the same with their films. Danny A. Abeckaser’s new gangster crime drama, “Inside Man,” (previously titled: The Gemini Lounge), starring Emile Hirsch, falls into the same category.

In every scene, it will remind you of classics of the gangster genre like “The Godfather,” “Scarface,” “Casino,” “Donnie Brasco,” “Goodfellas,” and “The Departed.” Not only stylistically, the film borrows so much from these films; it also uses the same genre tropes. As a result, it doesn’t add anything new to the genre in general. And rightly so, since it has no intention to do so. The film’s sole purpose is to entertain, and on that job, “Inside Man” hits the bull’s eye.

This article intends to talk about the film in more detail. So, readers who haven’t watched the film are advised to return to this piece after watching it, as it will be filled with spoilers.

Inside Man (2023) Plot Summary & Movie Synopsis:

The movie revolves around Detective Bobby Belucci of the New York Police Department. He is a workaholic who doesn’t spend much time with his wife and also has anger management issues. Things get worse for Bobby when he finds his wife with another man in his house one day. In a fit of rage, he beats the man with his bare fists and disfigures his face. As a result, he gets suspended from his field job and demoted to a desk job of filing the paperwork for ongoing police procedures. Bobby gets very upset about his situation and tries to mend all his faults, first with his wife and then with the police captain. But both efforts go in vain.

Soon, fate comes his way when one day, while trying to drown his sorrows in booze, he stumbles upon a fight breaking out between two men. One of them is the right-hand man of the local wiseguy, Roy DeMeo, named Chris Rosenberg. Without understanding anything about their fight, Bobby thrashes the other guy in an outburst of his frustration. Chris thanks him for his help and asks for a lift from Bobby. Bobby agrees, and he drops him at the Gemini Lounge.

The next day, Bobby asks his partner, James, about the Gemini Lounge and learns that it is a popular joint among mobsters and the key hideout of Roy DeMeo. This sounds very interesting to Bobby, and he digs deeper into these gangsters from previous police files and goes to the Police Captain to propose opening a new case against them and going undercover to report their activities. The Police Captain instantly declines the idea.

But Bobby belongs to the stubborn breed. So, without permission, he goes to the Gemini Lounge and introduces himself to Chris and his friends, the Gemini Brothers and Freddie. Chris speaks very highly of Bobby and his heroics the other night. The others also seem to like him. Hence, they offer him to join them, which he instantly accepts.

He tells the captain the following morning about the whole thing he pulled off the previous night. Though initially hesitant, the captain agrees to the operation as he understands why Bobby wants to do this so badly. It is to prove his worth to the department and to his wife so that he can redeem himself. He assigns Jim as the second-in-command in the whole operation and a safeguard for Bobby. They rent a flat and are provided limited logistical support from the department. With all this, they start their undercover mission.

In the initial days, Bobby is taught by all the other gang members how to steal luxury cars. As a fast learner, Bobby enjoys his time with no worries. One day, when they are chilling out in the lounge, Chris and his friends get up and take Bobby to the flat next door. There they introduce Bobby to Roy. Roy tells Bobby that he hears only praises about him, and today he officially welcomes him to his crew.

After that, Bobby continues his criminal life by stealing cars, selling coke to the junkies, and chilling with his gangster friends in the Gemini Lounge. But with all that wildness, he still can’t forget his wife, Mary. He tries to reconcile with her, but things get worse every time he tries to do so. He often gets very upset thinking about this situation. But Gina, the bartender of the lounge, understands his feelings and tries to cheer him up.

Meanwhile, one day, Roy asks Bobby to come to his office and tells him that the man he thrashed to save Chris is in the hospital and needs to be silenced to clean their backs. He asks Bobby if he has killed anybody in his life. Bobby tells him that while he was a child, he threw an older child off the roof after he tried to dishonor his dead sister. After listening to this story, Roy asks him what he felt after throwing him from the roof, to which he replies that he felt nothing. 

A still from Inside Man (2023).
A still from Inside Man (2023).

Roy listens carefully to the answer and tells him to wait for him in the lounge with Chris. Meanwhile, Chris proposes the idea of selling coke together. Bobby refuses the idea. Roy and the other members of the crew come back and tell Bobby and Chris to hop in the car. They reach a place closer to the jungle. Roy gets down from the car and opens the trunk. Bobby comes near the trunk and sees that it is the same man he assaulted some time back to save Chris. Roy gives him a gun and signals him to shoot the guy. With no other option left, he shoots.

Since he is wired, the whole thing gets recorded on tape. But Bobby doesn’t want to reveal to anybody that he killed a man, so he destroys the tape. Soon, Bobby gets mixed up in more nasty business with jobs like extorting money, and it frustrates him more. One day, he throws off his wire, tells Jim he is taking the night off and disappears. When he comes home, he notices that the police captain has come to the rented apartment at two o’clock in the morning to meet him. He tells him that another foolish act like this, and he will stop the whole operation.

Inside Man (2023) Ending Explained:

What Happens to the Crew in the End?

The next morning, Chris comes to Bobby’s door asking for his help. It is revealed that the drug deal with the Colombians goes south, and he kills all of them. Now the Colombian drug cartel is after him. Bobby tells him that they should go to Roy for help. As Roy doesn’t have any idea about Chris’s side business, Chris refuses the idea and leaves the place.

Meanwhile, Roy faces much pressure as his boss from the Gambino Crime Family gets very upset about the whole situation. To make things right, he orders a hit on Chris. To execute this, Roy orders Bobby to find Chris.

But after one week of searching, Bobby can’t find any trace of Chris. But one day, when he comes home at night, he finds out that Chris is already there and comes to know about his true identity. He kills Jim and takes Bobby with him to the Gemini Lounge. Chris thinks that Roy will forgive him if he hands over Bobby, the cop, to him.

But as they reach the lounge, Chris is shot by Roy. He gets killed immediately, and Bobby survives the situation. After the incident, the police department takes strict action, and they suspend (for the death of Jim) the captain and Bobby. But before that, they collect all the evidence from them.

As a consequence of all the situations, Bobby realizes that his only purpose in this operation is to prove his machismo to his wife. But in this dangerous world, there isn’t any room for it. So, people have to be tender and should try to love each other. Finally, he realizes his fault and comes to the conclusion that he doesn’t deserve her. So, he goes to see his wife, Mary, one last time and gives her an envelope filled with cash. He tells her that it is a gesture of goodbye from him, and he leaves the place.

Meanwhile, Bobby is approached by someone who is trying to get information about the crew. So, they decide to meet right in front of the Gemini Lounge. But as soon as the man enters Bobby’s car, he is shell-shocked because the man is none other than the plumber working in the lounge.

He tells Bobby that they bugged all the places and he should come to them first for the operation. He also tells him that they have booked him under the name Bobby. So, now he should come under their wing and give them all the information he gathers, and in return, they will put him under the witness protection program. In response, Bobby says he now understands why the captain called him a “dumb fucking cop” at the start of the operation. It’s revealed that he would take the offer, but at the same time, he realizes how hectic his life will become after this.

The film ends with the titles revealing the fates of the DeMeo crew. All the members are found dead or caught, signifying that there is no happy ending in this crime world. 

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