May I Help You (Season 1), Episodes 11 & 12: Here’s bringing you up to speed with the ongoing K-drama ‘May I Help You.’ In the previous episodes, we see that Tae Hee’s girlfriend of, Chung Ha reappears in his life and wants him to take her back. This acts as a wedge between Tae Hee and Dong Ju and discourages him from accepting his feelings for Dong Ju. Meanwhile, Hae mysteriously visits the hospital to see the truck driver who Hae had saved after the truck hit Joon Ho. Another case of the dead arises, which requires Dong Ju to attend a woman’s wedding under the pretense of being her friend, and Tae Hee accompanies her as her make-believe boyfriend. However, at the wedding, he realizes that he is in love with Dong Ju and decides to confess it to her.


May I Help You (Season 1), Episodes 11 & 12 Recap

Episode 11 When The Fall Comes

Episode 11 starts with a mushy scene where Tae Hee confesses his adoration for Dong Ju and apologizes for lying before. Thus starts the beginning of a giddy romance and a very committed relationship between the two. Several instances follow where Tae Hee expresses his love for Dong Ju and makes the audience ” aww.” On the other hand, Vincent and Father are unaware and are still vouching for the couple to fall in love. Well, they find out soon enough and are ecstatic about the union. Alternatively, Tae Hee and Hae cross paths multiple times, and Tae Hee acts guilty as he is dating Dong Ju, with who Hae was supposedly in love. 

May I Help You (Season 1) Episode 11&12

One day, Chung Ha’s mother spots the newly-in-love couple on the streets and confronts her daughter about it, which leads to Chung Ha falling off the edge and saying mean things to her mother like- ‘Let’s not see each other until we die. Next thing we know, Chung Ha’s mother dies and is brought to Dong Ju’s funeral home. When she meets Dong Ju in the powder room, she asks her to ‘return’ Tae Hee to her daughter as he rightly belongs to her. Dong Ju tells her that they both like each other and this won’t be possible. However, she does ask Tae Hee to visit the hospital for the memorial, which he does. Towards the end, Chung Ha visits her mother in the graveyard and finally makes her peace.

Tae Hee’s grandmother makes a visit to the house as Joon Ho’s death anniversary is nearing and accidentally crashes into Dong Ju. The next day, Dong Ju, Tae Hee, and his grandmother go for a walk in the park. During a conversation, Dong Ju figures that the young boy she had met on the first day of her service as the Funeral director is Tae Hee’s younger brother. She is shocked at the news and flees the scene leaving Tae Hee confused.

Episode 12 ‘Meeting You’

Hae’s trajectory develops fast, and a lot of revelations come to light in these two episodes. Hae-an comes to the house of ‘A Dime a Job,’ stumbles upon some old photographs of Tae Hee and Joon Ho and figures that Joon Ho was Tae Hee’s brother. In a flashback, we also find out that the truck driver who hit Joon Ho was his brother, which is why Hae saved him over Joon Ho. We also get to know that the truck driver was drunk, which would eventually incriminate him. Now, things are more clear as to why Hae is disturbed. Perhaps, even more so now since he got to know who Joon Ho is.


Soon after fleeing the scene with Tae Hee’s grandmother, Dong Ju meets him and tells him the truth. She returns the ring that she found at the Bongsu market and apologizes for running away from Joon Ho. She also mentions that Joon Ho had mentioned a police officer present at the crime scene and laments that if he had found the ring, it would have been delivered to Tae Hee sooner. Tae Hee is curious about the police officer being present since this wasn’t reported in the original investigation. At a personal level, he starts asking around him about the same. 

Tae Hee is also visited by his parents. He admits to Dong Ju that he thinks he doesn’t want to feel anything anymore but is willing to make an effort now. He joins his parents when they go to meet Joon Ho on his death anniversary, signaling that he is trying to change. Later, he also meets Hae and tells him about his relationship with Dong Ju- he accepts that they are in love and apologizes to Hae an if he is hurt. Hae gracefully accepts the news, probably because he is more worried about the next turn of events when Tae Hee figures that Hae was the officer who saved a drunk driver over his kid brother.  

May I Help You (Season 1), Episode 12 Ending, Explained

May I Help You (Season 1) Episodes 11&12

As we reach the climax of this pair of episodes, the drama begins to tie a lot of loose knots and close several open issues. While the mystery of Hae and his relationship with the truck driver is made clear, now the question is how this revelation is going to be perceived by Tae Hee.


On Dong Ju’s front, she solves a death case of a murder-suicide, where a mother (also her co-worker) frustrated with poverty murders her teenage daughter and also kills herself after. Dong Ju had met the zesty and pleasant girl before and was pained to see her in the powder room. The child had the wish to be a pop star, so Dong Ju uploaded a dancing video of her online that she had recorded for the girl a few days before the incident. In doing so, she makes her dream come partially true as the video goes viral and is viewed by hundreds of people. Quite weirdly, though, the mother doesn’t come to life when Dong Ju touches her. Dong Ju shares this incident with the Father, and he tells her maybe the mother wasn’t worthy of meeting Dong Ju for the last wish since she had committed a grave crime.

Alternatively, Tae Hee meets one of the officers who tells him that he is handling Joon Ho’s case and that the truck driver is still in the hospital trying to recover. The tension is built further as the officer uses the words ‘bastard’ for the driver since he clearly drunk driving, which led to a child’s death. Tae Hee contemplates the news in his mind and thinks about who could be the police officer who did not report and chose not to help his brother. With several questions playing in his mind, he visits the hospital to see the driver. Shockingly, he is met by Hae-an in the waiting room.


What do you think will happen next? Will Tae Hee forgive Hae for helping the drunk criminal as opposed to a young, innocent kid? Come back here to find out next week. 



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