“Kill Me If You Dare” (Original title: “Zabij mnie, kochanie”) is a new black comedy thriller streaming on Netflix. This Polish film is written by Hanna Węsierska and directed by Filip Zylber. It follows a married couple whose life turns upside down when they win a lottery. Throughout the movie, we see them trying to outsmart each other to get hold of the money for themselves. Besides the bits of comedy and thriller, the film also introduces moments of heartfelt romance. Weronika Ksiazkiewicz & Mateusz Bansiuk star as the leads, whereas Agnieszka Wiedlocha, Piotr Rogucki, and Paulina Galazka play the supporting parts. Spoilers ahead. 

 Kill Me If You Dare (2024) Plot Summary & Movie Synopsis:

What is ‘Kill Me If You Dare’ on Netflix about?

“Kill Me If You Dare” on Netflix is a Polish film that follows a married couple as they outwit each other for the prize of a lottery ticket. They hatch plans to kill each other so that they will have all the money just for themselves.  Weronika Ksiazkiewicz plays Natalia, whereas Mateusz Bansiuk plays Piotr. While being a mix of comedy, romance, and thriller, it also serves well as a black comedy about greed. We see the lengths people can go for money.

What happens in ‘Kill Me If You Dare’ on Netflix?

“Kill Me If You Dare” on Netflix begins with young Piotr (played by Mateusz Bansiuk) running to the train station to stop Natalia (played by Weronika Ksiazkiewicz). He gets on his knees and proposes to her. She happily accepts his proposal. It seems like they will live happily ever after. But that’s sadly not the case. A few years down the line, they become a cliché couple – whose differences come in the way of enjoying their lives. Piotr is considerate of how and where he spends money. But he is a little too frugal, which irks Natalia. He hardly ever gifts her anything to make her feel special. Even on their anniversary, he buys a meal with some discount coupons. It frustrates her.

Natalia goes to her office and speaks with her colleague, Agata (played by Agnieszka Wiedlocha), about it. On their special day, Piotr gifts her an iron – a practical gift with no sentimental value. As if that’s not enough, she also has to face sexism from her colleagues at their ad agency. She & Natalia – both are tired of that disparaging treatment. Still, they keep working there just to earn a living. Meanwhile, Piotr’s boss – Dagmara (played by Paulina Galazka), reveals that he won’t be getting any bonus because of their firm’s financial troubles. Still, as an anniversary gift, she offers him insurance on Natalia’s life.

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The Lottery Win

Natalia and Piotr return home, concerned about their work and their finances. Dagmara calls Piotr late at night, which upsets Natalia. She tells him to sleep in the other room. In the middle of the night, he suddenly starts screaming. Natalia thinks he is having a heart attack. But that’s not the case. He shows her a lottery ticket and reveals that he has just won 1 million. They both are overjoyed and decide to celebrate. Soon after, they plan to go on a vacation. While she hopes to indulge in the riches, he continues being frugal. Anyhow, considering the lottery prize amount, she decides to quit her job. Agata makes her realize that she deserves a fair share of this lottery prize amount – since she supports their family more than Piotr does.

Piotr also tells his friend Lukasz (played by Piotr Rogucki) about the money. Back home, he gets annoyed at Natalia for impulsively quitting her job and spending some of their prize money. She reminds him that they should find a way to keep the money safe. So, with Bogdan’s (played by Miroslaw Baka) help, they find a security storage unit. Besides, this huge prize eases their financial troubles and improves their relationship. Still, Agata thinks that Piotr might try to get rid of Natalia – to have the prize money just for him. Natalia also finds the insurance document that states he will get the money if she dies.

The Killing Game

Kill Me If You Dare (2024) Movie Review & Ending Explained
A still from “Kill Me If You Dare” (2024)

Natalia calls Agata to talk about the insurance. Agata tells Natalia to be on alert so that he doesn’t kill her. Piotr overhears their conversation and assumes that his wife is out to kill him. Back in bed, he notices a knife next to her. The next morning, she sees the same knife missing. He meets Lukasz and talks about his concerns. Together, they start plotting ways to kill Natalia. She also notices signs of him trying to end her life. Soon after, they go on a vacation and plan to hike. Agata & Lukasz help Natalia & Piotr with the murder plans. Meanwhile, they meet and get to know each other as well.

Later on, Piotr and Natalia join a group of couples to climb up a mountain. Because of Piotr’s neglect, Natalia almost dies. Thankfully, their tour guide saves her from falling from a height. But it doesn’t curb their bloodthirst. Both keep trying the kill the other in some way. While trying to kill Natalia in the sauna, Lukasz almost kills his friend. So, Natalia starts feeling bad for Piotr and vice versa. Eventually, they realize the silliness of their shenanigans – and start falling back in love with each other. Agata and Lukasz feel betrayed by the couple’s truce. They accompany each other in this shared misery and bond over it.

Kill Me If You Dare (2024) Movie Ending Explained:

What happens to Natalia & Piotr in the end?

By the end of “Kill Me If You Dare,” Natalia and Piotr start getting over their differences. Surprisingly, Agata and Lukasz also grow stronger as a couple. Because of their shared feeling of betrayal, they decide to plot against the couple. The two go out to have a chat about their lives and get high. Meanwhile, Natalia reads a text Piotr received from Dagmara, who was coming to meet him. She suspects Dagmara wants to get rid of her from the equation. So, she abruptly leaves the hotel room, and he goes skydiving on his own. Natalia meets Dagmara and asks her to kill her. Dagmara reveals the truth about her visit. Piotr quit his job so that he could spend some quality time with Natalia. Dagmara was coming only to convince him not to leave it.

Dagmara’s explanation clears Natalia’s doubts and restores her faith in their relationship. Soon after, she meets Piotr when he skydives. But their problems do not end there. Agata and Lukasz enter their vacation house to kill them. Seeing that, Natalia and Piotr work together to save themselves. However, they return home to face another crisis. Turns out, Bogdan – the man who helped them with the security lockers, was a criminal. He looted all the people that he claimed to help through his lockers. Despite these conflicts, Natalia and Piotr stay together, whereas Agata and Lukasz start working at a new café.

Kill Me If You Dare (2024) Movie Review:

As far as the typical Netflix original projects go, “Kill Me If You Dare” is a decent entertainer. It is a blend of romance, black comedy, and thriller that isn’t particularly original or surprising. The film banks on the craziness of its premise and how money drives us to make some irrational decisions. It succeeds in its black comedic core – by amusing us with its darker themes. After all, we laugh because these two people constantly try to kill each other. They fail but try again. That desperation makes it all more fun and intriguing.

The romance is believable but breaks no new ground. We have seen plenty of dramas that follow a couple who realize ’emotions trump money.’ The arc of self-realization does not impact nearly enough. Although we witness their character growth, it feels a bit inorganic. It perhaps has to do with its neat, tied-up resolution. The third act feels too rushed to make us feel and register our emotions. As a thriller, it amps up the excitement with a sufficient amount of suspense. But the film loses out, making us not genuinely care for its characters.

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Kill Me If You Dare (2024) Movie Cast: Weronika Ksiazkiewicz, Mateusz Banasiuk, Agnieszka Wiedlocha, Piotr Rogucki, Mikolaj Roznerski, Paulina Galazka, Miroslaw Baka
Kill Me If You Dare (2024) Movie Genre: Comedy, Runtime: 1h 34m
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