Interview with the Vampire (Season 1), Episode 6 Recap & Ending Explained: Season 1 of AMC’s brilliant drama series is drawing to a close. The ominous burden on the makers to make the right kind of show to do justice to Anna Rice’s novel seems to have eased. Right from the first episode, we saw a very differentiated approach to the story without eating up its core essence. The ethos of Interview with the Vampire remained intact. As the penultimate installment, episode 6 has done its job of setting up a tempting finale. Although readers are familiar with the story’s specifics, the emotion can be overwhelming when it comes at you without notice.

Below is our recap and ending explained of episode 6 of Interview with the Vampire’s season 1, “Like Angels put in Hell by God.”

Interview With The Vampire (Season 1) Episode 6 “like Angels Put In Hell By God” Recap

Interview With The Vampire (Season 1) Episode 6

Lou is back in this episode in the present-day timeline. Daniel is once again in recording mode. Lou goes on to explain his condition after the mega fight with Lestat. He was severely bruised and unable to heal quickly after that incident. For years, Lou suffered in agony and could not have recovered without the tender caring of Claudia, who grew very close to him during this period. The process was long and hard, but his newfound companionship really helped him. After almost two months, he could finally sit, read, and stand independently. The relationship between the two lovebirds was at a tipping point. There was no going back after this if Lestat couldn’t repair the relationship.

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But fortunately, Lestat is a master of romance, and his constant persuasion finally pays off. Showing up at their house, sending letters, and calling did not work. But his magical composed piece did, which Lou listened to with great passion and teary eyes. It was quite clear that the two could not be separated this time. Claudia understood their love and supported Lou in getting Lestat back in the house.

Lestat’s Secrets and Origins of a Vampire

Now that things are settled, Lou recounts how Lestat was converted into a vampire. The story of his origin was highly anticipated, and episode 6 of Interview with the Vampire provides the backstory. The man who stumbled upon him and made him so was called Magnus. He was converted into a vampire by the man with cruelty and a vile sense of hatred, unlike how Lestat transformed Lou. Magnus’ act was seen with raised eyebrows as after converting Lestat, he committed suicide by jumping into a fire and getting obliterated. Lestat had to make do by himself and all alone in that era when he had no idea how to proceed with his new self.

In all this time, Lestat had taken a new lover. Although he still had eyes only for Lou, he could not bear to live alone after getting used to the feeling of companionship. Claudia asks him to take care of Antoinette, his new lover, and embrace Lou once again only after he has done so. Lestat understands the request but is actually hesitant to do so. He cannot just go on and kill his new lover. He tries to give Claudia and Lou the appearance that he has, but the couple finds out after following him.

Claudia’s coming of age

Given how Claudia has aged in her mind and spirit, she has outgrown this new fascination with being a vampire. Now, she wants to roam the world and explore things she has never seen before. Although she is not averse to taking Lou with her, she would probably prefer to do it alone. Lou also rebuffs her advances and indications to go along with her on the trip. But he is hesitant to lose her and also part ways with Lestat after the grand manner in which they came back together.

Indeed, Lestat stopped Claudia from leaving after she had boarded a train to go someplace else. Despite his differences with her, Lestat convinced Claudia to stay for Lou and comfort him in the changing dynamics that he has to juggle with them. Claudia stayed nonetheless, and it was huge of Lestat to confront her about it.

Lou and Claudia’s secret plan

Claudia is back and uses her psychic abilities to talk to Lou. Right before Lestat, the two discuss the plan of killing the older vampire and then trudging off on their own. We are then told how Daniel and Lou met for the first time, another flashback, and treated for the original movie’s fans.

The episode’s highlight is the rule-making in the episode after Lou and Claudia got Lestat back. The trio came up with them for better coordination and harmony. Lestat’s rules about hunting were the most sensible thing that helped Claudia and Lou enormously. The hunting was a huge issue of contention for Lestat and Lou, and the duo can say that his imposition in this episode was not well-liked. Lestat himself was critical of his decision and felt that his rigorous methods were being judged unfairly.

The last scene involving Daniel and Lou was certainly a mind-twister. Lestat now knows that Claduaia wants to take Lou away from him, despite the coming together that inspired hopes of a happy reunion. However, the makers did not give an answer to that in this episode. The origins of Rashid and Daniel’s dream will definitely be the highlights to look forward to in the next episode.

Interview With The Vampire (Season 1) Episode 6 Ending, Explained:

How Did Louis Explain His Abandonment Of Lestat?

The absence and distance from Lestat are what reminded Lou of his strong feelings for him. He was convinced earlier that this exact difference in feelings is what separated Lou from Lestat. But he was indeed wrong. And Lestat knew in his heart that it was the truth. He was hurting, too, and wanted to teach Lou some retributive lesson. He wanted Lou to find out about him and Antoinette, and although Lou loved Mrs. Brown, he felt intense envy toward her.

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Lestat’s growing control over him certainly left Lou disturbed. He no longer wanted Lestat to call the shots and keep him a prisoner of his own will. That is why Lou wanted to move away but felt that Claudia was too ambitious for his taste. Her plan to see the world did not intrigue and excite him as much as the prospect of living together with Lestat did. But Lou had instantaneous discomfort in competing with Lestat in the relationship.

Perhaps he felt unworthy or undeserving of living with a godly being like Lestat. Bear in mind that the latter had a tremendous showcase of skills in front of Lou, which definitely overwhelmed him. It will take some more reading in between the lines and trying to make sense of Lou’s decision. It seems uncharacteristic but also something that needs more detailing and attention from the viewers.

The “emotion vs. rationality” debate certainly comes in handy to explain why Lou made the decision to distance himself from Claudia. It is also helpful to explain why he wanted to kill Lestat. Claudia’s reasons are very apparent, but Lou perhaps was done with the mysteries that Lestat had hidden away from Lou for a long time. He did not want to make the decision to suffer later and get to know something that would change the dynamic forever. Why would you want to kill someone if you love them?

That tangent is well established in cinema’s history. Through years of films and content, we have learned that love is a crazy feeling. This unique emotion is omnipotent and capable of destroying the toughest of barriers. When Lou had the opportunity to be free of Lestat, as Claudia suggested, he had a window to escape this complex. Lou put his freedom over everything else and could not resist himself from jumping on to take the chance.

Louis suddenly realized that it was truly what he wanted. Maybe he did not want to harm Lestat, but at that moment, he perhaps remembered the pain Lestat had caused him. He also could not help but think that Lestat had something to do with the suicide of Louis’s brother. Many emotions were mixed, and finally, Louis took the jump from his threshold. His eyes showed the determination to kill Lestat. Claudia successfully installed the weapon in Louis, which would help him fight against Lestat




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