Gaslit (Season 1) Episode 6 Recap & Ending Explained: Just when the show was running out of steam and when the FBI subplot and characters weren’t digging into their hijinx, writers of the show diverted the attention to the flurry cuteness of one “Tuffy.” The titular cat belongs to Frank Wills, the heroic Watergate security guard, but this intriguing little episode, whose main focus is on John Dean, works only because show writers Uzoamaka Maduka and Sofya Levitsky-Weitz bring the extra gravitas to it; thanks to an exceptional turn; for better or worse by Bitty Giplin’s Mo.

Gaslit (Season 1), Episode 6 “Tuffy” Recap:

The episode opens with Frank Willis, waking up in his low-lit apartment. He is down under after being let go of his job for being ‘too much of a distraction’ post the Watergate scandal. His water is being shut down, and from the looks of it, he is late on his rent with warnings of eviction lying around.

To fight this urge of not being able to make a living, Frank’s loneliness is shared by his cat ‘Tuffy.’ who he introduces as his rightful companion to the beautiful journalist Janelle Lewis. She has been assigned to cover his story for the Jet magazine and as the two talks flirtatiously, Lewis offers him help by letting him know about possible jobs before Frank cracks in on her and gets her to come on a date with him.

On the other hand, the episode’s main ploy is focused on John Dean and how he is both infuriated and scared to testify in front of a live audience. As Dean practices to talk on the camera in the midst of a courtroom hearing with no counsel present, Mo is helping him out. She is very eager to get him out of this mess and as we saw in the previous episode, she is trying her best to make him look like a good man in America’s good books.

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In the midst of all this, she excitedly tells him that she is pregnant. Dean later freaks out feeling that he will be caught being a sissy and made fun of just like the Sesame Street mockery of Magruder’s testimony. Mo tells him that their strategy will work, only if he doesn’t chicken out.

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Simultaneously, Martha Mitchell has taken some time off because of the darkness she was getting into. She is now in Pine Bluff, Arkansas (a place that she calls home) with her daughter. John Mitchell sees her off and hints that she takes more time off and doesn’t return to testify against the president. In Pine Bluff, we see that Martha isn’t nicely received. Most of the republicans in her town, including her own daughter, don’t want her to testify.

Midway through, Martha changes her mind and tells her husband that she might as well stay longer in Pine Bluff, before changing her mind yet again when one republican slurs at her and disrespects her. In spite of Marty (her daughter) visibly fuming at her decision, Martha decides to move ahead and come back to D.C.

Meanwhile, Moo, who has been really patient with Dean, hides the fact that she lost her baby while Dean was prepping for his testimony. On the day in the court, Dean almost chickens out, before Moo gives him a piece of ‘this isn’t about you anymore’ stab. Later the two hit a rough patch when Mo confesses that she lost the baby during his prepping and his testimony, and that she doesn’t really want to be someone’s ally all her life. The two have a nice little moment after she gets herself together.

Gaslit (Season 1), Episode 6 “Tuffy” Ending Explained:

The ending of the episode has to be one of my favorite of the show so far. After rummaging around Frank and his inability to stand the city and its American dream, we see him getting ready to leave for Georgia. Janelle, who had tried to convince him to stay, is met with an affirming answer that he finds himself isolated in this place. However, just when he is about to leave on his bus, he hears his cat Tuffy’s voice coming from the newsstand where his magazine cover shines. He picks Tuffy up and leaves.

On the other hand, John Mitchell meets up with Senator Gurney over at golf and gives a half-ass analogy about some monkey, comparing his own wife with it. He coerces Gurney to not allow the media attention to the trial, i.e making the senators and prosecutors question and grill Martha about her life inside closed doors with next to no one to witness it. To top that off, he gives him an envelope that supposedly has some dirt on Martha.

The episode’s crescendo and final moments find Dean and Moo hearing that a major breakthrough in the scandal has come to the surface, as Martha walks into an empty room (with zero cameras and media). The final sequence sees John Mitchell standing in the hallway looking at her as we fade to black.




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