May I Help You (Season 1), Episodes 13 & 14: The penultimate pair of episodes of ‘May I Help You’ are here, and the plot could not have gotten more exciting. As the story inches towards the climax, a lot of open threads start to close in light of new revelations and proofs. But before we proceed to analyze the latest episodes, let’s bring you up to date with what happened last week. Dong Ju and Tae Hee start dating, and Chung Ha finally finds her peace and takes a back seat after her mother’s passing. We also find out that the drunk truck driver was Hae An’s older brother, and Hae An personally finds out that the dead kid who his brother killed was Tae Hee’s younger brother.


Episode 13:

Towards the end of the last episode, Tae Hee receives a phone call from the investigating officer of Joon Ho’s case that Seo Young Chul- the drunk driver, has finally woken up from a coma. Tae Hee decides to see him in the hospital, and that’s where he is shocked to see Hae An. The surging emotions and pent-up anger hold Tae Hee from forgiving Hae An on behalf of his brother. However, he does tell Hae An that the dead child was his own. Hae An reciprocates with a confused expression despite already knowing the truth. There is clearly something fishy brewing in his head. A few days pass, and Hae An profusely apologizes to Tae Hee and Vincent for the accident before vacating his house, which is on the premises of the ‘A Dime A Job’ office. Later, Tae Hee brings him back home as a gesture that he has forgiven him.

The funeral house receives another client, which is baby Park Seo Ha- Il Seob’s (Team Leader) ex-girlfriend’s baby. Il Seob is shattered but takes to sending off the baby gracefully despite the brawl with the girlfriend’s father. In the end, the father makes peace with Il Seob, and that chapter ends. Alternatively, So Ra is finally successful in winning Il Seob’s heart by sending him a pair of baby mittens for the child. He agrees to go on a coffee date with her.

Hae An’s story occupies a large part of this episode, where he visits the past multiple times. One moving memory is him in his childhood with his mother, where he is telling her that he will grow up to become a police officer to save her from all the mean men in her life (meaning his father, who harassed her emotionally and physically). Hae An repeatedly gets flashbacks of the night when the accident happened. After one such ordeal when he was in the office, he found the investigation reports and proceeded to delete the camera footage that captured what happened on Bongsu Market street when Joon Ho was killed.

Very soon after, Hae An receives the news that Seo Young Chul (his brother) is dead. The body is carried to the Eonju funeral home (where Dong Ju worked), and Tae Hee comes to meet Dong Ju so he can know what she will tell him when she meets him in his afterlife. Dong Ju is pretty confident that she won’t meet him since the criminals do not get the last wish- that happened with the mother in the last episode, who killed her child and committed suicide herself. But contrary to what she thought, Young Chul comes to life upon her touch, which strengthens her doubt that he is not the actual killer. However, despite her repeated questioning, Young Chul maintained that he was the killer.

Episode 14:

Even though Seo Young Chul insists that he is the killer- Dong Ju is sure that he is not, and she plans to investigate the case on her own. For the same, she meets Mi Young (Young Chul’s girlfriend). Upon talking to her, she finds out that Young Chul had sent her a picture to Mi Young just before the accident. She receives that picture from Mi Young where a part of the car was visible, and when she matches it to the car in real life, she realizes that Young Chul was in the passenger seat and not driving that night. Mi Young also told her that Mi Young gave the photo to Hae An as important evident proof, but the police did not accept that for no apparent reason. That further confirms Dong Ju’s doubt that what was told wasn’t the whole truth and that Hae An was hiding something.

May I Help You Season 1 Episodes 13 14 Recap (1)

Hae An gets another flashback- the final and most accurate one. On the night of the accident, Hae An had just graduated from the police academy as valedictorian, and he was out celebrating with his brother. Both of them were drunk when Young Chul wanted to drive back, Hae An tried to stop him, but when Young Chul challenged his ego, he decided to drive himself.

It was he who killed Joon Ho.

After the truck hit the child, Hae An acted hastily before the camera could spot him (it was a 360-degree rotating camera). He quickly pulled Young Chul to the driver’s seat, took the memory card from the inside camera in the truck and ran away, and did not even stop to the pleading cries of Joon Ho. What a twist! When we thought he just helped his drunk brother over the kid. This is a bigger revelation than could have been anticipated.


In light of the last flashback, we know that Tae Hee is the real killer, and he framed his brother in order to save his career and also his life. That is also the reason why he is acting all cryptic around Dong Ju and Tae Hee. However, he is also super prudent and questions everything around him as he knows that the case is not yet closed. When Dong Ju brings cigarettes for Young Chul’s memorial (as part of Young Chul’s last wish), Hae An questions how she knew his favorite brand. He is also disapproving of Mi Young talking to Dong Ju as he fears that she might tell her that the last picture (which could have been a strong evidence point) was rejected by Hae An under a false pretext.

But regardless, Dong Ju finds out, and she also tells Tae Hee. Tae Hee also starts investigating at his end by meeting the officer in charge of the case. Tae Hee asks for the missing footage to be rearranged, and the police officer helps him do that. Tae Hee further tells the officer about the photo and asks him why it was rejected as evidence which caught the officer by surprise. The photo had never been brought to the police’s notice. Tae Hee then meets Hae An and asks him to help with the investigation by sharing the case reports, but he doesn’t tell him about the photo. Maybe Tae Hee is testing him by gauging his reaction; maybe he genuinely asked for help. Anyway, the conversation makes Hae An very uncomfortable, and he gets all flustered.

Towards the end, the officer in charge of the Joon Ho case finds the footage and calls Tae Hee to look at it. It clearly shows a black figure running away from the crime scene into a lane. Now Tae Hee knows that the actual killer is someone else. On the other hand, Hae An is already suspicious of Dong Ju getting to the end of the mystery. On top of that, he overhears Dong Ju confessing to the Father in the church about the proceedings of the case and that she is certain that Young Chul wasn’t the killer. Later in the night, when Dong Ju returns home, she finds a drunk Hae An waiting on the stairs. He asks her how she knew Young Chul’s favorite cigarette brand. Wary and scared of being exposed, Hae An loses his temper and tries to strangle Dong Ju in the exact same manner that her father had killed her mother. The episode ends as Dong Ju cries for help.

Will Dong Ju live or die? Will Hae An be exposed and sentenced, or will he live a free life? Watch this space for the final answers next week.


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