Better Call Saul Season 6, Episode 9 Recap & Ending Explained: For those of whom Better Call Saul has proven to be a shadow of its illustrious predecessor, this is the moment to change your opinion. Calling it a shadow would be harsh but a somewhat watered-down project comparatively would be more appropriate. The moral conflict in BCS is brought out in the most poignant and cathartic manners by Gilligan and Gould. This episode ends on a shocking note, one that neither you nor I could ever see coming. In hindsight, though, it was clear as daylight. Catch our recap of the episode below and understand key plot points and the ending. Happy reading!



After the incidents of the last episode, Kim and Jimmy try to get on with their lives. They attend work, as usual, with nothing out of place. Meanwhile, at their house, Mike puts the things back in order. He leaves the apartment absolutely clean and in great condition. When the couple returns, they find their home back but something isn’t right with Kim. We see that spill over the next morning when Jimmy promises her that “one day, they won’t even remember it ever happened”. Mike destroys the last remaining evidence of Howard’s murder. He burns it on the beach. Gustavo now has to answer to the booses in a meeting convened at Eladio’s mansion. The guards check him for any guns and he can barely stand straight after his shootout with Lalo.

Better Call Saul (Season 6), Episode 8Juan Bolsa begins reading the letter Salamanca wrote, containing the accusations against Gus. The chicken man’s reaction is dismissive. He knows that Hector does not have any shred of evidence against him, all that Lalo was gathering to prove his case. All he can do is ring his bell and be taken away as Gus revels in his huge victory. Gus, now relieved and done with the saga, instructs Mike to start the construction of the lab in a month’s time. Later, he goes to his favorite bar to drink wine and converse with David, the maître d’, about the different types of wine they have. But when he goes to retrieve a bottle of expensive champagne, Gus realizes he cannot afford to do it and leaves.

Mike returns home and catches Ignacio’s father Felipe’s social security card. He reluctantly goes to his workplace and tells him the truth about Igancio. Felipe is less than pleased and calls Mike’s attempts to console him and make him believe all is being done to get justice for Nacho a hoax. He believes all gangsters are the same and that they cannot preach things like this. Kim and Jimmy visit a memorial in Howard’s honor at the HHM office. They learn that the firm is being sold partly to a firm upstate. The couple spots Cheryl and goes to her to pay their respects. Jimmy’s words do not charm the grieving widow, who then has to be “wooed” by Kim’s made-up story about Howard from when she worked there.

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Although the situation diffuses, Kim is a bit shook and passionately kisses Jimmy before driving off. The next morning, she announces that she has resigned from the bar as an attorney. When Jimmy reaches the apartment and tries to confront her about it, he learns that Kim is actually leaving him.


Jimmy pleads like a lawyer to her to stay. But Kim has made her mind up about leaving and explains her decision as such. She feels that together, she and Jimmy are poisonous to other people, despite being happy themselves and loving each other. Kim has failed to see that her actions with Jimmy have hurt other people and she has not paid heed because she was having “too much fun” while doing all that. In a strange transition, we see, just after Kim has left, that “Saul” wakes up in a new, flashier home with presumably a hooker. He is on the phone from the instant he wakes up and convinces clients’ rivals about settling the case outside the court. He is the Saul Goodman that we saw in Breaking Bad, and not Jimmy whom we met only in this show.

It is a great contrast between the two men that comes out here. The ending acts as a bridge between the two worlds where the two men become one. It solidifies the change that we saw from Jimmy to Saul. They weren’t essentially the same men and the show does a great job of showing that. Saul’s new house connects the dot to the opening scene of the first episode of season six. That is probably where the show will end and give us the climax to the series. It has been a long journey till now and the end that is coming is a hard pill to swallow. Hopefully, it will be all worth it in the end.


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