Will there be a From Season 3? ‘From’ really came out of nowhere and took over the television space.  The MGM offering aired its first season back in February of last year and came back for another this April. We are at the business end of season 2, and things are looking promising. The finale of From’s season 2 will be released on 25 June. Many fans have compared it to yesteryear greats like ‘Lost’ and’ Showtime’s ‘Yellowjackets.’ From does have similar cinematic and storytelling elements. But to be fair, it is its own show. The entire mesh of its storylines is a treat for sci-fi and horror fans.

The lingering mystery makes you want to keep coming back and finish the episodes as soon as possible if you’re playing catchup. ‘From’ gained instant love from viewers, and the show was renewed for a second season just a couple of months after release. Is that the case this time as well? If you have been watching From’s Season 2 for the last two months and are wondering about the renewal/cancellation status of the show, you’re in the right place. Here is what we know about a possible From Season 3.

What happens in From Season 1?

In ‘From’ season 1, the story revolves around a curious journalist named Mary who stumbles upon a dark secret involving a wealthy and powerful family. She discovers that they have been genetically modifying humans with animal DNA to create a new species of creatures. Mary meets a girl who seems to be a victim of the experiment and tries to help her escape. However, her good intentions lead to a disastrous outcome when it turns out that the girl is actually a humanoid monster who brutally mutilates and kills Mary. The season ends with the revelation that the patriarch of the family is still alive and in control of the creatures.

Has ‘From’ been renewed for Season 3?

At the time of writing, ‘From’ has neither been canceled nor renewed for season 2 by MGM+. Despite there being no official announcement, we are hopeful that it is only a matter of “when” and not “if.” That is because insiders have leaked some quite interesting details about the network’s plans for the show. The program is all set to be renewed for a season 3 as the filming for the new season is scheduled to start in July in Halifax, Nova Scotia. It should roughly take by the end of this year to wrap up shooting and then begin the post-production work.

We can confirm that the ongoing WGA strike will not be affecting From’s shooting. We predict that an announcement from MGM+ is imminent and will be coming shortly after the second season has aired. So, sometime in July, right before the filming begins, From’s renewal for season 3 should be confirmed by MGM+.

Everything we know about From Season 3:

Barely anything is known about From’s plot for season 3. There are still two episodes left to be aired in the ongoing season, and given the show’s penchant for twists, anything can materialize. What we do know is that season 3 can be expected to release next year around the same time as the current one. So, April/May 2024 should be the tentative months for the release of the new season. All of this is subject to change based on changing circumstances and assuming that the scheduled filming occurs as planned.

This is a developing story, and once MGM+ makes an official announcement, we will be able to get you more exclusive details about From’s Season 3.

Editor’s Note: This news was last updated on June 13th.

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