Previously, “Criminal Record” on Apple TV+ followed the events mostly through the lens of June Lenker. Once the police department received Carla’s distress call, June learned about the Errol Mathis case. She suspected he was convicted of a murder he did not commit. She continued with her covert investigation even if Hegarty and his contemporary male officers tried to curb her voice. Eventually, she found enough evidence to put Tony Gilfoyle behind bars. At the end of the previous episode, we saw her realize that Hegarty coerced Errol to confess despite his foggy memory of the events. Now, “Criminal Record” Episode 7 follows Hegarty’s past from when Errol Mathis was arrested for the murder of his then-partner Adelaide Burrowes. Hegarty reveals what happened when Errol went back to her flat. Spoilers ahead.

Criminal Record Episode 7 “The Sixty-Twos” Recap:

The penultimate episode of “Criminal Record” follows the events from 2011 when Errol Mathis (Tom Moutchi) was arrested for killing Adelaide Burrowes (Ema Cavolli). We see it from Detective Hegarty’s (Peter Capaldi) perspective as he tells the truth to June Lenker (Cush Jumbo). Hegarty recalls the civil unrest and riots from 2011 when local shops were being looted. Errol was one of the rioters. Soon after, he was accused of a gruesome murder, which was followed by a car crash.

While all that was happening, Hegarty was grieving over the loss of his wife. Because of that, he could not focus on caring for his daughter – Lisa (Evie Templeton), or her mental health. He got a dog for her to take care of – perhaps also to give her company in his absence. Meanwhile, he stayed away from home, claiming he was busy. Around this time, Errol was arrested. Doris (Cathy Tyson) had to witness some white male police officers manhandle him. In such turbulent times, ACC Claudia Mayhew (Georgina Rich) told Hegarty that they are under pressure to close the murder case at the earliest, especially in the wake of the riots.

What happened after Errol’s arrest?

Unlike Kim (Shaun Dooley) and Tony (Charlie Creed-Miles), Hegarty did not initially think Errol killed Adelaide. While speaking about Errol’s blood on Adelaide’s body, Hegarty became the devil’s advocate and considered other possibilities. Kim informed him about a fight where Errol’s father did not want to press charges against him. Hegarty learnt that Errol and Adelaide were together for five years but were not married. Patrick (Kaylen Luke) was their son.

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Tony and Kim quickly jumped onto their racist prejudices and concluded Errol was the culprit. However, Errol denied the accusations. He said he could not remember any details from the moment he entered the flat to when he woke up in the hospital. But he recalled that he was at a barber’s shop looking for work – where he spoke with Mustafa. So, Hegarty ordered Kim to confirm Errol’s alibi. Unlike what Errol claimed, Mustafa said he met someone else, i.e., he did not meet Errol. (During June’s investigation, she learns that Mustafa did not intentionally lie. Back then, he could not tell the difference between the multiple black suspects. So, he chose someone else, which unfairly implicated Errol.)

What did Hegarty learn about Errol Mathis?

Criminal Record Episode 7
Cathy Tyson in “Criminal Record,” now streaming on Apple TV+.

Hegarty met Patrick in the hospital to see how he was doing. Through a brief conversation, he learned some crucial details about the time before Adelaide’s death. While walking out of the hospital, he bumps into Doris. She was angry at how the police were handling Errol’s case. Hegarty, meanwhile, noticed that Errol’s father – Reggie (Patrice Naiambana) was absent. At the station, Hegarty tried to make Errol say things to implicate himself in crimes of domestic violence. Errol understood these mind games and, again, refused the allegations.

Tony kept being a racist neo-Nazi and considered Errol’s arrest as their win over the other races. Still, Hegarty could not find constructive evidence to nail Errol as the culprit. Eventually, he met Reggie in person to pry information on his son. After a bit of subtle emotional manipulation, Hegarty realized that Errol once tried to stab Reggie with a knife due to some financial issues. It made him think Errol was a violent man, capable of doing what happened to Adelaide. Afterwards, Hegarty took Errol back to the flat he shared with Adelaide.

Criminal Record Episode 7 “The Sixty-Twos” Ending Explained:

What happened during Errol’s second visit to the murder site?

Hegarty brought Errol to the flat Adelaide was killed. He did this pretending he wanted it to help Errol jog his memory. Errol started to look around the flat – trying to remember anything he could. It did not help him remember anything specific. But it certainly caused him more pain than he could imagine. Seeing it not help in any way, Hegarty took an unethical step. He made sure Errol’s attorney was sent back home. Then, he brought Errol back to the flat and continued manipulating him – to push him to confess. He played around with Errol’s feelings and made him recall the fight he had with his father.

Hegarty also made Errol question his relationship with Patrick while emphasizing how brave the six-year-old kid was, living in a volatile environment. Upon hearing that, Errol confessed that he lied about not partaking in the riot. It riled up Hegarty, who kept making Errol feel more guilty and miserable. In the middle of this argument, Hegarty received a text from Lisa. She said she wished Hegarty had died instead of her mother. It became the last straw for his patience. Immediately after, he pulled out the recording – where Patrick recounted an incident when Errol wished to kill Adelaide. It traumatized Errol so much that he eventually confessed to having stabbed Adelaide with a knife.

Who leaks the call recording of Carla?

After Hegarty tells the details from the time of Errol’s arrest, Kim barges in, furious at June. He reveals that the call recording, where a woman claimed someone else killed Adelaide, has been made public. It will effectively prove his and Hegarty’s connection to Errol’s unjust conviction. Considering June’s allegiance to Errol’s case, Kim suspects she made it happen. But she confirms that she has no hand in it. Turns out, Sonya (Aysha Kala) leaked this call recording, probably because of being tired of waiting any longer for the truth to be known.

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