Daisy Jones & The Six (Series Finale) Episodes 9 & 10: The final step to letting someone go is accepting that a part of you will fly away with them. Although all the band members were aware of it, none were more conflicted about a farewell than Billy Dunne and Daisy Jones.

As she realized that moving away from him would benefit her own sanity, he still struggled with the fact that they did not belong together. Meanwhile, Camila Alvarez was waiting for his next steps, and if, in the end, he decided to return home, she would definitely shelter him under its cracks without further questions.

Daisy Jones & The Six (Series Finale), Episodes 9 & 10 Recap:

Episode 9 – “Feels Like the First Time”

Daisy Jones’ world shifted after the overdose. Once sober, she got rid of her husband Nicky, who had cowardly run away the other night and proceeded to live in the present moment more often. However, at some point, she started to feel sad and lose enthusiasm on stage.

Considering Billy Dunne’s history with chemical abuse, he was the only person able to understand what Daisy was going through. During a conversation with her, the frontman proposed that she rest, though Jones saw it as a boost to concentrate on the music at full strength. In the late ’70s, The Six was on top, and not even Punk rock was able to prevent them from enjoying everything fame could offer, from appearing on famous TV shows to being nominated for the most prestigious awards.

Around the same time, producer Teddy Price had a sudden stroke, causing celebrations to pause. The band’s songwriters found a way to deal with that by sharing personal thoughts about faith, predestination, and the inevitability of life. On the other hand, Simone Jackson did not hesitate to be closer to her mentor even though she had other things in mind.

After what happened in Greece, a record label forced her to choose between signing a contract or coming out as a lesbian with Bernie. Since she was already determined to leave the DJ to follow her dream, Simone then focused on her friendship with Daisy and forgave her for the last misunderstanding, thus reestablishing their relationship to the point it was left off.

In Pittsburgh, some ties tightened, whereas others began to fray. Karen Sirko found out she was pregnant with Graham Dunne and decided to have a legal abortion counting on Camila Alvarez’s help. Ironically, the photographer was considering becoming a mother for the second time and was at a crossroads.

As Dunne and Jones were composing together for a second album, Camila noticed the feelings were still blooming between them. Not coincidentally, Eddie Roundtree also felt neglected by him though being replaced on their hometown show made him want to have a spotlight pointed in his direction as well. It was known that bassists never receive as much prestige as the frontman, but considering Eddie’s growing anger, being left on the corner was not a good alternative either.

Episode 10 – “Rock ‘n’ Roll Suicide”

The morning everything collapsed, and the band arrived in Chicago for a sold-out concert. Looking forward to making a special appearance on the occasion, Jackson joined Daisy for a coffee and announced she had turned down the record label to get back together with Bernie. In response, Daisy took the opportunity to vent about her situation with Billy, and both presumed she was on the limit.

Confirmation would come later that day after Jones caught the vocalist and his wife arguing about her. When the photographer came to the young girl to find out what was going on, Daisy told the truth, eventually admitting she and Billy would never work out because he was incapable of loving anyone the way he loved the woman he chose to marry.

Eddie, outraged, proceeded to the vocalist’s room by the afternoon to announce his separation from the band.. Dunne then treated his fellow with contempt by throwing in his face how unsatisfactory he was as a musician. Instead of countering this argument with an equivalent, Roundtree brought up his affair with Camila, culminating in a physical fight that would ruin their relationship.

Not far from there, Karen and Graham had an honest conversation about the abortion she had. While he felt terrible about not being able to support his girlfriend, she saw what occurred as a problem that needed a quick solution. More than a basic need, independence was Sirko’s way of life, and if that meant staying single forever, she would not hesitate to leave anyone.

Disappointment and reconciliation marked the nightfall. After receiving a letter from her mother, Daisy decided to reach out, thus acknowledging the woman was nothing more than a freeloader. As she came to terms with abandonment, Billy unsuccessfully tried to talk to Camila over the phone, so he ended up turning to alcohol to assuage the idea of being left alone again.

By the time their last show began, the frontman was so drunk that he would not stop hitting on Jones until he could properly declare his feelings to her backstage. Once aware of his damaged emotional state, she encouraged him to do the right thing by singing their first duet, this time emphasizing the meaning of the lyrics. Taking her cue, Billy finally left the stage before the song could finish and returned to his hotel in an attempt to reconcile with his better half.

Daisy Jones & The Six (Series Finale), Episode 10 Ending, Explained:

Back in the present, the members of The Six tell the camera what happened after the band’s last concert. Eddie stayed in the music business, even though he never succeeded as a lead singer. Karen, on the other hand, left Graham to play the keyboards for thousands of people overseas. Her ex-boyfriend started a family with another woman he would meet later, whereas Warren married a movie star from their glory days in the ‘70s.

Camila remained by Billy’s side until a terminal illness tore her apart from him. Still, she managed to record a message for her husband through their daughter Julia, the documentary filmmaker, asking him to call Daisy Jones. Two lost souls cannot occupy the same space at the same time, indeed, but after all, did anyone ever say they were forbidden to share the same pains?

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