Directed by Cru Ennis and Lee Roy Kunz, “Deliver Us” is a 2023 horror film boasting an ensemble cast including Maria Vera Ratti, Leee Roy Kunz, Alexander Siddig, Thomas Kretschmann, and Jaune Kimmel. The movie follows the story of Sister Yulia, a nun residing in a secluded covenant. Yulia’s life takes a harrowing turn when she unexpectedly conceives twins. The birth of these children is foretold by a prophecy—one child is destined to embody unparalleled goodness, while the other is prophesied to be the harbinger of world destruction. Spoiler Alert!

Deliver Us (2023) Plot Summary & Movie Synopsis:

The gruesome, nightmarish scene of sisters and priests meeting horrific ends—beheadings and skinning—jolts Sister Yulia (Maria Vera Ratti) from her deep slumber, leaving her in a state of terror. Hastily, she heads to the bathroom, trying to dismiss the grotesque images as mere figments of her imagination. But the inexplicable sights she encounters there send shivers down her spine. Filled with dread, Yulia rushes outside, desperate for help. As she steps out, she’s met with another disturbing vision: a statue of Mother Mary tearing up, which suggests evil is approaching.

The news of Sister Yulia’s distressing state reaches the Saint Petersburg Church in Russia, prompting swift action. It’s revealed that she has sought help from Father Fox (Lee Roy Kunz), a seasoned priest skilled in exorcism. However, Father Fox, contemplating a departure from the priesthood to embrace life with his pregnant girlfriend, struggles with the belief that not every ghostly sighting or claim of possession warrants the rigorous rites of exorcism. He gently declines Yulia’s initial plea for help. Eventually, swayed by his girlfriend Laura’s (Jaune Kimmel) persuasive words and a moral obligation, Father Fox decides to help Sister Yulia in her harrowing plight.

Further revelations unfold, revealing that sister Yulia is pregnant with twins through immaculate conception. Yulia further insists that her unborn children communicate with her, one being benevolent and the other malevolent. This news sends shockwaves through the Vatican, prompting them to treat Yulia’s case with utmost seriousness. Plans are set in motion to dispatch Cardinal Russo (Alexander Siddig), the next in line for the papacy, to investigate.

Despite his initial reluctance, Father Fox arrives at the convent to swiftly resolve the matter and return to his normal life. He directs his focus toward the statue of Mother Mary. It still continues to shed tears, a phenomenon he attributes to condensation rather than a forewarning of impending doom. Yet, what unfolds next is a true test of both Father Fox and Sister Yulia’s faith, plunging them into a maze of sinister and perplexing trials.

What Does the Prophecy State?

Cardinal Russo summons Father Fox to his chamber, a room littered with countless scriptures, all inscribed with a cryptic prophecy. This ancient text, written in a secretive language, foretells the birth of twin boys from a Virgin—one embodying holiness and the other malevolence. The prophecy elucidates that before the holy child can comprehend love, his anti-Christ brother will attempt to extinguish him. Father Fox, however, holds an alternate interpretation. He posits that the holy child will indeed be born of a virgin birth, untouched by earthly unions.

On the other hand, he believes the malevolent twin would require consent, in the form of a sexual relationship with Yulia, to manifest. This would, in turn, shatter Yulia’s faith, empowering the evil and tipping the scales in its favor. Yet, Father Fox remains skeptical and reluctant to fully trust these ancient scriptures, penned nearly a millennium before the advent of Christ. He likewise points out that Sister Yulia has a lengthy history of mental struggles, often sensing things that are nothing but figments of her imagination.

Father Fox is still having a hard time understanding the Vatican’s motives for sending Cardinal Russo. Through an eavesdropped conversation between Father Saul (Thomas Kretschmann) and Russo, he uncovers the Vatican’s sinister agenda—to eliminate both sister Yulia and her children. The church believes that permitting the birth of these children would trigger the apocalypse and has trusted Cardinal Russo to bear this burden. Father Fox highlights the moral gravity of the situation to dissuade Cardinal Russo from carrying out the Vatican’s orders. Fox implores Russo to reconsider, accentuating that following through with the murder would condemn him to eternal damnation.

Slowly but steadily, Father Fox succeeds in piercing through the ears, making Cardinal Russo see the fault in what the church wants. Father Fox, Cardinal Russo, and Sister Yulia flee the convent without wasting any second. However, Cardinal Russo isn’t the only man dispatched by the Vatican. The church has also sent Father Saul of the Vox Dei cult. He is a merciless enforcer who executes the darkest intentions of the institution in the guise of serving humanity and god.

How Does the Evil Tries to Influence Jack, Yulia, and Fox?

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The children are born, and Yulia names them Samuel and Jacob. One the messiah and the other the embodiment of evil. Realizing the church is hot on their trails, Fox contacts his girlfriend, Laura Kuusik, seeking a place to hide. Laura brings them to an abandoned cottage in the middle of the woods. The house is littered with half-finished paintings and hunting supplies, as Laura’s grandfather was prepping for the end of the world before he passed away. Meanwhile, Father Saul manages to track Laura after finding her pictures in Father Fox’s chamber at Saint Petersburg Church. Saul finds Laura, and it is just a matter of time before he finds where she has hidden Fox, Yulia, and Cardinal Ross.

At the cottage, Yulia and Father Fox start having unsettling and provocative dreams involving one another. The evil is trying to coerce them and stage an intimate union between them. The motive is clear: the evil wants Father Fox to renounce his priesthood and become the father of the twins. Presently, both infants are innocent, devoid of any inherent good or evil; they are merely children. However, lurking in the shadows, the devil is determined to exploit the circumstances. It hopes to sway Father Fox into a fateful liaison with Yulia. Such an act would shatter Yulia’s faith, effectively granting the devil an opportunity to exert control over one of the twins, be it Jackob or Samuel.

Yet, when the evil fails to sway Yulia and Father Fox, it redirects its vile intentions toward Cardinal Russo. The wicked entity begins to taunt him, promising immense wealth and prosperity in exchange for the murder of one of the innocent children. The entity further asserts that this sacrifice is the only way to rescue humanity from the upcoming doom. Cardinal Russo, however, rejects the sinister proposition. He chooses to uphold his faith and conscience. Unfortunately, Cardinal Russo meets a tragic demise, viciously taken by the jaws of wolves.

What Happened to Laura & Father Saul?

The evil begins prepping the world for its foreboding arrival, unleashing a mysterious outbreak upon the people of Estonia. This insidious plague baffles experts. They are at a loss regarding its origin and how to effectively counteract it. Some label it the worst pandemic in history, while others see it as an apocalyptic harbinger. Speculation links the outbreak to the mining region of Kose, somehow attributed to the mysterious Kuusik family. The miners in the mine unjustly blame Laura, holding her accountable for the outbreak, convinced that she has a part to play in this.

Tragically, the situation escalates, resulting in a miner wrestling a gun from a cop and shooting Laura. As Laura slips away, she catches a glimpse of a white-haired child with an icy gaze. It becomes clear that this child is the evil twin who has planned Laura’s death to get her out of the way. At long last, Father Saul succeeds in tracking down Yulia and her twins at the secluded cottage. The evil forces attempt to seduce him, whispering promises of vast kingdoms and thrones in exchange for the murder of the supposed messiah. However, Father Fox intervenes, stopping Saul from killing the benevolent twin.

Deliver Us (2023) Movie Ending Explained:

Did Fox Kill The Evil Twin?

Towards the end of “Deliver Us,” Yulia and Fox stumble upon a trove of paintings, creations of Laura’s grandfather. These artworks depict every trial and tribulation they’ve endured—the death of Cardinal Russo, Laura’s tragic demise, and all other significant events. It becomes clear that Laura’s grandfather had an uncanny knowledge of the impending years, foreseeing Yulia giving birth to twin children—one with the potential for great good and the other destined to bring about the world’s end. Surprisingly, one painting portrays a future where Yulia and Fox are married and raising a family.

Meanwhile, as options dwindle, the evil twin makes a final desperate move and possesses Father Fox. His grief over Laura’s death makes him an easy target. The evil materializes before Fox in the guise of Laura. It manipulates his emotions by claiming that Yulia is to blame for Laura’s tragic fate. Possessed, Fox becomes a threat and attempts to end Yulia’s life. Yulia manages to flee the cottage with Fox hot on her trail. Tragically, he takes the lives of two police officers whom Yulia sought help from. His sights then turn to Yulia’s children. But she takes decisive action, ending Fox’s life. However, he comes back to life, hinting that his journey is far from over. The message is clear—he is destined to raise both twins as their father. Ultimately, this sets the stage for an uncertain and enigmatic future where both good and evil are raised together.

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