Movies like A Family Affair: “A Family Affair” on Netflix primarily revolves around three characters – a self-obsessed male superstar, his 24-year-old personal assistant, and her award-winning-writer mother. It follows Zara Harwood (Joey King) getting frustrated at her job as a personal assistant for Chris Cole (Zac Efron), tending to his unreasonable demands. Years ago, she began working with an ambition to rise the ladder and have a career in the industry. But that doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. While she works on her clashes with Chris, he shows up at her house and hits it off with her widowed mother, Brooke (Nicole Kidman).

Besides King, Kidman, and Efron, Richard LaGravenese’s “A Family Affair” stars Kathy Bates and Liza Koshy as Brooke & Zara’s close companions. Through a string of comic situations, the film offers a light-hearted, breezy ride through their conflicts. Whether it is about being a celebrity, a film executive, or a mother, Carrie Solomon’s screenplay brings a lot of warmth while portraying her characters and their likely mistakes. If you enjoyed this sweet Netflix rom-com and are looking for something similar, no need to worry.  Here are 6 movies to watch if you like “A Family Affair” on Netflix:

1. The Idea of You (2024)

The Idea of You (2024)

Recently released “The Idea of You” follows a divorced mother, Solene (Anne Hathaway), as she falls for a young pop star, Hayes (Nicholas Galitzine). Even though their feelings are pure and earnest, the world doesn’t treat the couple kindly. It leads to a lot of difficulties in their personal lives and affects their mental health. Besides, it impacts those around her, including her teenage daughter, Izzy (Ella Rubin). Hayes’ obsessive fanbase makes it hard for her to lead a normal life with him.

As seen in “A Family Affair,” Michael Showalter’s film follows the story of an age-gap romance. However, unlike the light-hearted nature of the Netflix film, “The Idea of You” covers more grave aspects of a woman’s quest for love and how she is taken for granted by those around her. It also follows the relationship between a mother and a daughter affected by a publicized relationship. Besides romance, it explores the themes of female pleasure or satisfaction that mainstream love stories often don’t explore.

2. Notting Hill (1999)

movies like A Family Affair Notting Hill (1999) 

Julia Roberts & Hugh Grant starrer “Notting Hill” follows a romance between a famous actress, Anna (Roberts), and a bookseller, Will (Grant). One day, she happens to walk into his bookshop in London, which leads them to fall for each other. As with any other romance, their story also goes through a fair share of problems. Whether it has to do with their social or financial differences, they both bond over their interest in literature and keep crossing paths due to their undeniable mutual love & attraction.

Like “A Family Affair,” Roger Michell’s “Notting Hill” also follows a complicated relationship between a nobody and a celebrity and explores its inescapable consequences. Be it the fear of invasion by paparazzi in their personal space or the lack of social life, the 1999 film addresses these issues through its charming romance. It also sheds light on the topic of agency over individual choices for its female character as she leads a path of her choosing. More than anything else, Roberts and Grant are reasons enough for you to watch this film.

3. Marry Me (2022)

Marry Me (2022)

In “Marry Me,” Jennifer Lopez plays Kat Valdez, a superstar who decides to marry a stranger, Charlie (Owen Wilson), after she learns about her bridegroom’s infidelity. In the past, she had three high-profile marriages. So, she decides to end her relationship with her then-boyfriend to tie knots with a math teacher holding a “Marry Me” card. As dreamy and fantastical as it sounds, she takes this decision to lead a life beyond the glitz and glamour and to experience love in a way unlike she did before.

Based on Bobby Crosby’s eponymous novel, John Rogers, Tami Sagher, & Harper Dill’s screenplay paints a fine picture of a long-known superstar’s struggles to find not just a partner but a loving relationship. It discusses themes such as fame and celebrity gossip to show a female character being in charge of her romance. Lopez and Wilson offer fine performances to make us feel their love for one another. So, in case you liked “A Family Affair,” you might want to check out Lopez’s “Marry Me.”

4. Cha Cha Real Smooth (2022)

movies like A Family Affair Cha Cha Real Smooth (2022) 

Cooper Raiff’s brilliant “Cha Cha Real Smooth” follows 22-year-old Andrew (Raiff) as a recent graduate who moves back to his hometown. While working on some temporary gigs, he meets a 32-year-old single mother, Domino (Dakota Johnson), and falls for her. During the time they spend together, he becomes friends with Domino’s daughter, Lola (Vanessa Burghardt), and helps her deal with some of her emotional issues. While trying to get his life on track, he learns some valuable lessons about love, friendship, and resilience.

“Cha Cha Real Smooth” also explores the possibility of an age-gap romance like Netflix’s “A Family Affair.” While placing it in a coming-of-age narrative, it portrays the arc of romance with the necessary depth and compassion. It is warm, fuzzy, and incredibly charming. Besides, it portrays its single mother’s character while staying away from the usual cliches. Backed by affecting performances by Raiff, Johnson, and Burghardt, this Sundance hit is an adorable film that will put a smile on your face.

5. I Could Never Be Your Woman (2007)

I Could Never Be Your Woman (2007)

Written & directed by Amy Heckerling, “I Could Never Be Your Woman” follows a single, recently divorced screenwriter, Rosie (Michelle Pfeiffer), as she crosses paths with Adam (Paul Rudd), a young, bright actor during the discussions for her new TV show. After staying away from a relationship, Rosie decides to give it a chance with Adam. They try to understand what they mean to each other. Meanwhile, her daughter, Izzie (Saoirse Ronan), falls for a boy in her class. So, the film explores the complications in their life as they simultaneously begin to find love.

Like Kidman’s character in “A Family Affair,” Pfeiffer’s character in “I Could Never Be Your Woman” follows the messy path to finding love & being in a relationship for women their age. It tackles the subject of motherhood and ambition in the life of a successful woman who didn’t give her individual pleasure enough of a chance. Filled with the infectious energy of Paul Rudd, a comedic flair, and skilled performances by Pfeiffer and Ronan, this romantic dramedy is worth checking out if you liked Netflix’s “A Family Affair.”

6. Two Weeks Notice (2002)

movies like A Family Affair Two Weeks Notice (2002)

Besides the central love story between Kidman & Efron’s characters, “A Family Affair” is also about a young, ambitious female professional working for years to achieve her goal of being a higher-level executive. That’s why Zara accepts a job as a personal assistant for self-obsessed and demanding Chris. Similarly, “Two Weeks Notice” follows a highly qualified lawyer, Lucy (Sandra Bullock), who starts working for a narcissistic real estate developer, George (Hugh Grant), to help save a community center.

Like Efron’s character, George is also an exceptionally needy person who starts to depend on Lucy for almost every single decision in his life. Although their relationship ends on a different note than Zara & Chris’, they also present a dynamic chemistry between these two opposite-gender professionals while learning to improve upon their working relationship. Besides that, with Bullock and Grant’s comedic turns, it becomes an absolute delight to watch.

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