How I Met Your Father (Season 2), Episode 5: Recap & Ending Explained

How I Met Your Father Season 2 Episode 5

How I Met Your Father (Season 2), Episode 5:  Valentina and Sophie had canceled Pathetic Deirdre. Jesse and Sid’s friendship hit a major roadblock as Sid spoke against Meredith, who had walked all over Jesse. Also, Ellen arrived at her new job in a rather unconventional manner, and Charlie got dumped by a girl when she realized he was trying to mirror Derek Jeter’s one-night stands. Not really much on many fronts except for the Sid, Jesse, and Meredith situation.

The episode’s theme was about friendship. Bros before… and sisters before…

Here’s what went down in ‘Ride or Die.’

How I Met Your Father (Season 2), Episode 5 Recap:

The episode kicked off with Meredith and Jesse on a show with Sandy Rivers. Meredith kept up with the narrative of how she got back with Jesse. The group was watching it in Sid and Jesse’s apartment. They knew about Jesse and Sid’s fight, but Sid said they would work through it. While the group went to the concert, Sid sat alone and spoke to his conscience.

Sophie was going to meet Valentina’s parents, and Val had no clue about it. That’s because she was not on the group chat. At Valentina’s parents’ house, Sophie was set up with an escrow manager named Oscar. Valentina seemed upset and wondered why her parents didn’t set her up. She also didn’t know that they began listening to her. Valentina’s parents then doubted whether Charlie was real. This saw Valentina looking to get even, and she took Sophie to her old room after flirting with Oscar.

Sophie told her roommate that it was not in the ride-or-die handbook to steal dates. Valentina then said she had to prove a point to her parents and stalked out of the room.

Back downstairs, Valentina tried flirting with Oscar, and Sophie was furious. She vented her frustration to Valentina’s parents in the kitchen, declared it was “Sophie’s Choice,” and confronted Valentina. The heated talk saw Sophie look annoyed at choosing Valentina as her ‘Ride or Die,’ and giving her roommate two weeks to leave her apartment and her life. Valentina dissed Sophie for having no life that she could get out of, and then made her choice. She punched Sophie in the stomach. When Valentina’s parents stepped in to diffuse the situation and mend the broken friendship, Valentina then revealed it was an act. This was because they found out Valentina’s parents set it up to make their daughter jealous. It turns out that Oscar was part of the plot as well.

This was one example of how friends got on the same page and maintained their friendship rather than squabble due to an elaborate scheme.

At the concert venue, Charlie told Ellen he had come up with a brilliant idea to get Sid and Jesse back together. Ellen told him his last idea killed their fish. The plan saw Charlie gift a cookie basket to Sid under Jesse’s name. This would cause Sid to take a medicine that Charlie had flicked that would lead him to a store from where he would get another clue to reach the concert.

Before Sid got the cookie basket, he tried to chat with Rachel. Unfortunately, she didn’t have time and suggested that Sid could be alone for just a day. When Sid received the cookie basket, he understood and asked the delivery guy if the sender was British.

Jesse and Meredith shot another pretentious video at the concert hall. Meredith used the original breakup video in her performance music video and implied that Jesse shut up. Ellen spoke to Jesse, but he refused to bother Meredith with his problems.

How I Met Your Father Season 2 Episode 5

Jesse then showed up when Meredith was getting her final touch-ups. He asked her to remove the video because it was too personal, but she refused because it was what her fans wanted to see. Meredith said it was her biggest song, and the proposal is what makes it work. She added that he would get used to it, just as she did to magnetic eyelashes.

How I Met Your Father (Season 2), Episode 5 Ending Explained:

Valentina’s parents apologized to Sophie, but she asked them to apologize to their daughter. They said they did it to get her to stop making up boyfriends.

At the concert hall, the group realized Jesse wasn’t on stage. Meredith then told the audience that “her man” walked out on her, drawing boos from all over. The camera then showed Jesse outside, and he dialed Sid’s phone, which began ringing. Sid turned the corner, following which he and Jesse had a non-verbal communication, and buried the hatchet.

What provoked Sid to get to the venue?

Sid, who was uninvited and alone at home, had an allergic reaction to the walnuts in the cookies from Charlie’s cookie gift basket. He required EMT assistance and then had an epiphany. That made him wonder if missing his best friend’s performance was worth it. It saw him head straight to the venue on his own after the medical professionals had taken care of him.

Why did Jesse and Sid reconcile?

Jesse realized Sid’s words about Meredith were true. It dawned on him when Meredith refused to remove the break-up video from the J-street music clip. When she turned him down, Sid understood that he had really let down his best friend, i.e., the one person who actually had his best interests at heart. Realizing his mistake, he wanted to make things right and called his roommate. Sid arrived at the venue to apologize to Jesse for doubting Meredith, which was a sign that both men valued their friendship more than anything.

While Sid seemed to realize that he had overstepped, Jesse saw the light and understood his mistake of not trusting Sid. Hence, they reconciled.

Will Valentina strike a deal with Charlie?

As Valentina is under pressure to prove that Charlie is not just a person, she will have to show the guy to her parents. However, they aren’t officially together anymore. Hence, Valentina could aim to strike a deal with Charlie just to prove to her parents that she wasn’t engaging in fiction.

What is Sophie up to?

On the Sophie front, there was no progress, no Barney Stinson reveal, no update on the picture’s whereabouts, and no hint of information about the potential father.

That worked as the other major loose ends were taken care of, with Meredith being eliminated from the Sid, Jesse, Meredith situation.

Will Sophie make her move now that Jesse has broken up with Meredith? Will Charlie be part of Valentina’s scheme? We should find out next week in Episode 6, ‘Universal Therapy.’

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