Criminal Record (Series Finale) Episode 8: “Criminal Record” follows police detectives June Lenker & Daniel Hegarty as they come face-to-face concerning a decade-old case. Throughout the series, we see June uncover the truth about Errol Mathis’ wrongful conviction. She finds enough evidence against racist Tony Gilfoyle and his neo-Nazi connection that made him unjustly villainize Errol. Soon after, she finds the tape of Errol’s confession and suspects Hegarty coerced him into making one. Hegarty comes clean about the reasons behind his actions. But right after, the recording of Carla’s phone call goes viral, which puts pressure on the police force to come clean about their internal issues.

Now, “Criminal Record” Episode 8 follows Hegarty trying to right his wrongs. Following the public outrage about Errol’s wrongful arrest, Hegarty and June work together to locate the actual culprit to ensure Carla’s safety.

Spoilers ahead.

Criminal Record (Series Finale) Episode 8 “Carla” Recap:

After the recording of Carla’s phone call goes public, it becomes viral. During that call, Carla (Joana Borja) mentioned that her abusive partner had killed Adelaide Burrowes (Ema Cavolli), and Errol Matthis (Tom Moutchi) was wrongfully convicted for this crime. Upon hearing that, people get agitated against the police force and share their frustration online. Hegarty (Peter Capaldi) and Kim Cardwell (Shaun Dooley) suspect June (Cush Jumbo) leaked the recording. But she had not told Sonya (Aysha Kala) to do so. As a result, she keeps calling Sonya to have a word with her.

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The virality of this call isn’t an issue for just the police force. It also affects the safety of Carla, who has exposed the truth. Hegarty keeps blaming June for getting into this mess, assuming she leaked the call recording. June points out Hegarty’s utter lack of remorse or doubt – for never considering Errol may not have murdered his partner. She reveals Mostafa’s recent confession where he agreed to meet Errol, thus confirming his alibi. She reveals he didn’t come to speak with the police – because he did not think white officers would trust him. So, eventually, Hegarty agrees, although snarkily, to walk June through the evidence.

What does Hegarty tell June about the evidence?

In the past, when Errol was brought in under the suspicion of killing Adelaide, Hegarty allegedly coerced him into confessing. He took Errol back to his flat and had a conversation with him, which made Errol confess. But Hegarty hid the video recording of Errol’s confession to keep his records clean. In the present, Hegarty shows the work he and his boys did for this case. He shows the notes of the people with a history of violence from that building. However, as per Hegarty’s memory, none of them had any DNA print inside the apartment, not even Clive Silcox (Andrew Brooke), who was arrested for murdering the second caller.

Errol’s clients also used to come to this flat to get a haircut. So, June asks for their details. He opens a file and realizes something specific. One of the names on that list is their past associate, Stefan (Paul Thornley). Besides, Hegarty recalls that Tony’s (Charlie Creed-Miles) certainty about Errol’s guilt led him to feel the same way. So, he immediately rushes to the parking lot and decides to meet Stefan with Kim. Before he leaves, June tries to stop him. So, he tells her to follow their car. During their drive, Kim keeps refusing Stefan’s connection to the case.

What happens at Stefan’s house?

Criminal Record (Series Finale) Episode 8 Recap & Ending Explained
Joana Borja and Cush Jumbo in “Criminal Record,” now streaming on Apple TV+.

Hegarty reaches Stefan’s house and knocks on his house. His wife opens the door only slightly and tells Hegarty to meet Stefan in the back garden. Stefan goes there and sits on a chair. Moments later, he notices the kitchen window broken. He walks inside to find Stefan’s wife hurt. So, he calls the paramedic and goes to find Stefan. During the ride, he reveals that Stefan used to work as an informant for Tony and started working for him in recent years. Because of Stefan’s connection to the police force, he claimed to Carla to be well-protected.

Anyhow, Hegarty, Kim, and June reach a suspected location to catch Stefan. They go through every flat to check for Stefan’s presence. By then, people had learned about Hegarty’s connection to Errol’s unfair arrest. So Hegarty’s presence riles them up. Meanwhile, June enters one of the flats to find Stefan. Even then, he shows no sign of remorse. His first instinct is to attack June. They get into a fight, and she almost stabs him with a knife. Hegarty reaches there just in time to stop her. Finally, Stefan gets arrested for the murder of Adelaide Burrowes.

Criminal Record (Series Finale) Episode 8 “Carla” Ending Explained:

Who killed Adelaide Burrowes?

In the “Criminal Record” miniseries finale, we learn some crucial details about Adelaide’s murder. Stefan, who was Tony’s informant in the past, had killed Adelaide Burrowes. Errol Matthis was wrongfully accused of this crime. Hegarty drags him from a flat and brings him to their car. By then, the locals were agitated by Errol’s years of suffering. Hegarty senses that and decides to leave before things go awry. Even during that drive, Stefan tries to cut a deal and refuses to confess. He threatens to expose Hegarty if he does not let him be free. Suddenly, a bike reaches their car, and the bikers shoot Stefan dead.

Hegarty also gets shot and injured. The police force discovers enough evidence in Stefan’s lavish house to put him behind bars. Soon after, June and Sonya meet Errol and reveal the truth. Errol gets emotional thinking of all the years he and his family suffered because of this white criminal. Meanwhile, like Stefan, Tony refuses to feel any remorse. He thinks Hegarty got Stefan conveniently killed before he could expose his dirty deeds. Tony accuses Hegarty of being a hypocrite – making him and others take the brunt while believing he is blemish-free. Eventually, in the court, Hegarty and June get a chance to speak about the case. Hegarty hands over the recording of Errol’s confession. However, the force concludes that he did not coerce Errol to confess.

Why did Errol confess that he murdered Adelaide?

Back in 2011, right after Adelaide was murdered, a series of incidents occurred that made Hegarty and other officers suspect Errol. Despite their accusations, Errol kept denying the allegations. However, due to the mounting pressures on the police force, Hegarty decided to take a reckless step. He spoke with young Patrick in the hospital, who mentioned that he heard Errol say – ‘I’ll knock you on the floor’ while addressing Adelaide. Hegarty recorded this conversation and then brought Errol back to the flat. He made sure that Errol’s lawyer was not present there and played the earlier recording.

Upon hearing that, Errol trusted his son’s words – because he could not clearly remember what happened. So, he thought he intended to hurt Adelaide. Turns out, that was a lie/fabrication potentially planted by Hegarty. When Hegarty went to the hospital to meet Patrick, a cartoon was playing on the television. One of its characters was saying the line – ‘I’ll knock you on the floor.’ So, Patrick only repeated the same line. June realizes all of this after replaying the recording. She calls Hegarty to confront him. He listens to her speak and cuts the call. The series (reportedly) ends there.

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