Fashion changes so quickly that a man’s clothing never gets a chance to wear itself out. The same can’t be said about the Mission Impossible films. There was a time when it felt like these films would lose their charm, but then came Ghost Protocol, and things started lighting up. Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation maintains the high in a fashionable way, but there are a few things here and there that make you think that the people behind the production are playing it too safe. The stakes are always high, and what they have churned up in the name of Rogue Nation is immensely pleasing to the eye but also extremely at places.

Rouge Nation tries to sum up the entire MI series, which starts when Alan Hunley (Alec Baldwin) makes the case that IMF was reckless since Hunt broke into Langley on Hunley’s watch to steal the NOC lists. Rogue Nation is a treat for the long-earned fans of the franchise. Tom Cruise is still an action star and will possibly be the same for at least a dozen more years. The film is an explosive entry to the franchise. Boosted with high-octane stunts, the film shows the clash of a few secretive agencies dealing with their own personal secrets. The central conflict is quite strong, and it deals with the psyche of the agents’. The film moves around these secretive organizations that like being secret, and once they notice that someone inside has gone Rogue, a killing spree ensues. 

“There are ups and lows of being the fifth film of an installment, and Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation proves that yet again.”

After watching the MI films now and again, I have come to the conclusion that I would definitely love the Mission Impossible films more if they had their heart in the right place. The films have come to a point where even the characters have accepted the fact that Ethan Hunt is indestructible. He can breathe underwater for more than 3 minutes, have a car crash of a lifetime, and still pick himself up and ride his bike like a fucking maniac. I mean, I know he is a trained agent, but then again, even James Bond gets his balls sacked once and again.

What I want to say here is the lack of character development. I know it’s the 5th film and character development is really off-question, but I want to see Ethan Hunt’s character maturing, both mentally and emotionally. All I see now is a pre-set robot performing death-defying stunts within the flash of an eye. What I want to see is something entirely different. I know making comparisons is odorous, but what I loved about Ghost Protocol the most, other than the Burj Khalifa scene, was the introduction of a few interesting characters. While Alec Baldwin & Rebecca Ferguson‘s addition is a plus, the same can’t be said about the bad guy. He speaks in a hoarse accent which ruins the entirety of a good scene. There are also visible jump cuts and shaky cameras during the fistfights, which are totally off-putting.

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However, what I loved the most about Rogue Nation is the proper throwbacks to almost everything essential in the franchise. The bike chase sequence will remind you of MI2 & the facial changes of the first one. Simon Pegg lights up the tense moments, and so does Renner. But the real hero here is Rebecca Ferguson. The ambiguity surrounding her loyalty acts like a double sword for Ethan. Such ambiguity does help in fleshing out the character of Rebecca and puts her in a position that equals Ethan Hunt. I jizzed my pants a little as she slide her gown to the left, exposing her fit body, looking for a proper shot at her to-be victim. Possibly the most badass female character in the whole franchise.

There are ups and downs to being the fifth film of an installment, and Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation proves that yet again. The film changes locations like a 6-year-old kid looking for his favorite cartoon on the television. But there is enough charisma in its stars and enough stylized adrenaline-pumping action to make you choose the mission. 


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