She-Hulk: Attorney at Law (Season 1), Episode 4 Recap & Ending Explained: Ever since its arrival, She-Hulk: Attorney at Law has been in the news more than any other MCU show, but unfortunately for all the wrong reasons. Last week was no exception as the now infamous twerking scene has become the talk of the internet.

A large section of the audience is already watching the show because Matt Murdock/Daredevil is supposed to appear in it. That doesn’t happen in this week’s episode as well. What we get instead is a strange, wacky episode primarily featuring the character of Wong, aka the Sorcerer supreme. Like the last episode, Jen breaks the fourth wall and tells the audience that she acknowledges the happiness of everyone who is watching as everybody loves Wong, after all.


The episode starts with a magician named Donny Blaze (Rhys Coiro) performing in front of a less-than-enthusiastic audience. He is trying every parlor trick under his sleeves to impress the audience. Seeing him fail, Blaze’s manager Cornelius asks him to do a particular thing instead of the regular things he has been doing. After a bit of hesitation, Blaze asks for a volunteer from the audience, and a woman named Madisynn King (Patty Guggenheim) comes up with a glass of drink in her hand. She seems intoxicated and excited enough to participate in whatever Blaze is up to.

At first, Blaze magically makes a bunch of roses appear in Madisynn’s hand. But the audience still doesn’t seem very excited. Looking clearly desperate, Blaze now makes a hand gesture and eventually manages to open a portal (a usual thing in MCU ever since the first Doctor Strange movie) and Madisynn walks into it. In the very next scene, we see Madisynn has managed to reach Kamar Taj and randomly appears in front of a startled Wong.

Meanwhile, Jen opens a profile on a dating site but instead of using her She-Hulk persona, she does it with her regular persona. Nikki, on the other hand, keeps telling her to do it as “She-Hulk” but Jen seems very reluctant about it. At a local bar, a creepy man approaches both Nikki and Jen and they blow him off. Suddenly, Wong arrives from a portal and declares to Jen that she needs legal help regarding a personal matter.

Wong informs Jen that Blaze was actually a student in Kamar Taj before he abandoned mystic art and chose to make a career as a magician, which Wong finds despicable. Now that he is using the things he has learned in Kamar Taj, Wong is seeking Jen’s help to stop that as those are sacred magic and can endanger the world. Unfortunately, though, Jen soon finds out that Blaze is not bound by anything legal in Kamar Taj, and helping Wong in terms of American law is going to be a different thing to do.

Jen and Wong still visit Baze and his manager in an attempt to settle the matter by having a discussion. That doesn’t go well and it ends in Blaze and Wong mocking each other with magic. The matter ultimately goes to court and seeing it is getting out of hand, Jen calls Madisynn as a witness to testify. Madisynn does come through a portal conjured by Wong, but her version of events kind of shows Blaze in a light where he is rather harmless and his magic is basically a fun experience. Blaze also manages to win over the judge with the help of his magic. The judge doesn’t give a verdict and announces that the case is going to trial but she says the Blaze can perform his magic as a profession.

Meanwhile, after an underwhelming dating experience and a lukewarm response to her profile, Jen decides to try it out with her She-Hulk persona. This works magically for her as she starts to get so many matches. But most of her dates as She-Hulk also turn out to be disappointing. Ultimately though, she meets a man named Arthur who seems to be genuinely affectionate and very much interested in her. She takes the man to her home but just when things are about to heat up a portal opens in her drawing room and a desperate Wong asks for her help.

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On the other side of the city, Blaze tries to do the same trick he did with Madisynn with another woman but unfortunately, he screws up and an army of demons from another dimension wreaks havoc in the auditorium. Realizing he can’t fix the situation, Blaze seeks help from Wong who eventually asks Jen/She-Hulk to join in. Wong and Jen manage to fight the demon army and send them back to where they came from. They also make a scared and horrified Blaze promise to not try anything he learned from Kamar Taj in his magic anymore.

Jen gets back to her date with Arthur like nothing happened. She has a great time with him but when he sees her in Jen form instead of She-Hulk, he leaves in the morning. A disappointed Jen soon receives another bad surprise as she answers the calling bell and is handed a subpoena regarding using the name “She-Hulk” which is in fact trademarked by Titania (Jameela Jamil) and she is now suing Jen over it.

In a mid-credit scene, we see Wong and Madisynn hanging out together and Wong mentions a wedding.

SHE-HULK: ATTORNEY AT LAW (SEASON 1), EPISODE 4 “Is This Not Real Magic?” Ending, Explained:

Last week, we were speculating about the lack of Titania in the show after the grand entry in the first episode. Even though Jameela Jamil didn’t physically appear in this episode, the ending very much establishes the fact that the Titania threat is there and it’s only going to get bigger (and worse for Jen) in the upcoming weeks.

While testifying in the courtroom, Madisynn mentions a demon named Jake with goat-like voice helping her to reach Wong. That wasn’t taken seriously by any of the characters in the show. In the Marvel comics, the Mephisto character who is basically the ruler of hell sometimes goes by the name Jack Scratch, who sometimes takes the form of a goat. The name “Jake” and “Jack” sound way too similar and might not be a simple coincidence. Especially with so many demons appearing in the same episode adds further volume to the “Mephisto” theory. Although, given the nature of this particular show, the actual appearance of the said character seems far-fetched at the moment.

Speaking of similar sounding names, the name Donny Blaze sounds similar to Johnny Blaze aka the Ghost Rider from Marvel comics. There are theories about how the magician might actually turn out to be MCU’s Ghost Rider after all but there is no significant logic behind it, so far.

The credit scenes of this show never really have any relevance when it comes to the story but the wedding mentioned by Wong is most likely the wedding of Dr. Christine Palmer which happens at the very beginning of Dr. Strange into Multiverse of Madness (2022) thus the connection between the world of that movie and this show becomes stronger.

With five episodes left and still no appearance of Daredevil, She-Hulk: Attorney at Law has a lot to prove and a long way to go.


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