In Behind Your Touch (Season 1), episodes 13 and 14, the investigation into the serial murders in Mujin takes a dramatic turn. Jang Yeol and Ye-boon begin to suspect that Kwang-sik might be the killer, but they don’t have any concrete evidence. Meanwhile, Sun-woo is still under suspicion, and Jang Yeol warns Ye-bun to stay away from him. The pieces of the puzzle start falling into place as Jang Yeol investigates Sun-woo’s alibi. However, when Sun-woo willingly allows Ye-bun to touch him, his story checks out, leaving Jang Yeol puzzled. A misunderstanding between Sun-woo and Ye-bun leads to a chilling encounter with the actual killer, resulting in a life-threatening confrontation that will leave viewers on the edge of their seats.

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Behind Your Touch (Season 1), Episode 13 Recap:

The episode begins with Dr. Jung’s point of view on the night of Ju-man’s murder. The killer was caught when Dr. Jung walked into Ju-man’s office, but Dr. Jung could not see the killer’s face. In the present, we see Dr. Jung has passed away, and Hyun-ok and Ye-bun are in mourning.

Jang Yeol informs Ye-bun that since the case was open, they won’t be able to hold a proper funeral for Dr. Jung, but he promises to clear Dr. Jung’s name. Jang Yeol takes the lead detective from the crimes division, Detective Kang, to the doctor who was treating Dr. Jung for his illness. The doctor verifies that Dr. Jung couldn’t be the killer.

Jang Yeol informs Ye-bun about the arrangements he had made for Dr. Jung’s funeral. At the funeral, Mr. Park is weeping uncontrollably as he remembers Dr. Jung was the only one who had treated him well when he first arrived in town. Kwang-sik abruptly takes Ae-ran and leaves the funeral. Deok-hee notices that Seon-woo isn’t at the funeral, and Mr.Park informs him that he hasn’t seen him all day.

Ye-bun tells Ok-hui that she believed her mother had given her physic power so she could understand her grandfather better, but she didn’t use it on him and blames herself for what happened to Dr. Jung. Meanwhile, the police are tracking Sun-woo and find out that he has quit his job and has not used his credit card. And are checking the CCTV to see if he has left the town.

Jung-muk decides to give Ye-bun the case file Dr. Jung had given him. He asks Ye-bun to choose whether she wants to reveal the truth or not. Ye-bun decides to reveal everything that Dr. Jung and Jung-muk have found, and an investigation is in process. Jang Yeol overhears Ye-bun and Ok-hui’s conversation and gets to know Ye-bun hasn’t eaten anything since the time her grandfather passed away.

He brings her her favorite food and tells her to touch his butt, and reminds her that if she is weak, her vision will get blurry, and she needs to be strong to catch the killer. He also asks her not to blame herself for what happened to Dr. Jung as it was the killer’s fault. Ye-bun eats the food and thanks Jang Yeol.

Sun-woo attends the funeral and tells Ye-bun that someone has found a body that resembles his mother, and hence, he is away. He tells her about how he felt about Ju-man, and after his death, nothing had changed as he still had not found his mother. Kwang-sik sneaks around Mr. Park’s house and touches his feet. He rushes to Jang Yeol and informs him that Mr. Park had tried to kill Ju-man once before, and Detective Kang hears this and arrests Mr. Park.

Mr. Park is panicking and is unable to get out of this mess. Because of the pressure of finding the killer, Jang Yeol tells the police team about Ye-bun’s power, but they laugh at him. Ye-bun arrives and proves her abilities. She tells them she needs to get inside the police station and touch Mr. Park’s butt to prove his innocence. They come up with a plan, and Ye-bun gets to touch Mr. Park. She asks him to tell Detective Kang that he had visited Sun-woo on the night of the murder and that would be his alibi.

He does what he is told and is out of the station. Jang Yeol times himself walking from the convenience store to Sun-woo’s workshop and does not understand why Sun-woo was late to meet Mr. Park that night. He then times himself going through Ju-man’s office, and it matches the murder timing. He confronts Sun-woo and tells him that he was helping Dr. Jung walk to Ju-man’s office and, hence, he was late.

He also knew about Ye-bun’s power and gave his consent to be touched. Ye-bun touches him, and everything Sun-woo had said checks out. The next day, Ye-bun visits Kwang-sik’s farm to treat animals, and Ae-ran calls Ye-bun to eat fruits. She tells her that she knows about her powers and asks her to touch her butt as she had lost the gold earning Kwang-sik had given. As she was going to touch Ae-ran’s butt, Kwang-sik walks in and takes Ae-ran away.

Ye-bun rushes to Jang Yeol and tells him that Kwang-sik is acting fishy. She tells him that if Kwang-sik played them, he was the one who said there was another person who had psychic powers, and also, he was the one who led the police to arrest Mr. Park. He was the one who made the police suspicious of Sun-woo. They now assume Kwang-sik might be the killer.

A still from Behind Your Touch Season 1 Episode 14.
A still from Behind Your Touch Season 1 Episode 14.

Behind Your Touch (Season 1), Episode 14 Recap:

This episode continues with Jang Yeol and Ye-bun suspecting Kwang-sik to be the murderer. Jang Yeol visits Kwang-sik’s house only to find out he has stepped out for something, and Ae-ran doesn’t know why. Before leaving to find Kwang-sik, Jang Yeol drops Ye-bun at home and asks her to stay with Ok-hui. She tells Ok-hui about their suspicion.

Jang Yeol asks his team to locate Kwang-sik, and trying to find him, he sees a man in the same raincoat. He chases him, but the killer attacks Jang Yeol, and he escapes. The path the killer took leads to Sun-woo’s house, and Jang Yeol starts suspecting him again. At the same time, Kwang-sik knocks at Ye-bun’s door and tells her that he has figured it out and says black and dies. Meanwhile, Jang Yeol searches Sun-woo’s house, and Sun-woo asks him to provide a search warrant.

Ye-bun tells Jang Yeol about the blackouts, and Kwang-sik has figured out the trick the killer was using to create blackouts. Jang Yeol tells Ye-bun that he had tried to pretend to be the killer and had closed his eyes to try to find his way across the room, but he was unable to do so. He also asks Ye-bun to stay away from Sun-woo for the time being.

Ye-bun ignores his warning and meets him that night. She tells Sun-woo that she trusts him and she doesn’t need to check him. Ye-bun tells Sun-woo about the serial killer being another psychic, and Sun-woo is in deep thought about the information that was shared. Jang Yeol, Jung-muk, and Deok-hee tried to test the blackout trick once again using different methods, but they were failing at it.

Jung-muk sneaks into the autopsy room and gets a picture of stab wounds on Kwang-sik’s body, but CCTV footage catches him, and he gets beaten up by his chief. They were asked to go to the Soybean festival and away from the investigation. Sun-woo asks Ye-bun to go with him to the workshop and be his alibi, as she is the only one who trusts him. They go to the woodworking shed, and Jang Yeol follows them there.

Jang Yeol calls her out and indirectly asks her to date him if she is lonely or just wants to date; she gets mad and walks away. Before leaving for the Soybean Festival, Jung-muk asks Mr. Park to keep a keen eye on Sun-woo and report everything back to him, and Jang Yeol locks Ye-bun in a cell and takes her phone away and tells her that this is the only way she can be safe.

However, Sun-woo gets to know Mr. Park’s suspicious behavior. Jang Yeol and the group leave for the festival, and Ye-bun comes up with an idea to get out of the cell. She calls out to Detective Kang and tells him she has important information regarding Kwang-sik’s death. She tells him the truth about the psychics and the blackout, but Detective Kang goes crazy and asks her family to take her away. 

Behind Your Touch (Season 1) Episode 14 Ending Explained:

Will Sun-woo Survive?

As soon as she is released, she decides to meet Sun-woo in the workshop, and Ok-hui informs Jung-muk that he needs to get back to Mujin and he is feeling protective of Ye-bun both as a detective and as a man. Ye-bun enters the workshop along with Mr. Park, and this annoys Sun-woo as we see Sun-woo has the same knife as the killer with blood stains on it in his toolbox.

Sun-woo purposely spills tea on Mr. Park and asks him to clean himself in the church bathroom, but Mr. Park asks Sun-woo to take him there. While they are away, Ye-bun takes a look into the toolbox and finds the knife. She panics and starts running away. Sun-woo finds her and chases after her. Ye-bun slips and falls and gets up to find the actual killer in front of her.

Sun-woo grabs her, and they run. The killer tries to attack her, but Sun-woo catches him and asks her to run away. She calls someone and informs them about the serial killer. She takes a shovel and rushes back to the spot to find Sun-woo lying with stabs on his body.

The episode takes the viewers on a rollercoaster ride as everyone who seemed suspicious for obvious reasons seemed to be dying. First, we see Kwang-sik die, and now Sun-woo, who was suspicious from the beginning, is most likely dead. He made the ultimate sacrifice to save Ye-bun. Things will get a little rocky between Jang Yeol and Ye-bun, especially because Sun-woo is dead. It is going to torment Jang Yeol as he confesses his feelings towards Ye-bun. The real killer is probably someone that we haven’t suspected in the slightest, as the obvious ones are dying one by one. 

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