Invasion (Season 2) Episode 2: The first season of Invasion on Apple TV+ ended with the appearance of an alien ship. It hinted at the possible damage to mankind. Now the second season, which premiered last week, follows the characters a few months down the line. Aneesha is trying to raise her two children as a single mother and fight for their survival. Due to a sudden threat, they needed to take refuge with a rebel group called the Movement. On the other hand, Mitsuki was asked to help communicate with an alien ship. Tyrannical Nikhil was ready to go to any length to succeed in his mission. He does not care if she even loses her life. Finally, when she had some sort of interaction with the extraterrestrials, Casper and Luke also sensed their presence.

Now the second episode follows Trevante struggling to return to his day-to-day life in Miami. Meanwhile, Jamila, who got distanced from Casper after the alien invasion, believes she should search for Casper instead of staying with her family.

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Invasion (Season 2) Episode 2 “Chasing Ghosts” Recap:

Jamila’s Dreams

The second episode of Invasion’s second season begins with Jamila (India Brown) in the middle of a storm-like situation. She hears Casper (Billy Barratt) calling out her name. But, despite looking through the alleys, she cannot find him. She notices a red moon in the sky. Moments later, we realise that it’s her dream, but it hints at her concern toward this friend, who went into a coma after the traumatic accident. She now resides with her family in Wellingborough, UK. Her mother thinks her dreams are just dreams and mean nothing more. Nevertheless, Jamila believes that they have greater significance. She tries to justify their importance and hopes to save mankind by looking for Casper. Her mother tries to relieve her anxiety and make her not overthink about this topic.

While working out in the garden, Jamila finds herself in the middle of a shower of several pamphlets from a helicopter. It mentions the restricted areas from the UK that need to be evacuated immediately. Then, she hears a disturbance in the storage room. She walks there to find a man stealing some stuff to feed his family, amidst the sudden evacuation. He mentions how the moon went red due to military activity. Hearing the tragic state of affairs, she lets him take what he needs. Soon after, she leaves the house in search of Casper. She thinks his special abilities may be the only way they can prolong their stay on earth. 

Trevante’s New Life

After escaping the foreign land, Trevante (Shamier Anderson) managed to return to Miami and started living with his family. Now, we meet him in the middle of a house party, where he keeps looking at the helicopters over them. He laments how more and more people have started dying. In the middle of this dialogue with his family, his nephew Jordan falls into the deep end of the swimming pool. Trevante gets him out and performs CPR on him. When Jordan opens his eyes, Trevante suddenly starts shouting at the kid. It seems like a PTSD symptom from the past trauma he hasn’t been able to process. 

Later, Trevante passes by a local army base on the way to do some of his work. He searches for things related to what he witnessed happen to Casper. Back home, he apologises for his outburst with Jordan. Despite having returned to the States to be with his wife, he could not get past what he experienced. Unlike him, his sister wishes to make the most of whatever time is left for them. So, she finally tells him to leave and find the answers that he is looking for. Trevante searches for information about the spiral-like object as seen by Casper. He learns that it was also observed in McCurtain County in Oklahoma. He feels that Casper’s book is enough reason to seek the truth about this matter. 

A still from Invasion Season 2 Episode 2.
A still from Invasion Season 2 Episode 2.

Jamila’s Journey

While Jamila walks through the city, two officers stop her going toward the hospital. So, she runs away to find a safe space. Eventually, she gets to a site where officers refuse to enter. They urge her to come out for her own safety. But once they accept defeat, she puts on the mask they left behind and goes on her mission. She enters the local hospital to see if Casper’s in the mortuary but cannot find him there. So, she looks through the records to find more details. Eventually, she learns that he has been transferred to Hôpital Saint-Paul from Paris by a special order of the World Defense Coalition. 

Invasion (Season 2) Episode 2 “Chasing Ghosts” Ending Explained:

Does Jamila manage to find Casper?

Trevante’s Discovery

While driving to Oklahoma, Trevante gets stopped by a soldier. He refuses to let him pass by because of safety concerns. Instead, he suggests another route for Trevante to go to. Trevante leaves his sight and later, takes out the old uniform from his bag. He walks through the woods to find some tight security in a neighbourhood. To know what exactly is happening behind these fences, Trevante pretends that he came to join Camp Blanding and infiltrated the facility. Later, he manages to sneak into a room filled with alien forms kept inside glass cylinders, to be monitored. Moments later, the troops barge in with the knowledge he lied to them. They imprison him and take his bag of research away. 

Jamila’s Search

At the WDC shelter, Jamila ends up meeting her old friends. Jamila is certain that Casper managed to communicate with the aliens and got them to stop attacking the Earth. After getting the aliens to read his mind, Casper went into a coma. She also tells them how she dreamt of the red moon before it happened. Darwin (Louis Toghill) and Alf (Cache Vanderpute) cannot believe a word she says. However, since she is going to look for Casper, Alf and Darwin help her find him. Later that night, they sneak into a house to steal a car for their travel. Turns out, Monty and his younger sister, Penny, live at this place and their parents are away on a holiday. While Monty and Alfie start fighting, a helicopter flies above their house, searching for aliens. Penny gets scared for her life and Monty comforts her. Later on, she convinces him to drive their car to Paris to help find Casper.

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