Extrapolations (Season 1), Episode 7 Recap & Ending Explained: Scott Z Burns’s ‘Extrapolations’ just aired its penultimate episode. Streaming on Apple TV+, this disaster tragedy now explores a relationship drama between a couple and how it corresponds to the state of the Earth in 2068. The episode stars Marion Cotillard, Forest Whitaker, Eliza Gonzales, Tobey Maguire, and Hari Nef and follows a New Year’s Eve. Auggie and Sylvie throw a party for Nic and his new girlfriend, Sylvie. That’s when Auggie makes a surprise announcement, which makes everyone rethink their place on Earth.

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Extrapolations (Season 1), Episode 7 Recap

Episode 7: 2068: The Going-Away Party

The story unfolds in 2068 San Francisco where the city is overcast with a yellow tint and the air is unbreathable. Anna (Hari Nef) walks out of her home with an oxygen mask on her face and goes to a building to be a server for the night. After being bombarded with ads trying to capitalize on her loneliness, she enters the house of Bolos. Sylvie Bolo (Marion Cotillard) invites her in and tells her to put on the dress for her job.

Anna notices some food parcels and Sylvie says, out of guilt, how they have procured them just for the New Year’s party. She clarifies that they are not rich and tells Anna not to expect any tips either. Then, she goes to get her husband Auggie/August (Forest Whitaker) outside. Auggie was sitting in their closet playing a virtual game. She is angry that he wastes their carbon points on such silly things. He fires back, calling out her soiree just as much wasteful. But Sylvie defends it since the day calls for such festiveness.

That’s when the doorbell rings and the guests arrive. Nic (Tobey Maguire), who was once Auggie’s protégé enters their home with his affectionate girlfriend Elodie (Eiza Gonzales). She tries to hug Sylvie the moment they enter. But Sylvie says that they do not touch anymore. The theme of ‘lack of intimacy resulting in lack of human connection’ becomes clear just then. Elodie seems warm, and fuzzy in contrast to a rigid, controlling Sylvie. At least that’s how we meet them on this particular night.

Anyhow, the couple enters with their oxygen backpacks. Elodie is an influencer from that year and people can experience the world through her eyes. They admire Bolos’ apartment and praise it in ‘bangs’. They sit together and start having some wine. Elodie finds the taste a bit strange. Sylvie believes that it is because Elodie is young. So she would have not eaten something that isn’t made out of kelp.

Elodie still enthusiastically asks about their love story. This is where Nicole Holofcener’s direction shines. She is phenomenal in bringing out the drama in seemingly trivial aspects of a relationship. Sylvie and Auggie’s banter begins when he feels he could not fulfill her dreams. Sylvie lists out a series of disappointments, and Auggie defends himself since environmental changes were out of his control. Elodie acts as a cheerful mediator who tries to light up their spirits.

Nic talks about Auggie being his mentor and how he idolized Auggie but then left the government job to work in the private sector. He also says that Auggie is wasting his time and he should get out. Then, Nic talks about his friend from New Zealand, who is planning to digitize himself along with his wife. It would negate their carbon footprint and give them the ‘human’ experience of breathing the fresh air and sleeping under the clear blue skies until the planet heals itself. Nic calls it profiteering on ‘humanity’s misguided optimism’.

Elodie thinks everyone’s sacrifices would eventually heal the planet. Sylvie is rather cynical and believes that humankind’s incorrigible selfishness would ruin the planet even if it gets better. She rehashes what Edward Norton’s character says in Episode 4 about human nature. Auggie interrupts her dialogue and notes that the technicians will arrive the next morning to take them away. So, this is their going-away party.

Auggie suddenly reveals his investment in LifePause, 15 years ago. It can store one’s consciousness that it concludes to be a full-body experience instead of just limited to the brain. So a person can then reactivate it in any empty vessel of a body. Until then, one can totally negate one’s carbon consumption. Sylvie mocks its logic and shows no interest. Auggie then reveals that he is going alone since there was just one ticket.

Suddenly, Sylvie feels betrayed for supporting a man, she once thought was destined for great things, finally succeeding in something, yet she does not get any part of it. It adds some tension to this chamber drama and the discomfort makes Elodie and Nic feel like they should leave. Sylvie stops them since she does not want to waste what she had planned for a while.

Extrapolations (Season 1) Episode 7 Ending

During their meal she paints a detailed image of how the animals they are about to consume were tormented in order to become their food. She mockingly makes a sound while eating it. Elodie finds eating that food is inhumane. Sylvie argues that cruelty is in itself a human quality. Through that rant, she takes out her anger on Auggie for leaving her to live by herself. Auggie, however, is tired of eating kelp food or wasting months’ worth of consumption points for some actual food.

Despite being aware that people had it worse than them, Auggie points out how they could still enjoy the world in its full glory and enjoy watching the stars in the sky, without feeling like it is a privilege. Sylvie storms out of the room and Nic follows her. While both are drunk, they talk about the real vs the AI version of humans. Somehow, their shared sense of misery brings them closer, and they start flirting with each other. However, due to Sylvie’s no-touch policy, they have orgasms without even touching each other’s bodies.

Meanwhile, Elodie talks about her interest in art and takes ‘finding beauty in the waste’ literally to create art with dung! Anyhow, she says that Auggie is brave for taking the big decision. However, she points out how he is married to Sylvie, and how he might be doing it to see if she still cares for him. Instead, she believes she would be a better choice since she is young, stronger and has qualities that can make her a better-suited candidate. She mentions her daily struggles of survival as an artist where having millions of followers on social media hardly helps.

However, Auggie points out that it is impossible since the spot is non-transferable, which asks for his DNA. She finds a solution to taking his fingernail or some other DNA sample with her. He then talks about psychological evaluation that he thinks she won’t pass.

Soon after, a hollow prototype of a bear enters their room. Elodie starts running away to save herself. But Sylvie arrives to find out he has started the evaluation. She thinks this bear experiment is a way to see if one can distinguish reality from fantasy. They engage in yet another banter about who is better suited to survive such an event. Their argument is then interrupted by the revelation that Nic and Sylvie just had sex. It breaks Auggie and makes him see how little she thinks of him. Alas, they dejectedly walk back to the dinner table.

Extrapolations (Season 1) Episode 7 Ending Explained

Does Auggie finally leave the Earth?

During the dinner, Auggie gives a farewell speech where he explains how Sylvie’s cheating makes him look forward to his life beyond the Earth. So, he raises a toast and thanks them both. Then, Sylvie gets a chance to fire back at him. She says how getting rid of him is a fact worth celebrating. Then Elodie stands up and calls everyone else at the table crazy for their behavior.

Then, Nic starts talking and firstly, he apologizes to Auggie for ruining his last night on Earth. However, right afterwards, he notes how he does not regret having contactless sex with Sylvie and confesses to being in love with her for decades. He feels sorry for Auggie not because he is leaving the Earth, but his wife. He then almost proposes to Sylvie and ends up in a fight with Auggie. It soon turns ugly, and Sylvie eventually makes a loud noise to stop them.

Who is Auggie & Sylvie’s daughter?

That’s when their daughter, Agnes suddenly arrives there. Sylvie puts her to sleep by just saying ‘Go to sleep’. Nic reveals that she is an infertility bot. On their way out, Elodie again makes a request, this time to Sylvie, to consider her for the ticket. Sylvie says how such lives will be a norm in the future. She goes in and tells Anna to leave if she wants to go somewhere else. Anna says how she has no other plans and how all her family, friends, and her career prospects died due to climate change. She also envies what Sylvie and Auggie have. It makes Sylvie feels ashamed for her and others’ animalistic actions over something trivial.

She goes back to see Auggie putting their daughter back to sleep. Seems like their kid is also an illusion they created for their happiness. Auggie does not want it any further and decides to stay back with her. The two then hear the sounds of firecrackers. They both get out and look at it from the window. So, instead of exploring the human experience Auggie formerly thought to be blue skies and clean air, he accepts life on Earth in its messed-up form. Isn’t that what embracing change is?

Who finally gets to use Auggie’s ticket?

Anyhow, after cleaning up the house, Anna decides to leave. She takes Auggie’s phone out and rejects the tip option herself. Then she puts on his coat which has some of his hair attached to it. She walks out and introduces herself as Augustine. With the hair sample, she passes the DNA test and enters the car. So, instead of the four people fighting inside, Anna leaves the Earth for good.

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