My Perfect Stranger, AKA Run Into You (Season 1), Episode 8 Recap & Ending, Explained: This episode brings the characters face-to-face with harsh realities. Hae Joon and Yoon Young’s faith in changing history came crashing down as many unexpected things occurred. The suspects of murders are narrowing down with every new episode. This episode justifies the reasons for every suspect. This article contains spoilers.

My Perfect Stranger, AKA Run Into You (Season 1), Episode 8 Recap:

“The Turning Point”

The episode begins with Ju Young dead on a cold rainy night. Hae Joon and Yoon Young run to the murder scene while Mi Sook’s voice in the background says that they hope to rectify all the mistakes. Bum Ryung is seen holding Ju Young’s ring in front of her dead body in a panicky state.

Mi Sook is seen drinking a cup of coffee while saying that by the time you realize what has happened, you will have been crushed by the wheel of fate. Yoon Young rummages through Ju Young’s backpack to find the Bong Bong Teahouse box and a note that reads, ‘Women who read are dangerous.’ Hae Joon asked Bum Ryung why he called him to the location and asked him to explain what happened. Hae Joon questions Bum Ryung, asking him why he had killed Ju Young; he says he did not kill her and asks him where Ju Young’s ring is. He gives him a ring explaining that she had given it to him the previous afternoon and that they had also met that night, but he left and returned to find her dead.

He tells Hae Joon that since she was a communist, he would be arrested for meeting her and not reporting her to the police. Yoon Young realizes that Ju Young has never left the village. When they hear the police siren, they assume it is because someone had reported Ju Young’s death, but Hae Joon realizes that something is wrong and rushes to where the police are gathered. As he gets closer to the scene, he sees Kyung Ae dead. Both the murders had similarities other than the teahouse boxes. They were tied with a wire and bleeding. Yoon Young reaches the crime scene and overhears the villagers saying that Kyung Ae is dead.

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Soon Ae wakes up with a nightmare. The family, over breakfast, discuss Kyung Ae’s whereabouts, not knowing of her death. A villager rushes to their house and informs the family about her location. As Hae Joon tries to drag Yoon Young away from the scene, Kyung Ae’s family comes running. Unaware of the situation, Kyung Ae’s father enquires with Dong Sik about his daughter and why so many people gather around the area. Dong Sik tries to stop Kyung Ae’s father from entering the crime scene, and Hae Joon and Yoon Young rush home.

Another detective informs Dong Sik about Ju Young’s murder. At the house, Hae Joon tells Yoon Young that they should go back to 2021, the place they belong. Yoon Young asks him what will happen to him and her mother. Hae Joon reminds her of what she saw, that no matter what they do, what’s meant to happen will happen, and he had no idea how to save anyone with the facts he knew as the murder locations had changed. He requests that Yoon Young be patient while he fixes the car to travel back to 2021. In the garage, Hae Joon gets frustrated because of the events.

Mi Sook is seen taking a stroll with a happy face and listening to music. Her friends find her and express their concern about the situation. Yu Ri looked serious, and after their friends left, Mi Sook asked Yu Ri not to be so serious and made it evident that she might be the killer. She holds Yu Ri’s hands, takes her along, and tells her that it will be fun. At Ju Young’s crime scene, the detectives discuss the two murders while one of them seems a lot more relaxed.

Dong Sik arrives at the location and immediately realizes that both the crime scenes had the teahouse box, and he opens and reads the quote on it. He points this out to the other detectives, but nobody seems to care. Mi Sook and Yu Ri watch the scene while standing next to each other, and Hee Seop is watching it from a distance. Mi Sook and Hee Seop exchange looks, and Mi Sook smiles at him.

Soon Ae comes asking for comfort at Hae Joon’s residence. Yoon Young and Soon Ae hug each other and cry. Soon Ae tells Yoon Young that her mother is acting weird, and they rush to Soon Ae’s house. In the house, they find her mother mumbling to herself and washing the dishes. She kept repeating that people were gossiping and the phone wouldn’t stop ringing, but the phone, in reality, was not ringing.

In that frustration, Soon Ae’s mother accidentally cuts herself, and Soon Ae rushes her to the hospital. Yoon Young runs home to ask Hae Joon about her grandmother’s death, as she does not know anything about it. She begs him to tell her what he knows, as she believes that she has caused many of the things that took place, but he does not respond. Hae Joon is inside the garage feeling worried. Yoon Young finally tells him unless they go back to a time when they had not met each other, things were never going to get back to square one.

The principal comes to pick up his son Yeon Woo (Jung Jae Kwang) from Gimpo International Airport. They exchange pleasantries at the airport. On their drive back, the principal mentions Hae Joon and Yeon Woo seems to like his name. Yeon Woo visits Hae Joon but finds Yoon Young and tells her he visited because Hae Joon needed something fixed. Yeon Woo gives her the Rubik’s cube and tells her to say to Hae Joon that if he can solve it in 5 seconds, he will fix anything he wants. If not, he will think about it and leaves the residence.

A still from My Perfect Stranger AKA, Run Into You Season 1 Episode 8.
A still from My Perfect Stranger, AKA, Run Into You Season 1 Episode 8.

Kyung Ae’s mother watches the news of her daughter’s death but puts on a DVD of the Miss Korea competition and is reminded of her daughter’s love for her and smiles at the memory. She regrets the times she was cold, ignored her daughter, and realized it was too late. Soon Ae comes home to find her mother missing. Her father and brother also look for her. Yoon Young hears Soon Ae’s family calling out to their mother. Hae Joon also hears this and comes rushing out and runs to the top of the hill. Yoon Young and the rest of them follow. Soon Ae’s mother is seen at the edge of a cliff, and Hae Joon stops her from killing herself. He explains to her that her one decision will affect many people and she should think about that before doing anything hastily.

At home, Hae Joon asks Yoon Young if they can hug each other as they had gone through a lot that day, and Yoon Young runs into his arms. Yoon Young asks him if he would try to save the third victim, and he says that it can’t be the end and he does not want them to be strangers. Yoon Young tells Hae Joon about Yeon Woo’s visit, and before she finishes relaying his message Hae Joon solves the Rubik’s cube. When Yoon Young asks him who Yeon Woo is, he says that he is Hae Joon’s father, shocking Yoon Young.

They both try to rethink who the suspects could be. They rule out Bum Ryung, as he seemed unaware of Kyung Ae’s death, and Min Soo, as he was wholly injured with a broken hand. The suspects now were Hee Soep, Yu Seop, and Mi Sook. Hae Joon tells Yoon Young that they need to deal with Hee Seop on priority as he would be suspected of murder in less than 30 mins. They wait for Hee Seop in front of his house and barge into it along with him, rummaging through his belongings to find any evidence. Hee Seop tries to warn Hae Joon that his uncle is a police officer, but Hae Joon tells him that he will arrive in less than 5 minutes to arrest him. He pushes Hee Seop aside and finds a white cloth with blood stains. Hae Joon asks him why he is hiding it.

A flashback shows Hee Seop and Mi Sook in the teahouse talking. Mi Sook pulls out the blue cap and tells Hee Seop that she knew what her brother did, and he wanted to protect him, and she wanted to get rid of someone, and they should help each other out. She also tells him that if he wanted to get rid of something, he should have done it correctly. In Hee Seop’s house, Hee Seop tells Hae Joon that he isn’t sure what brought them to his house, but he admits to killing both the victims.

Yoon Young is disappointed hearing this, and she asks herself if she traveled back in time, only to listen to her father say this. Hee Seop suddenly starts to hear voices and comes down on his knees. Hae Joon tries to bring him to his senses confirming with him once again if he committed the crime. He admits to the crime, and Yoon Young tells Hae Joon that they should leave and let him be punished for his crimes.

As they open the door, they find Dong Sik overhearing the conversation. He comes in and asks Hee Seop if what he heard is true. Hee Seop apologizes, and Dong Sik handcuffs him and drags him out of the house. As he leaves, he warns Hae Joon to be careful and not keep crossing his path. On their way back, Yoon Young apologizes, realizing that everyone is in trouble because of her father.

The episode ends with her explaining to Hae Joon once her father is put behind bars, and Soon Ae finds out the truth, she will no longer cease to exist. Hae Joon asks her if this is supposed to make him feel better. He tells Yoon Young he wouldn’t let her disappear because he does not believe Hee Seop is the culprit and walks away.

My Perfect Stranger, AKA Run Into You (Season 1), Episode 8 Ending, Explained:

In the previous episode, we saw that Ju Young was dead despite Yoon Young and Hae Joon’s efforts to save her; in this episode, we see Kyung Ae’s death proves some things cannot be changed. In this episode, the viewer’s doubts about Hee Seop and Mi Sook working together were clarified. From the last few scenes, it was evident that Mi Sook was threatening Hee Seop, and he was following her instructions. Mi Sook’s expression and behavior bring back our initial suspicion of her being the real murderer. In this episode, we also see how Mi Sook brings fear in people to get her work done; we see this with her interaction with Yu Ri.

Bum Ryung, at the moment, does not look suspicious of murder, but his behavior still seems abnormal and peculiar. Soon Ae’s mother being saved from killing herself will impact the lives of others, bringing in more variables, making it difficult for Hae Joon and Yoon Young to save the third victim. In the next episode, we will see Hae Joon confronting Dong Sik to save Hee Seop from punishment. We must wait and see how this pans out in the next few episodes.

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