How I Met Your Father (Season 2), Episode 6: Recap & Ending Explained: How did Valentina Earn Her Respect?

How I Met Your Father Season 2 Episode 6

How I Met Your Father (Season 2), Episode 6: Jesse and Sid patched things up over the Meredith issue. Valentina and Sophie managed to stay on the same page and escape the former’s parents’ unique plan in ‘Ride or Die.’ Charlie and Ellen were used as players to advance the threads involving the other characters. This episode focused on a few problems in the aftermath of that and how the characters rectified them through therapy.

Here’s what went down in the sixth episode of Season 2 of How I Met Your Father- “Universal Therapy.”

How I Met Your Father (Season 2), Episode 6: Recap

The sixth episode took the audience back to the future, revealing that Ariana Grande had served as POTUS sometime between 2022 and 2050. Sophie went on a date with Oscar and sighed as she returned. She told the gang that it started off well, which led to their first kiss. At that moment, she felt something poke her chest. Upon mentioning it to Oscar, she saw that it was a really huge diamond. That was her problem.

Meanwhile, Jesse faced the problem of unemployment as he quit all his jobs for the tour with Meredith. Then, when he quit the tour, he had nothing except the need to go back to school. To solve his problem, he ended up working as a temp and got assigned to Valentina’s fashion agency. When Valentina realized Jesse worked for her, she began channelizing the methods that her boss used on her and became a monster.

Initially, Sophie aired her problems to the group, and Ellen brought up Dr. Dominguez- someone she started seeing to figure out things she couldn’t decide. Sophie touched on her poor insurance and confused the term with warranty. She then asked Ellen to present her problems to Dr. Dominguez and find a solution. Ellen, who had a people-pleasing issue, agreed and told Sophie she was using the necklace as an excuse not to face eventual disappointment.

After Jesse finally confronted Valentina about being mean, she apologized to him and went to Ellen with a query for Dr. Dominguez. She wanted to learn how to work for a monster without becoming one. Meanwhile, Jesse wanted to understand how he could feel good about himself.

The initial solution Sophie got saw her convince Oscar to take the necklace off and engage in “neckless lessly” sex. However, she had another problem that saw her come up with a quirky fix, i.e., they only wear jewelry.

Meanwhile, Sid returned to Pemberton and found that Charlie fell for a hot sales rep and purchased 10 cases of Mint Rosé. The duo drank it and spat it out in disgust. As Charlie spat his drink into a customer’s face, he faced a snide remark about the lack of regulars at the bar.

Ellen gave Sid and Charlie a solution to get rid of the Rosé drinks, i.e., add a celebrity name to the beverage and have people lap it up. The group came up with Judy Juice.

Judy Juice sold like hotcakes and attracted the attention of the real Judge Judy. Well, that was primarily because Charlie had tagged her on Instagram in a bid to make Pemberton’s product feel more authentic. The real Judge Judy showed up at Pemberton, hated the wine, but saw a business opportunity, as other people didn’t seem to hate it. This saw a light bulb click in the Judge’s head.

How I Met Your Father (Season 2), Episode 6: Ending Explained

Ellen kept people pleasing and came up with solutions to her problems, courtesy of Dr. Dominguez. The therapist identified that the problem was UFS (Uninsured Friend Syndrome) and dropped her as a patient.

How I Met Your Father Season 2 Episode 6

This saw her lose her therapist as she put her friends’ needs above those of her own. The resultant advice saw Sophie fall flat, Jesse swallow his pride, and Valentina earn respect.

Why did Sophie fall flat?

Sophie wanted the necklace off and then saw that Oscar wasn’t as good without it. Hence, she came up with a quirky suggestion that Oscar saw through and dumped her on the spot. Sophie’s friends also sided with Oscar and looked a bit uncomfortable when they heard her narrate the incident. Hence, she fell flat with no relationship and no sympathy.

How did Jesse solve his issues?

Drew needed to hear Jesse say, “Drew’s my daddy.” Once Jesse understood that he needed to find people who gave him validation, he realized that giving in to Drew’s demand was quite a small price. Hence, he complied and got a job as a school music teacher.

How did Valentina earn her respect?

Valentina went to work with the aim of keeping her self-respect. She stood up to her boss and quit in style. However, this impressed him, and he offered her a promotion and a vacation day. In going for one thing, she got respect from the other side. Now, though, it remains to be seen if she can retain her self-respect under her old boss.

Was Ellen the biggest loser in this episode?

Not satisfied with the results, the group presented more questions to Ellen. She told them the therapist dumped her. This saw the trio of Jesse, Valentina, and Sophie look to persuade Dr. Dominguez.

They went to Ellen’s apartment and told her to cancel her plans for a particular evening as they convinced her therapist to take her back. This convincing was quite amusing to watch as it involved Sophie getting into the doctor’s face and screaming out loud.

Ellen solved her friends’ problems and got her therapist back. However, she remained at square one, as her problems were not explored.

What happened to Judge Judy and Judge Judy?

Judge Judy reached Pemberton due to a tag on Instagram and decided to take the Mint Rosé crates along with her. While Sid and Jesse were at Pemberton, she created her own brand and began reaping the benefits.

What did you make of this episode? How I Met Your Father will return next week with Episode 7- ‘A Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Valentina’s Day.’

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