King the Land (Season 1) Episodes 13 & 14: Recap & Ending Explained

King the Land (Season 1) Episodes 13 & 14 Recap

King the Land (Season 1) Episodes 13 & 14: Last week, ‘King the Land’ showed Gu Won and Sa-rang back from the Thailand trip. Won used an unorthodox approach for their 100th-anniversary event. He brought the staff members on the stage instead of wealthy investors. It ruffled some feathers and, in particular, made Hwa-ran furious. She proposed to cut down the budgets to improve their gains. Won opposed that plan.

While that happened in his professional life, Won kept getting increasingly closer to Sa-rang. Sa-rang got invited to the chairman’s house as a part of the Dream Team. Upon reaching there, she heard about the plan to marry Won and Yu-ri. In shock, she ended up breaking one of the plates. Since that episode ended on such a cliffhanger note, let’s see what happens in the newest episode.

*Spoilers Ahead*

King the Land (Season 1) Episodes 13 & 14 Recap:

Episode 13

After Sa-rang (Lim Yoon-a) drops a plate on the floor, Gu Won (Lee Joon-ho) pitches in to help her clean the mess. Since he recognizes the reason behind it, he tells Il-hun (Son Byung-ho) that he loves someone else. Yu-ri (Lee Soo-bin) still believes he will eventually fall out of love and get married to her. On the other hand, Sa-rang’s superior in the dream team scolds her for her mistake. She listens to it without making any retort. Soon after, Won meets her to confirm that he will not be marrying Yu-ri, as his father said. He asks Sa-rang to call him as soon as she leaves work. Because of her mistake, Sa-rang gets assigned to another duty. Over there, she meets Ji-hu (Kim Dong-ha), who freaks her out. Only later, she realizes that Ji-hu is Hwa-ran’s (Kim Sun-young) son.

After dinner, Sa-rang goes home and falls asleep in no time. Won shows up outside her door to meet. Since she does not pick up his calls, he tries to climb over the door. Local cops find him there and consider him a stalker. Within moments, they start crying over their own relationship issues. The next day, Won shows up at King the Land and stays there just to have a word with Sa-rang. But she politely asks him to not wait any longer. Soon after, Won calmly tells obsessive Yu-ri to look for someone else who would truly love her.

Later that evening, Won goes to a restaurant that he visited with Sa-rang. Just when the cook tries to make fun of him, Sa-rang gives him a surprise visit. They clear the air and confirm that they are not breaking up. She talks about the embarrassing way The Dream Team expects them to behave like maids for a wealthy family. He decides to change it once he comes to power. On a King Air flight, Pyeong-hwa (Go Won-hee) argues with newly promoted purser Hwang Mi-na (Seo E-hyun) about profiting from asleep customers. Back at Da-eul’s (Kim Ga-Eun) house, her husband keeps bailing on her even on their anniversary. He says he has to go out for work and, instead, goes to spend time with another woman. Da-eul gets furious and gives him a beating.

At night, Sa-rang and Sang-sik (An Se-ha) show up at the King Hotel to help Won devise a plan to increase their revenue without budget cuts. In a meeting with Il-hun, Hwa-ran shares her plan and impresses everyone. Then, Won talks about an even better plan, where they will connect with other hotels and help them get better sales with their King Hotel’s name. They will get some shares in return, which will increase their numbers significantly. Won also talks about building a brand image that can help them even further. Hearing his plan, Il-hoon decides to promotes him to the president’s role of their business the next month.

King the Land (Season 1) Episodes 13 & 14 Recap
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Later, Il-hun gets Sa-rang away from her King the Land duties to take care of Ji-hu. She accepts it since he does not enforce it on her. Sa-rang plays with Ji-hu and learns that he is lonely. So, she offers him advice on how to make friends. Later, she bumps into Won and tells him about her new duty. He tells her to not do anything against her wishes. While they are having an intimate moment, Ji-hu suddenly walks into the room. Luckily, he does not see the couple almost kissing. While Won drives her back home, Sa-rang tells him to take care of Ji-hu. She is worried he is losing his innocent childhood. While Hwa-rang does not provide him with any warmth, Won swoops in as a caring parent.

After a personal dialogue with the kid, Won suddenly decides to learn more about his mother. He meets Kim Ok-ha (Shin Yun-sook) and asks about his mother’s personal record. We do not learn what the two say, but we see the reaction. Hearing all the truth makes Won emotional. Right after, he calls Sa-rang and makes dinner plans. He shows up at her house for a meal and talks about his mother leaving him at an early age. Sa-rang tries to make him agree to see his mother in person to clear his doubts. While they have this personal conversation, we see someone clicking their pictures from outside.

Episode 14

Turns out, Hwa-ran hired this photographer to malign her step-brother’s image and reclaim her higher position at the King Hotel. She makes these photos public through an article. While Il-hun tries to stop letting them spread further, Hwa-ran doubles down on her attempt to make them viral. The news makes both Won and Sa-rang’s lives difficult. While the staff cannot recognize Sa-rang right away, it does not take them long to realize. Meanwhile, Sang-sik meets Won to reveal Hwa-ran’s plan to get him on her side. At the time, he told Hwa-ran how good of a friend Won is. So, he rejected her lucrative offer.

Pyeong-hwa and Da-eul make attempts to get the article taken down but fail at it. The next day, Sa-rang walks around the hotel among a lot of stares. Su-mi (Kong Ye-ji) thinks Sa-rang wooed a rich prince like Won to reach a higher status. Won arrives there to clarify that he pursued her, not the other way around. Il-hun asks his assistant to get Won’s mother’s name out of the published articles. During a King Air flight, Mi-na asks Ro-woon out on a date. He refuses and says that he is in love with Pyeong-hwa. So, out of spite, Mi-na tells other flight attendants about Pyeong-hwa’s divorce. It leaves Pyeong-hwa deeply embarrassed.

At King the Land, Won arrives to greet Sa-rang’s colleagues and acknowledge their relationship. Il-hun realizes that Hwa-ran got the story of Won’s romance out. Since she made this political move, he removed any connection of her to the business. She calls it a sexist move to choose his son over her. Turns out, she was jealous of being ignored by Il-hun when they were kids. Sa-rang brings Won to Sun-hui’s (Kim Young-ok) house. All her friends flock there to get pictures taken with the wealthy prince. Back in Da-eul’s house, she makes Tae-hwan (Seo Choong-jae) do the chores because of his cheating and lying. Once his parents return, she tells them about it. They side with her, call her ‘heir daughter,’ and scold their biological son for his blunders.

King the Land (Season 1) Episode 14 Ending Explained:

Il-hun invites Sa-rang to have a meal with him. He orders her to go somewhere quiet until the matter settles. Il-hun believes it will make her rethink her relationship with Won. Later, Won meets Sa-rang at their special place and tells her about his month-long work trip. Before leaving, they go to an amusement park that he rented for themselves. They enjoy the night going on scary rides. While Won is initially afraid to get on, he eventually agrees. Finally, the night ends, and they return to their homes. While Won prepares for his work trip, Sa-rang packs her bags without her King the Land uniform.

Sa-rang does not tell Won that she was reappointed to another job in a different town. She meets her past manager Bo-yeon, who is her new colleague. They will be working at the King Tourist Hotel. Sa-rang dejectedly makes peace with the gloomy routine while putting on a brave smile. Pyeong-hwa and Da-eul miss their friend and plan to go meet her. They think Sa-rang is hiding something from them and worry for her. Eventually, Won returns to Seoul after his work trip and enters King the Land’s lobby. But he cannot find Sa-rang and asks Ha-na about it. While she does not reveal it at first, she finally tells the truth about Sa-rang’s reappointment. He realizes that Sa-rang was hiding this from her. While he decides to go help her out, his mother suddenly shows up next to him.

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