How I Met Your Father (Season 2) Episode 4: Recap & Ending Explained

How I Met Your Father Season 2 Episode 4

How I Met Your Father (Season 2), Episode 4: Recap and Ending Explained: Sophie got her picture from the rich couple but lost it after placing it in a taxi. Jesse got a phone call he needed to take in private. Rachel, Ellen, and Valentina seemed to patch things up. However, double dating was definitely off the table for them. Sid and Hannah found a solution for the long-distance coast-to-coast relationship, and Charlie decided to get back out there.

Here’s what went down in ‘Pathetic Deirdre.’

How I Met Your Father (Season 2), Episode 4: Recap

For a change, the episode began in the present day. Ellen joined Goliath Market and got a morning drink from Sophie and Valentina. They looked happy for her, but it was fake. This was because they had been in New York City longer, and their careers were trash. Hence, the duo decided that they needed Pathetic Deirdre.

Old Sophie then explained who Deirdre was. She was the girl Valentina and Sophie invited whenever they wanted to feel good about themselves. However, Deirdre had plans and was busy with a book reading.

Sophie and Valentina attended it and realized that ‘Pathetic Deirdre’ was a published author. They also got shocked when they saw that they were the subjects of the book, with not-so-subtle fake names used to describe their characters, i.e., Sophia and Valerie.

Deirdre called their lunches female-to-female cruelty. Valentina and Sophie considered apologizing but now dismissed it. When they tried to sneak out, they knocked down a stack of books and attracted attention. Deirdre called them to the front to heal and then admitted she thought of them as pathetic friends.

Valentina snapped and told Deirdre the truth. She even dismissed Deirdre’s condo purchase as it was a home in New Jersey. Upon hearing this, Deirdre snapped, lost her audience, and got canceled.

Meredith and Jesse got ready to shoot a video at Pemberton for her M-heads. Sid looked disgusted and looked for immunity from the “memunity” (Meredith community).

Meredith took control of the video and ignored Jesse as she flicked her hair in his face and talked over him. She then decided to do another one. Meredith claimed she took Jesse back in this take, and he said the opposite. Sid heard this and snapped a few wine glasses in frustration. He likened it to Jesse getting ruined (shattered by Meredith) and him having to pick up the broken pieces.

Jesse and Meredith argued about the truth, the facts, and the vibes. He agreed to let it go as it was her tour, and she was the main character.

Once Meredith went to share the video with her team, Sid told Jesse that Meredith would always put herself first. He hinted at Jesse needing someone who loved him, just stopping short of coming clean on ‘The Burrito incident.’ Jesse took it the wrong way and stalked out of Pemberton.

How I Met Your Father Season 2 Episode 4

Charlie informed Sid about his hookup from the previous night and tried to channel his inner Derek Jeter as he sent the girl a gift basket. The girl, Courtney, returned with it and saw it as him putting himself out there. Hence, she reciprocated. After they spoke, a delivery person came to Charlie with a variety of gift baskets. He looked perplexed when it dawned on him that he hadn’t canceled the bulk order of gift baskets for his future one-night stands.

When Courtney looked shocked and realized she was just a hookup, she dumped Charlie.

When Ellen arrived at the workplace on foot, the receptionist gave her a pass and cautioned her not to go with her boss. Rather than waiting for the next elevator, she took the steps and then saw that her office was on the 51st floor. She found herself locked out when she tried to get back to the lobby. She then trudged up the stairs and found the door locked on floor 51. A side door opened, but she got trapped in that room. With 10 minutes left for orientation, Ellen crawled through the vents and reached the boardroom. She called her name when asked, but the boss couldn’t hear it. Hence, she punched her way through the vent and into the room.

How I Met Your Father (Season 2), Episode 4: Ending Explained

Jesse was packing for the tour, and then Sid entered the apartment. Some tension between them became obvious when Jesse uninvited his roommate from his performance. This was because he didn’t want to look into the crowd and see someone who didn’t believe in his faith in the woman he loved.

Jesse is unaware of the truth and is uncertain how long Sid will keep quiet.

Will Sid save his friendship or his friend’s relationship?

Given the length of the season, it looks unlikely that this will happen anytime soon. It seems as though Hannah returning would be a trigger to see Sid convinced to spill the beans. Hence, do not expect this to get fixed anytime soon. In fact, expect more tension between Jesse and Sid over the course of the next few episodes.

Is Charlie back to square one?

Charlie managed to ignore something with Courtney, but he ruined it. This shows that it seems almost certain that, eventually, Valentina’s prediction will come true. Also worth mentioning is that “Rando” did not show up this week. Charlie is back to square one but could be a new friend to Sid over the next few episodes, as he knows some aspects of the truth.

As for Sophie’s picture, or how Barney Stinson enters the first, we don’t know yet. Can we expect to learn more next week? Can’t say for sure, as the Sid-Jesse-Meredith thing has really picked up steam. What will happen? Let’s find out next week in Episode 5, ‘Ride or Die.’

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