Titans (Season 4), Episodes 7 & 8 Recap & Ending Explained:  Titans returned with a two-part midseason premiere for the final season on HBO Max after concluding the first half of Season 4 in December.

The storyline picks up from where the midseason cliffhanger ended, with the Titans experiencing their lowest point after a devastating loss against the antagonists, the Church of Blood. While the first of the two episodes was slower-paced and took its time, the second one was a dramatic improvement. Still, there are many plot threads left to resolve before the series ends, and fast-paced episodes are the best way to go.

Titans (Season 4), Episodes 7 & 8 Recap:

Episode 7: “Caul’s Folly”

In the seventh episode of the series, the Blood Moon ritual marks the completion of Sebastian’s transformation into Brother Blood, who assumes leadership of the cult. Mother Mayhem declares his power unmatched, and they plan to bring back his father, Trigon, the powerful demon who threatened the world in the early seasons of Titans.

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Later, the Titans awaken in a cave, having been transported to the Death Realm by Mayhem’s powers. The only one missing is Gar, who somehow managed to save them all, which they all remember. The group tries to piece together what happened and how they managed to survive. However, their discussion is cut short by the ongoing conflict between Nightwing and Superboy, who disagree on how they should have handled Sebastian when they had the chance to stop him.

Meanwhile, Rachel uses her magical powers to release Jinx’s spirit from the temple, and they manage to escape. But before leaving, Conner finds a hidden suitcase left by Lex Luthor, containing a letter and a book on ancient artifacts and occult magic. Surprisingly, the letter is addressed to Dick Grayson, and it lays out a plan to stop Mother Mayhem, who Lex suspected would eventually betray them.

The rest of the letter is addressed to Conner, for his eyes only, presumably revealing his Luthor heritage and his connection to the events unfolding around them. The group sets out to decipher the book, which is written in an ancient Tamaran dialect that none of them can translate. However, Conner decides to go off on his own tangent.

Dick and Kory faced a major obstacle as they were unable to decipher the Tamaranean language in Lex’s book. To solve this issue, they sought out the help of Roberta, an eccentric expert in extraterrestrial languages, who was excited to meet a Tamaranean finally. After examining the book, Roberta revealed that it contained a prophecy about the end of the world, and if the Blood Moon ritual were completed, the Son of Trigon would manifest himself in the Well of Blood on Earth.

Roberta also revealed that if Sebastian obtained the mystical horn that Trigon lost in his battle against Tamaraneans, he could bring Trigon back to life and give him dominion over Earth. The only way to prevent this from happening was for Starfire to sacrifice herself by unleashing the full potential of her powers to tackle the might of Trigon. However, this would result in her death.

Dick and Kory left Roberta’s place with this information, but Dick was not willing to discuss the possibility of Kory sacrificing herself to save the world. While in the Titans’ RV, Tim engages Rachel in a conversation about her new powers, which she describes as similar to her Raven powers but without the darkness. Tim also inquires about Conner’s intentions, and Rachel believes that he will eventually return for Krypto, even if he leaves the Titans.

Dick and Kory arrive and share the horn-related intel they gathered from Roberta. Tim suggests that the text could contain codes that reveal the horn’s location, and after analyzing the data, they obtain the coordinates. It appears that Lex left behind clues to help them find the horn.

Dick drives the RV to the supposed location of the horn, but they find no trace of it or the Cult of Blood loyalists guarding it, as mentioned by Roberta. Meanwhile, STAR Labs’ research chief, Bernard, tracks the team, but Tim ignores his calls due to his self-esteem issues. The team decides to move forward, and Tim follows the RV with Bernard.

As they reach the town of Caul’s Folly, the RV suddenly enters an invisible portal, trapping Dick, Kory, and Rachel in the seemingly stuck-in-time town. Bernard and Tim are unable to follow and try to find a way to use STAR Labs’ gadgets.

The inhabitants of the town appear unnaturally happy. The trio ends up in a diner where Rachel is kidnapped by a waitress, Megan, and her father, who believe that the Titans are the prophesied bringers of doom. They inform Rachel that the sheriff and the police force are guarding the horn, and if they find out that the Titans are not the prophesied ones, they will kill them. To worsen the situation, the Titans’ powers are neutralized by a special deterrent in the drinks served to them by Megan at the diner.

While Tim and Bernard spend the night at a roadside motel, unable to enter the town, Kory’s health deteriorates, and the Titans remain trapped. Later, Kory and Dick discover that they cannot leave the town as they are restrained whenever they approach the city limits. In the meantime, Tim and Bernard decide to rekindle their romance after all.

After agreeing to meet the sheriff to discuss the artifact, Dick heads to the police station alone but soon finds himself ambushed by the sheriff and his deputies. He is quickly overpowered and taken outside, where he sees the Church of Blood, led by Brother Blood and Mother Mayhem, waiting for him. Dick realizes he has fallen into a trap and slips into unconsciousness as Sebastian and Mayhem arrive at Caul’s Folly with the entire town in tow.

Titans Season 4 Episodes 7 8 Recap Ending Explained (2)

Episode 8: “Dick & Carol & Ted & Cory”

At the beginning of the eighth episode, Dick and Kory awaken in a grand mansion, their memories foggy, only to discover that they have been living there as a couple named Ted and Carol. Bewildered, they return to the town diner in search of Rachel, only to be frequently disoriented by the continuous, pervasive songs that permeate the town. They begin to suspect that they have been drugged and that someone has gone to great lengths to create the illusion that they are a permanent fixture of Caul’s Folly.

At the Church of Blood, Mother Mayhem presents the newly transformed Sebastian Sanger to the congregation and impresses them by showcasing his recovery of the horn of Trigon. She calls upon the church to join them in their mission to find and eliminate Rachel, who is seen as a threat to their cause. Sebastian privately vows to take matters into his own hands and kill Rachel himself, despite considering her his half-sister.

During a meeting with Rachel, Sebastian expresses his desire to sever their connection by killing her but is initially dissuaded by Mayhem. However, Sebastian ultimately decides to go through with his plan and confronts Rachel.  Subsequently, he discovers that any harm he inflicts on her also affects him. Rachel reveals to him that Mayhem is using him as a mere pawn in her efforts to bring back Trigon.

Later, Rachel is kidnapped once again by Mayhem and her followers. Nightwing devises a plan to counter the effects of the town’s mind control by using a technique taught to him by Batman. He suggests using negative memories to keep himself and Kory grounded in reality, and they both record their memories. However, the plan fails, and Kory becomes even more deeply affected by the town’s influence. She loses touch with reality, forgetting even the memory recordings and Rachel’s identity.

Dick goes head-to-head with the Sheriff and his followers in an attempt to locate Rachel. Despite the difficulty of maintaining his sanity and resisting the effects of the music, he manages to defeat his adversaries and free Rachel. Their next objective is to dismantle the radio station to prevent the music from further influencing the townspeople.

Meanwhile, Tim and Bernard stumble upon a radio station that is adorned with signs and photos of missing persons in the area. They encounter a boy named William, who is waiting and searching for his lost family. It is revealed that William is Megan’s brother. Although they still cannot access the entry point, Tim and Bernard devise a plan to utilize audio frequencies to transmit a message to the invisible realm. They succeed by utilizing Bernard’s car to power the station, and on the other side, Megan and her father receive assurance that escape is feasible.

Titans (Season 4), Episode 8 Ending Explained:

How Does Dick Grayson Save Caul’s Folly?

Upon reaching the radio station, Nightwing, Starfire, and Raven find that Starfire still has no recollection of her identity. In the process of stopping the music, Dick also starts to lose his memories, but Raven reminds him of the night they met and how he saved her.

Taking down the sheriff and his followers at the Church of Blood proves to be easy for Dick as May and Sebastian focus on retrieving the horn. After rescuing Rachel from the church, Dick manages to break into the town’s radio station and disable the device responsible for the mind control music. Meanwhile, Kory listens to Grayson’s memory recordings and remembers her forgotten past.

With the music stopped, the citizens are freed from the influence of the cult. Finally, the Titans are reunited in the outside world, and William is also reunited with his sister, Megan, and their father after a decade of separation.

Superboy finds Sebastian in Metropolis and offers to team up with him, now looking almost entirely like Lex Luthor.

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