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The Boys (Season 3) Episode 7: Recap & Ending Explained

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The Boys (Season 3) Episode 7, Recap & Ending Explained: Last week, Herogasm happened. A lot of people thought that it didn’t quite live up to the hype because the presentation of the superhero orgy was timid. A lot of people were satisfied with it and thought it did deliver whatever it promised to be. But every single Indian was united in their opinion that they didn’t get to see the showrunners’ original product because Narendra Modi’s Information and Broadcasting ministry came in between them. And not in a good way. They hacked it to bits like the Central Board of Film Certification does while releasing R-rated movies even after giving them the A certification, all the while greenlighting viciously hateful propaganda films that are causing irreparable damage to the country. Anyway, the next episode is here. So, let’s get on with it, shall we?

The Boys (Season 3), Episode 7 Recap: Hughie, Soldier Boy And Butcher Go After Mindstorm

Titled Here Comes A Candle To Light You To Bed, the episode takes place 5 days after the events of Herogasm, as indicated by the VNN report on Annie’s (Erin Moriarty) latest Instagram Live. Cameron Coleman (Matthew Edison) asks Ashley (Colby Minifie) for her thoughts on Annie’s allegations. She goes on her usual rant about how Maeve (Dominique McElligott) is in “rehab”, that it’s impossible for Soldier Boy (Jensen Ackles) to be back because he died back in 1984, and that Annie is fraternizing with a terrorist, i.e. Kimiko (Karen Fukuhara).

Hughie (Jack Quaid) walks in on Legend (Paul Reiser) watching a Soldier Boy music video that he had produced back in the day. He gets him talking about Soldier Boy’s escapades and Legend reveals that he never did any of the heroic things that he keeps talking about. He just went for photo-ops and created the myth that superheroes are the ones who save the day. Legend’s job involved selling that myth as the head of Vought and that’s how he became stinking rich. Butcher (Karl Urban) comes in to check on Soldier Boy and the three of them find him jerking off to a couple of elderly women. Butcher asks Soldier Boy for some pointers regarding finding Mindstorm (Ryan Blakely) and he says that the Supe is so paranoid that he has houses all over the place so that no one can find his exact address. When Legend reveals that Mindstorm is bipolar, Hughie comes up with the idea to track medicines for BPD going to the potential cabins he’s in to locate him.

The Boys (Season 3) Episode 7

Homelander (Antony Starr) visits Maeve, who is in a high security holding cell of sorts. He asks him about The Boys’ whereabouts. Instead of revealing that, she points out that Homelander is wearing concealer to hide the beatdown he received from Soldier Boy, Butcher and Hughie. Homelander of course doesn’t answer that and instead tells her that she has done a big mistake by giving Butcher powers because he and his team have killed seven Supes. And those who are alive, they don’t have powers because of Soldier Boy. Since he thinks they face the same fate, Maeve says that the difference between the two of them is that she doesn’t want to be a Supe while he can’t be anything but a Supe. Maeve asks him why he is keeping her there and he says that he wants to harvest her eggs and make kids out of it by mixing it with his DNA. She responds to it by saying that this is still a “Top 3 Day” for her because she got to see Homelander scared.

The injured Frenchie (Tomer Capone) and Kimiko arrive at MM’s (Laz Alonso) doorstep. Annie takes Kimiko to the bedroom to help her lie down while a high-as-a-kite Frenchie stumbles towards MM’s food. Soldier Boy, Butcher and Hughie arrive in the woods around one of Mindstorm’s cabins. They ask Soldier Boy about the things they should be wary about while dealing with Mindstorm. He says that the only thing that they should worry about is closing their eyes when Mindstorm tries to make eye contact with them. Hughie asks Butcher why he’s giving Soldier Boy hefty bags of weed. He says that Soldier Boy clearly has PTSD, as seen from his explosions that he doesn’t seem to remember. So, if he’s high, he isn’t as on-the-edge as he usually is. After making a joke about self-medication, Butcher and Hughie take the V24.

Black Noir (Nathan Mitchell) is seen hanging out all by himself in a shutdown restaurant called Buster Beaver’s. After sitting there for a while, he imagines the mascots and icons on the walls of the building coming out into the real world to interact with him. One of the characters reminds him about his childhood and how all of them helped him overcome several traumatic incidents by just talking about it. He tells Noir that he is going to help him with Soldier Boy too because they are all his friends. On their way to Mindstorm, Soldier Boy starts to hear things even though no one’s saying anything. Hughie notices the V24 goop coming out of Butcher’s ear. Soldier Boy accidentally steps on wire that causes an explosion. This causes the team to separate and Mindstorm corners Butcher and sends him into an endless nightmare which he can’t snap out of and it will potentially cause him to die of terminal dehydration. Soldier Boy says only Mindstorm can help him. Hughie says they can get him to do so before Soldier Boy kills him and he declines the proposal.

Hughie puts a bag underneath Butcher’s head, who is going through memories of the abuse he and his brother faced at the hands of his father. MM and Frenchie try to figure out what can possibly kill Soldier Boy. Annie tends to Kimiko’s wounds and they even share a drink together. Then Kimiko says that she needs her powers back but Annie advises against it because she can’t go back to the tower after her rebellion and she thinks that it’ll kill Kimiko. Soldier Boy ridicules Hughie (in a homophobic way) for his love for Butcher and says that when one is on a mission, that should be the priority. When he starts talking about storming Normandy and fighting Nazis, Hughie calls him out for his bullshit. In the Vought tower, Deep (Chace Crawford) and Cassandra (Katy Breier) have a falling out after he tries to engage her in a threesome with the octopus he was having sex with in Herogasm.

Annie January Exposes Homelander

Noir’s animated friends show him an animated version of him and Soldier Boy having an intense boxing match. Butcher’s nightmare continues as he sees himself transforming into his father, slowly and steadily, and Lenny succumbing to it all. Soldier Boy and Hughie come across a priest and a nun stranded as their car has broken down. Under the pretext of helping them, Soldier Boy shoots the priest first and when Hughie protests, he says that they are Mindstorm’s brainwashed minions and they’re going to kill them if they don’t kill them first. Soldier Boy is unconvinced and his trepidations are proven to be right when the nun viciously attacks Hughie. Of course, Soldier Boy shoots her too and refutes Hughie’s claim that he’s suffering from PTSD and says that this is how soldiers conduct themselves.

The Boys Season 3 Episode 7

Homelander seems to be suffering from another mild panic attack as the footage from one of Annie’s Instagram Lives plays in the background. He proceeds to go for a campaigning session for Robert Singer (Jim Beaver) where he slanders Annie and her charity, while Ashley and Neuman (Claude Doumit) watch in silence. He even starts to hallucinate that Soldier Boy is in the audience and almost activates his laser eyes. But he abruptly ends his rant, tells everyone to vote for Robert Singer and walks away. He goes to the cowshed and starts milking one of them in order to calm himself down. Neuman drops in and tells him to get his shit together. Homelander reacts to it by choking her. She says that she is on her side and presents him with a document in order to win her trust. Apparently, it works because Homelander lets her go.

Back at Vought Tower, A-Train (Jessie T. Usher) wakes up, thereby confirming that he didn’t die after painting the highway with Blue Hawk (Nick Wechsler). Ashley puts a Soldier Boy spin on the whole ordeal and reveals that they’ve transplanted Blue Hawk’s heart into A-Train, which means that he’ll be able to run again without any issues. She says that he has to badmouth Annie and that he’s getting a gritty biopic which will show him being coached by Tom Hanks. While having a hot cup of beverage, Frenchie figures out that the Russians probably used some kind of vaporizable nerve agent like Novichok to knock Soldier Boy out. He says that they have to go to Russia to get that poisonous weapon. MM sees Todd (Matthew Gorman) and Janine (Liyou Abere) at the Homelander rally and storms out of the house. Kimiko reveals to Frenchie that she’s going to take the V again. She tells him to read that the letter she has written for Annie and Frenchie understands where her mind is at and that she wants to protect him.

Annie breaks into the part of the Vought tower where the V is kept. On her way out, she notices the scientists’ notes on V24. The most prominent words to describe it are “death”, “vegetative state”, “lethal after 3-5 doses”, “hyper accelerated malignant tumors”, “atrophy of cortex”, “seizures 1-2 hours”. Noir remembers the time Stan Edgar (Giancarlo Esposito) proposed the idea of burying Soldier Boy as Jonah Vogelbaum (John Doman) had a replacement for him: Homelander. And we see that when Payback tried to subdue Soldier Boy, he fried Noir’s face and bashed his skull open. But Mindstorm held Soldier Boy down long enough for Crimson Countess (Laurie Holden) to hit him with the nerve gas and send him off to Russia.

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Noir’s animated friends tell him that he needs to be brave despite being afraid of Soldier Boy. Noir nods in approval.MM confronts Todd for taking Janine to the Homelander rally. Todd starts his typical victimized White man talk and how Homelander is the only one protecting America. When MM realizes Todd is too brainwashed to make sense, he requests him as a father, because Todd is not, to keep Janine away from Homelander. Todd makes a comment about how he has to be a father since MM can’t, MM knocks him out cold. MM looks at Janine and realizes that he has done some irreparable damage.

On her way out, Annie comes across Homelander. He tells her to go into VNN and recant everything she has said. Annie rejects that proposal and tells him that, instead of doing that, she’s going to stop Soldier Boy and find Maeve. Homelander tells him that she’s throwing away the one thing that’s still protecting her: her fame. Annie says that she doesn’t care about that and she’s not afraid of Homelander because she knows how small he really is for killing Supersonic (Miles Gaston Villanueva). He reminds her about the threat he gave to her that night, about killing Hughie. Annie pulls out her cellphone to show that she has been recording the whole conversation and streaming to all 190 million of her followers. Homelander tries to sugarcoat it by telling her followers that they are practicing lines. Annie heaves a sigh of relief after getting in the elevator.

The Boys (Season 3), Episode 7 Ending Explained

Soldier Boy And Homelander Have An Eye Opening Call

Soldier Boy and Hughie approach Mindstorm’s cabin. Before Soldier Boy can kill him, Hughie teleports Mindstorm to the spot where Butcher is lying. In order to win Mindstorm’s trust, Hughie tells him that he’s not like Soldier Boy and he only wants him to put Butcher out of his trance. He promises to teleport him to wherever he wants to go, away from Soldier Boy, away from the voices that he keeps hearing, if he helps Butcher, who BTW is seeing the day he signed Lenny’s death contract. He watches as Lenny loads the gun as he pleads to him helplessly while Lenny tells him how he has ruined the lives of everyone he has loved. Lenny tells him that Hughie is probably the last person who is trying to stop him from becoming a monster and he’s technically killing him too. As Lenny shoots himself, Butcher wakes up, sees Hughie and starts apologizing to him.

As Hughie prepares to teleport Mindstorm, Soldier Boy throws a knife straight into one of Mindstorm’s eyes, covers him with a piece of cloth and punches him. Hughie tries to stop him but he gets punched too. Butcher tends to Hughie. They hear Mindstorm tell Soldier Boy something, which infuriates him so much that he caves his skull in with his shield. They return to their hiding place. Annie gives Butcher a call and tells him about the side effects of V24. He says that he’s going to relay that information to Hughie and hangs up. When Hughie returns, Butcher says that they’ve to get more V24 and finish the job. Annie gives Kimiko the V, she takes it and becomes a Supe again.

Soldier Boy gives Homelander a call and tells him that the situation has changed. Homelander threatens him. Soldier Boy cuts him off and starts talking about the time (1980, to be specific) he was taken for a genetic experiment by Vogelbaum and had to donate his sperm. In 1981, Vogelbaum created a kid. He says that if Vought had kept him around instead of poaching him to Russia, he would’ve let Homelander take the spotlight because he is his son. Yes, you heard that right, this is Homelander’s “No, I am your father” moment. And it’s a major departure from the two characters’ comic-book arcs as the two had sex during Herogasm and Soldier Boy desperately wanted to be a part of the Seven. Also, this episode has a post-credits scene where Noir’s animated friends show up and bow to you, the audience, after giving such an amazing performance.




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