The vampire genre has been around since the early days of cinema. After the success of F.W. Murnau’s Nosferatu in 1922, it was followed by innumerable renditions in its wake. Each period and each nation’s film industry has subsequently put its distinct interpretations on the myth of the vampire. The genre has given rise to several iconic classics. Tubi Original has added another vampire horror in 2023 that will make you sink your teeth into terror. Captive (2023), directed by Gregg Simon and written by Travis Seppala, revolves around a group of friends who end up in a mansion without the homeowners’ approval to throw a party and enjoy their weekends. Their lives take a drastic and miserable turn, resulting in bloodshed.

Scout Taylor-Compton and Frank deliver exceptional performances in their respective roles, standing out as notable highlights of the film. Scout Taylor-Compton has become just as dynamic in her career, with almost 100 productions to her resume, several of them falling within the horror genre. The film establishes a dreamy atmosphere with its visually striking elements. It incorporates sporadic sequences featuring vivid imagery such as blood cells, flames, and sunsets, along with scenes illuminated using bold red and blue lighting. The story feels natural and fresh, yet ample room for improvement remains. Creating a sequel for Captive would allow for a fuller exploration of its potential, especially since the ending certainly begs for more stories to be told. Spoilers ahead.

Captive (2023) Plot Summary & Movie Synopsis :

The story begins with news reports of a mansion massacre and moves three days into the past. There’s a man who jogs at night and suddenly stops because he spots a mysterious person wearing a dark hood. However, that person suddenly disappears. Subsequently, something fast-moving quickly grabs hold of him. The opening credits then show images of figures covered in blood. In the aftermath, Crystal and Ashley are introduced as they make their way to meet their friends.

Ashley seems apathetic about her relationship with her boyfriend, Luke. On the other hand, Crystal has sympathy for Teddy. Apart from them, they are also joined by Ed. Since they have no plans for the weekend, they consider planning what they can do together on weekends, and Luke comes up with a plan. The mansion that is initially in the news is the main event of the plan. Luke is unexpectedly aware that the owners of the mansion leave for the weekend for the same three days every year. Nevertheless, it is never explored in any part of the film why he is aware of that.

His idea is to sneak inside and throw a weekend party there, where they start to smoke, drink, and enjoy. However, Ashley is under strict instructions not to bring her sister Mallory along. While it doesn’t provide a clear explanation for why the idea seems like a good one, Luke and Teddy observe the owners leaving, and the gang starts to break in. It doesn’t take long before they hear a cryptic noise inside the house. They find it sinister as they expect to be the only ones inside.

On the way down into the basement, they come across a room containing various uncanny items, including ancient books, ritualistic blades, peculiar liquids in vials, and aged manuscripts covered in dust. However, there are more unsettling discoveries to be found: a man tied up within a wall. The moment the man who is tied up sees the gang, he begs them to untie him. But the majority of the gang are unsure about it. Ashley is the only one who argues that they should set the man free. She is able to convince the group to agree.

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Alexis Berent in Captive (2023)

It is soon revealed that the man is named Drake, a hitchhiker picked up by the couple, who are deeply religious people. They go as far as chaining him up in an attempt to convert him and make him adopt their beliefs. Nevertheless, things become more sinister when they discover peculiar items in the room and begin to have doubts, suspecting that they might be vampire hunters.

Luke desperately wants Drake gone. Obviously, Ashley once again intervenes and insists that he should at least stay with them until morning. Luke and Ashley are watching a public-domain Night of the Living Dead screening. After the movie, Luke acts crassly, and Ashley doesn’t like how he acts, so they decide to sleep apart. Ashley finds herself unable to relax as she is about to sleep. As she decides to roam around, she comes across Drake. They both decide to go for a walk.

Captive (2023) Movie Ending, Explained:

Did Drake reveal his identity?

While Ashley and Drake are out for a walk, they start to kiss. He reveals that he is a vampire and offers Ashley the chance to join him, granting her eternal life. Ashley finds herself in a dilemma, stuck between the temptation of joining him and remaining loyal to her friends. As Drake’s presence already spellbinds her, it doesn’t take her long to eventually accept his offer. He sinks his teeth into her neck and acquaints her with the ways of hunting and using her friends as a source of nourishment. The decision leads to a murderous rampage, and she first kills Teddy.

Ashley finds it hard to deal with the sun the following day, so she wears dark glasses, but no one finds it suspicious. They just think Ashley might have a hangover. She can still see her reflection, although Drake mentions it will eventually disappear. She acts unpleasant towards Crystal until Crystal leaves, as Ashley wants to protect her friend from harm. As the vampires gradually kill off Ashley’s group of friends, she invites her sister Mallory to host a party at the mansion, which leads to a chaotic and violent situation in a gory massacre.

Do the homeowners have any ties to the vampires?

In a surprising twist, with the massacre going around, Crystal, Ashley’s former best friend, shows up and attempts to kill Ashley after she finds out that she’s one of those behind the killings. However, Drake manages to capture Crystal and offers her the same thing he offers Ashley: to live an eternal life. Their encounter is cut short when she stops him by driving a wooden stake through him. The homeowners, named John and Claire, come back to the mansion and unveil their true identities as Drake’s parents, and they belong to an elevated category of vampires referred to as strigoi.

They clarify that Drake’s youthful nature and inability to control his intense thirst for blood lead to the need for him to be chained up in the basement. They explain to Crystal that Strigoi vampires have two hearts and that she must eliminate both to successfully kill Ashley or Drake. As Crystal’s injuries take their toll, the sound of approaching police cars becomes apparent. Ashley, together with Drake and his parents, John and Claire, hastily escapes to a location that cannot be identified. In a concluding scene, Crystal comes back to life and sets off on a mission to track down Ashley and her recently discovered romantic partner.

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