Little Women (Season 1), Episodes 3 & 4 Recap & Ending Explained: The K-drama Little Women 2022 takes us through a seminal journey of three sisters hurtling past modern-day obstacles while constantly moving like a steam engine. In the previous episodes, we learn that In-Ju is beginning to discover the fire inside her after her secret friend Jin Hwa-Young leaves behind a large amount of money in cash for her. In-Kyung, the middle sibling, is battling her inner demons while her boss has suspended her. Her colleague is out to belittle her and her reputation but she does not give up.

The youngest sibling In-Hye has finished a portrait of the politician Park Jae-Sang’s daughter Hyo-Rin, which has won a prestigious prize in the school. She decides not to be present to acknowledge the reward but her older sibling In-Kyung happens to glance at a screen on the street through the bus and finds out the family ‘cheated’ In-Hye. While In-Kyung is investigating Park Jae-Sang, this adds more fuel to the suspicions that she has had for some time now. Through Episodes 3 and 4, things radically change for all three siblings re-uniting them in the strangest possible manner when a dark secret rises from the dead.

Little Women (Season 1), Episodes 3 & 4 Recap: 

Episode 3

With a seamless sense of storytelling, the creators intertwine the siblings’ stories and bring forth a heavy-beating drum story to the forefront. The journey continues when In-Ju confronts her boss Director Shin, who meets with a brutal accident. While in shock, In-Ju struggles to help him when he pulls his body out of the crash. When Choi calls her regarding what is happening, he asks if she is okay first. After learning of the crash, he rushes to her aid.

He slowly hints that he knows she has the money and she should keep it since there is nothing to gain for him if he takes it from her. She is stunned. Meanwhile, In-Hye wants to attend Hyo-rin’s party. In-Kyung tries to tell her sister that she must not let the rich walk all over them like a doormat. In-hye leaves for the party and soon discovers that this family is not what she actually wants.

As the story unfolds, the episode reveals that In-Kyung is so desperate that she gets up on a CCTV pole to scream out to In-Hye to return home with her while being wasted. Unbecoming of herself, she screams that she has many regrets but wishes to make up for them. While her intentions meant well, her act came off as brash and rude laced with immense embarrassment for In-Hye. Deeply troubled, In-Hye decides to leave the party and goes home making Hyo-Rin’s parents very tense. Their intentions are about to be fully revealed.

In-Joo, in the meantime, is attempting to navigate her own set of issues. She intends to use this money in a way that would make her feel as though she is experiencing life for the first time. While this feeling is not entirely unfounded, she is concealing a known fact from everyone. A certain flower blooms big and wide when she returns to office. She updates the book after taking a picture of the flower Princess in full bloom just like how Hwa-Young had instructed her. When she does so, she finds a note. Which takes her back to the locker to read the note that Hwa-young had left for In-Joo.

Hwa-young requests that she take the flower to the CEO of the company when it is in full bloom. Just like her, he too is an ‘outcast’. Setting her doubts aside, she takes the bag of money to him seeking advice while being full of fear. When the CEO Wong Sang-woo sees the money, he simply asks her what she would do with it. Shocked at his question, she answers in the most practical manner. He continues to explain to her that the money would never be used for good if she returned it.

Whereas she can do the opposite because her intentions are not like those that are wealthy. Strangely enough, In-Joo now understands no one wants anything to do with this money. Maybe it is hers. Her blessing, her curse, her burden. Choi decides to turn up during their meeting and In-Joo must run away and escape before she is spotted. But the CEO gives her a bunch of ledger books that are separate slush funds. Another piece of information she did not know existed. She escapes through a window and lands safely on the ground. But luck is not in her favor and Choi spots her escape after finding her phone. To her surprise, she finds a very strange ally in Choi. Almost like a serpent preparing to strike.

In-Kyung is tempering a storm that is brewing between her ability to keep her job and her boss losing his temper with her. She must bear the consequences of her actions but she is quick to pinpoint how her colleague was at a party of the wealthy when everyone is not given access. She learned that her sister had seen someone recording her which is what made her leave in the first place. In-Kyung makes impulsive decisions but trusts her instincts and goes ahead with pursuing the case.

In-Kyung continues to investigate the Politician and certain evidence comes to light when she looks very closely into a man’s death. He was smelling something in his hand and his lawyer was this politician. They find out it is the same flower that In-kyung’s friend has saved in his kitchen. A Blue Orchid. In-Joo has gone to Hyo-rin’s mother to discuss the need for money for In-Hye who has informed her that she is leaving for the Boston School of Arts with Hyo-rin. She removes some wads of cash and gives it to the mother. The mother is a little surprised but calmly tells her she is willing to pay for In-Hye’s talent and it is a scholarship. But a particular artwork of In-Hye’s reveals a dark secret. One sister dies.

In-joo goes back home completely numb and finds out that In-Kyung has found the money. On questioning In-Joo she plainly says that she believes that money allows you to live because there is a sister that was born after them both (before In-hye) who collapsed and died because they could afford a hospital. Stunned by this new blast from the past, In-Kyung remains undecided about the money. Whereas, In-Joo wrestles and wants a better life and decides to buy a new home with the help of her Great Aunt. In-Hye decides to steal a doll but is caught by Hyo-Rin’s father.

Episode 4

Things suddenly take a nasty turn in this episode. The siblings meet a tipping point that hits them square in the face quite unexpectedly. In-Joo inspects a flat that her Great Aunt decides to sell to her while In-hye is getting more and more comfortable with Hyo-rin’s house as she spends more time there. It somehow makes both Hyo-rin’s parents suspicious of In-Hye’s siblings and this makes Hyo-rin’s mother do something rather devious after In-Joo shows up with so much cash.

In-hye is requested to make a secret portrait of Hyo-rin’s mother as per her request only after she has smelt the same blue orchid as the others that have passed. Unbeknownst to her, In-kyung is discovering slowly through research that the flower is poisonous and sedates you temporarily to slowly kill you after hallucinating. Slowly, In-Hye’s health deteriorates when In-Hye’s hears voices in her head telling her to run faster. She collapses to the ground and they rush her to a hospital.

The elder siblings have disconnected from each other and In-Kyung has asked the nurse that attended to the man that was the Politician’s client. She confirms that he did smell a flower exactly like the one In-Kyung has stored safely away. When In-joo and In-Kyung receive news about In-Hye they both rush to the hospital. Things suddenly do not feel the same as they both discover that In-Hye has a heart disease that is hereditary. She requires a pacemaker to be installed immediately. This changes everything and the money that In-Joo has may now be completely used for this purpose only.

Little Women (K-Drama) Season 1 Epiosodes 3 4 Recap Ending Explained (2)

Little Women (Season 1), Episode 4 Ending, Explained:

The elder siblings debate heavily about how the money is being used while having to deal with their sister in hospital. Quick decisions are necessary. In-Joo faces a dire situation when Hyo-Rin’s mother Wong-Sang-a’s aide Go Su-im finds the bag of money and the video of Hwa-Young stashing the cash in the same havasack that is lying in the locker. This puts her in serious cross-hairs with the Park-Sae Foundation and In-Joo tries her best to try and crack a deal.

But Go almost beats In-joo into submission severely injuring her until Choi stops her. Wong-sang-a is shocked to learn of this behavior and walks in at the last minute. She takes In-Joo to the same restaurant that Hwa-young had taken her and in the same heels as well. Suddenly, In-joo has a flashback. Wong-sang-a confesses that she knew Hwa-young quite well. In-joo is quick to connect that this other person that Hwa-young sat with was this lady.

Suddenly, many things make sense. Director Shin had bought the shoes for her. And she loved it so much, that she bought it for Hwa-young. But Wong-sang-a did not like Hwa-young’s attitude. She makes In-joo an offer to help pay for the child’s treatment if In-joo works for her as an assistant. After much debate, In-joo says yes only to receive a call from In-Kyung that In-hye has had another episode.

On returning to the hospital, In-Hye demands to speak to their mother and suddenly they discover that a child had died who was their own sister. The child’s name was In-Seon. Their mother had confessed this truth to her before when In-hye was only a child. Somehow, the flower revived a memory that was so old. Almost hidden deep in In-hye’s memory. This brings the siblings back together to unite against the mother when they realize she has no money because their father is back at gambling.

When Hyo-rin’s parents decide to pay for In-Hye’s treatment, In-Kyung and In-joo debate about why it should happen. In-Kyung storms off to quickly return with their Great-Aunt, who makes it known that she knew Park Jae-Sang’s father and would go inspect land when she wanted to buy some. This puts Jae-Sang in his place and In-Hye’s treatment is paid for immediately in one go. When In-Kyung discovers that the flower came from an address that her informant had given her, In-Joo discovers with Choi’s help that Hwa-young lived as her in Singapore for three years. In-Joo suddenly recollects signing papers in English. It was to transfer the 70 million won across different accounts and give In-Joo another life.


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