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Money Heist Season 5 (Volume 2) Review: Stays True to It’s Essence and Provides a Memorable Last Ride

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Money Heist: Season 5 Volume 2 exceeded expectations and will go down as one of the good series finales of recent times as it provided fans a memorable one last ride. Given the bond that I had formed with the show’s characters and La Casa de Papel itself, I did not skip the introductory credits as My Life is Going On played. Furthermore, the end credits rolled out with me staring at the screen without knowing if there would be a post-credits scene. This may be a sign of how powerful the show and the climax were.

In August, we knew that the gang had been within the bank for over 100 hours and the army was coming. It took a heartbreaking moment to get fans to tune into the final stretch. Fans didn’t like the previous final stretch and the lack of popularity did result in its cancellation. Of course, this time around, they ensured that no character was sacrificed (how many more could they eliminate?) in case they ever decide to milk this show by taking it forward. However, Money Heist will go down as a show with an ending so pristine that bringing it back may be criminal in the eyes of the fans, who would prefer prequel spinoffs.

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Ahead of Money Heist: Season 5 Volume 2, the biggest questions were: Would they survive? Would they lose everything (it was a possibility)? Would they have a happy ending? In providing these answers, the show stayed true to its essence, showing the world the bonds of family and team, always doing the right thing, looking at the bigger picture, and believing in the importance of planning and the power of illusions.


The ending is so simple and yet so scary if one decided to analyze it away from reel life. 

Money Heist Season 5: Volume 2 began with her voice, we were so glad to hear it and may have been expecting Tokyo to just pop up. But no, our worst fears were confirmed as Ursula Corbero‘s character was obliterated along with the despicable Gandia as well as the army soldiers.

Rain dominated the opening few scenes of the final season of Money Heist. It was a depiction of the somber mood following the shocking events of Episode 5. The rain also served as a backdrop for change. Writers pushed El Professor (Alvaro Morte) and caused him to go against his character, thereby signaling another thing fans may have been expecting- Rain bringing about the change. The downpour even served as an enhancer to let the crew bare their feelings.

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The rain, also, in the eyes of some viewers, may have appeared as the sign of the impending climax. It just feels poetic and the remainder of the season, too, was just that. Besides serving as a mise en scene enhancing tool, the rain helped drive focus to the sharp mind of Sergio Marquina. Why is he someone who plans everything down to the finest detail? 

Fans of La Casa de Papel get answers. They also get more of the delightful Pedro Alonso. The flashbacks continue and let us know why El Professor and Berlin got involved in such sophisticated heists. And yes, things that were hinted at in the three months that we were left hanging, do come to life.

Akin to most shows, one would say that though the ending was a positive and memorable one, some characters didn’t get their due in the final five and a half hours. Characters like Helsinki and Pamplona were largely in the background. Palermo did get his due, but that was primarily because of the flashbacks. The rest of the crew (Lisbon, Marseille, Manila, Rio, Bogota, Denver, and Stockholm) within the bank do get their moments to shine at some point in the final five episodes. But we wanted more, well that would have been the case even if there had been 10 fresh episodes.

Money Heist Season 5 Volume 2_arranz

No one’s complaining about the lack of episodes. We would have absolutely loved a few more. But perhaps the writers finally assumed that there’s only a certain limit as to how many plans, contingency plans, and contingency plans of contingency plans one man can concoct and remain believable. However, the reason Money Heist managed to hit us so hard is that with just 5 episodes, it ensured that the audience knew that the end was near. Hence, they were hooked onto every single second of the show. 

Loyalists of the series get fan service as the gang breaks out into a rendition of one of the most popular songs of the show. We get to see more of El Professor’s twists and turns that drive everyone crazy and lead his enemies on a wild goose chase, quite literally. And we get to see the law enforcement tear their hair in frustration as they realize that Sergio Marquina has hit them with yet another smokescreen. The sight of Berlin, in itself, is fan service as he made it back because of his heroics at the previous Money Heist finale.

Money Heist Season 5 Volume 2 had everything one could hope for from a finale. Emotions. Check. Drama. Check. Gut-wrenching moments to shake you. Check. The astounding leap of joy that your hearts will take as you remember that El Professor always has a card up his sleeve. Check.

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The show’s final scene reminded me of both Dunkirk as well as Gravity. In both these films, the intense ride throughout gave way to the protagonists letting themselves know that all was well and calm after moments of intensity. The image of El Professor staring out the window (and smiling as he doesn’t have to keep planning) as the warm sunlight basks his face was an ode to the end of a journey, as he had accomplished his biggest mission. It was poetic as the sunset on his life as a thief.

Unfortunately, Money Heist may not have immediate re-watch value as the twists may not hit as hard. Hence, please do cherish this on your first watch.


Money Heist: Season 5 (Volume 2) is now streaming on Netflix


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