Love, Simon Review [2018]: Everyone Deserves A Great Love Story

Speaking directly to the heart and emanating a sense of warmth from the first frame to the last, Love, Simon is an affectionately crafted, gleefully narrated & wonderfully performed teenage romance that approaches its subject with delicate care, and is absolutely honest in its depiction.

The story concerns a high-school kid who is gay but has kept his identity a secret from his friends & family. But his life turns upside down when another kid finds out about his secret after coming across his chats with an anonymous classmate he’s been talking to & fallen in love with, and starts blackmailing him.

Directed by Greg Berlanti, there is a beauty & tenderness to how he handles the plot & addresses the themes. Love, Simon is all about the crushing weight that’s ever present when you keep your own definition a secret and the assurance felt when people you love & care about most embrace you for who you truly are.

By properly introducing the characters and establishing the relation dynamics, in addition to sincerely capturing the high-school atmosphere, the film makes it real easy for the viewers to relate to the protagonist’s dilemma & invest in his journey. It’s also fresh, funny & fascinating, all without trying too hard and that’s always a plus.

There is a comfort in the warmth it radiates, an understanding of the difficulties of coming out or putting yourself out there, and a genuine feel in every emotion it evokes, plus it’s narrated with such sweetness & honesty that every viewer will find something they can relate to. It’s a winning formula that only few examples of its genre ever manage to get right.

Further livening up the experience are its lively set pieces, excellent camerawork, vibrant colour palette, swift pace, tight editing and refreshing score & songs but what really makes it soar is Nick Robinson’s emotionally resonant performance as he articulates his character’s feelings with such finesse & authenticity that it just tugs the heartstring. The Love, Simon cast is top-notch, for the remaining actors are no slouch in their given roles and play their interesting characters with nothing held back.

On an overall scale, Love, Simon is an awe-inspiring, life-affirming & endlessly charming delight for anyone & everyone. A sweet, endearing & heartwarming crowd-pleaser with a timeless premise that’s brought to life with passion & intimacy, Love, Simon is one of the best films of 2018 that’s destined to become a genre classic in the years to come. Deeply affecting, thoroughly captivating, wholly satisfying, and hopefully setting a precedent for more inclusion, this first major Hollywood studio financed gay teenage romance comes highly recommended.



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