After Endgame, Marvel has been looking to expand its wings, mostly because people are losing interest in their movies. So, the latest addition to Sony’s Spider-Man Universe, “Madame Web,” has sparked considerable intrigue among fans and critics alike. Not because it is one of the best movies in the franchise, but quite the opposite.

Directed by S. J. Clarkson and starring Dakota Johnson in the titular role, this 2024 superhero film delves into the origin story of Cassie Webb as she navigates her past while endeavoring to safeguard the futures of three young women from the clutches of Ezekiel Sims, portrayed by Tahar Rahim. Produced by Columbia Pictures and Di Bonaventura Pictures in collaboration with Marvel Entertainment and TSG Entertainment, “Madame Web” unfolds as a suspenseful thriller set within a standalone universe, marked by a grounded and gritty approach distinct from conventional superhero narratives.

The inception of “Madame Web” dates back to September 2019, when Sony embarked on the development of a film centered around the character, with screenwriters Matt Sazama and Burk Sharpless tasked with crafting the script. Director S. J. Clarkson, making her feature film directorial debut, joined the project in May 2020, setting the stage for a meticulous exploration of Cassie Webb’s journey. The casting of Dakota Johnson as the eponymous character in early 2022 marked a significant milestone, followed by subsequent additions to the ensemble, including Sydney Sweeney, Celeste O’Connor, and Isabela Merced in pivotal roles. Filming commenced in mid-July 2022, spanning across Massachusetts, with notable locales such as Boston and New York City serving as backdrop for the narrative’s unfolding. Amidst anticipation, the revelation of Clarkson and Claire Parker’s involvement as writers in November 2023 hinted at the intricate storytelling awaiting audiences.

Now that the movie has been allowed to go live to the audiences, the reactions to the film are less than favorable. However, people who have been visiting the movie have had many questions crop up in their minds, apart from that ending. In the following article, we will take a look at those questions and answer them to the best of our abilities,

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What is the movie about?

“Madam Web” follows the journey of Cassie, a paramedic in Queens, New York, who discovers she has the ability to see into the future after a near-death experience. As she grapples with her newfound powers, she becomes entangled in a dangerous game with Ezekiel, a former colleague who has also gained similar abilities. Recognizing a threat to three young women, Julia, Anya, and Mattie, Cassie takes it upon herself to protect them from Ezekiel’s malevolent intentions.

With the help of her co-worker Ben, Cassie learns more about her mother’s past and the origins of her abilities. Determined to stop Ezekiel and protect the young women, Cassie embarks on a journey to Peru, seeking guidance from the indigenous tribe that once saved her mother.

As the confrontation with Ezekiel intensifies, Cassie must tap into the depths of her powers and confront her own destiny. In a climactic showdown at a firework factory, Cassie ultimately fulfills her role in defeating Ezekiel, sacrificing her sight and mobility in the process.

Despite her physical limitations, Cassie remains resolute in her mission to guide and mentor the young women, knowing that her connection to the Web of Life gives her a unique perspective on the future.

Is Madam Web a villain or a hero?

Madam Web is a character who exists in a gray area between heroism and villainy. Initially portrayed as a clairvoyant with the ability to view the future, she has aided Spider-Man on numerous occasions with her psychic powers. However, her mysterious nature and sometimes antagonistic demeanor have led to doubts about her true intentions. Despite this ambiguity, Madam Web has ultimately aligned herself with the forces of good, as evidenced by her assistance to Spider-Man and her passing on her powers to Julia Carpenter, who takes on the role of Madam Web in modern stories. While her actions may not always conform to traditional heroic standards, her overall impact leans towards the side of heroism.

How is Madam Web related to Spider-Man?

The connection between Spider-Man and Madame Web is deeply intertwined within the intricate web of the Spider-Man cinematic universe. While Madame Web is a standalone film set in its own continuity, it subtly hints at the future existence of Spider-Man through references to key characters such as Ben Parker, the father figure of Peter Parker, and allusions to Peter’s eventual birth. The film suggests a timeline where Spider-Man’s origin story is yet to unfold, with implications that events depicted could influence his future path as a superhero.

Despite existing independently, Madame Web still exists within the broader Spider-Man multiverse, which includes other films like Venom and Morbius. While not directly connected to other Spider-Man movies, Madame Web shares thematic and narrative elements that suggest a potential for future crossover or connectivity within the larger Spider-Man cinematic universe.

Who is the bad guy in Madame Web?

In the movie Madame Web, the character Ezekiel Sims serves as the antagonist, a departure from his role as a mentor and ally to Peter Parker in Marvel Comics. Unlike his comic counterpart, who possesses secret knowledge about Spider-Man’s true identity and the nature of the Spider-Verse, the film version of Ezekiel takes on a more villainous persona.

Ezekiel’s portrayal in the movie introduces elements of mysticism and age manipulation. He is depicted as a mysterious figure with fluctuating age, occasionally appearing much older, resembling his comic book appearance. This age discrepancy hints at possible immortality or the ability to siphon youth from others.

Despite his villainous nature, Ezekiel still exhibits Spider-Man-like abilities, such as sticking to walls, adding complexity to his character. His interactions with Madame Web’s mother in the past suggest a deeper connection to the film’s narrative and potentially to the broader Spider-Verse concept.

Spider-Man vs Madame Web: Who is stronger?

Madame Web possesses knowledge and abilities that differ from Spider-Man’s physical strength. While Spider-Man is known for his physical prowess, Madame Web’s strength lies in her clairvoyance and wisdom. In terms of physical power, Spider-Man may have the upper hand, but Madame Web’s insight and foresight provide her with a unique form of strength that complements Spider-Man’s abilities. Therefore, comparing their strengths directly may not be straightforward, as they excel in different aspects.

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Will there be a Madame Web 2?

While a sequel to “Madame Web” hasn’t been officially greenlit, Dakota Johnson has expressed interest in returning if asked. Despite mixed reviews, the film’s box office performance could influence the decision. Sony’s expansion of Spider-Man adjacent movies with upcoming releases like Kraven the Hunter and Venom 3 suggests potential for further exploration in the Spider-Verse. Director S.J. Clarkson has hinted at future adventures for the three young Spider-Women, whether in a “Madame Web 2” or their own spinoff.

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