With Episode 0 from last week focusing on Sylphie, or “Fitz,” Episode 1 Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation Season 2 turns its attention to our main protagonist, Rudeus Grayrat, who is still down in the dumps following Eris’s abrupt departure at the end of Season 1.

This depression affects his demeanour considerably, and is obvious right from the moment Rudeus first appears on screen. Dealing with the absence of Eris is something he has trouble handling, and in many ways, he reverts to his old self, the one before reincarnating in Japan. But moving forward no matter what life throws at you is a core theme of the series, established when he got a second chance at life through reincarnating, and this is evident by the end of the episode.

Episode 1 also introduces an adventuring party which will likely form the supporting cast for this story arc, whom Rudeus temporarily joins. All of this makes for a strong first (technically second) episode this season, and it will be exciting to see where it goes from here.

Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation (Season 2) Episode 1 “The Depressed Magician” Recap:

In a snowy area, a band of caravans are traveling through it with Rudeus being one of the passengers, quiet and sullen, not saying a word. Noticing his demeanour, another passenger named Suzanne, an adventurer, tries to engage him in conversation but Rudeus’s responses are brief and unintentionally rude, angering Suzanne’s companion and fellow adventurer Sara. She does calm down when Rudeus reveals that he is searching for his mother, Zenith, following the mana disaster, and he sees the similarities between her and Eris. Not giving up, Suzanne keeps talking to him, educating him on their destination and its surrounding countries briefly.

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Once they reach their destination, Rudeus secures himself a room at an inn, and is moping in his room with a lock of Eris’s hair, but realizes he should be searching for Zenith and goes to the local adventurer’s guild. Over there, he disbands his party Dead End which he had formed with Eris and Ruijerd and tries to take a dangerous quest by himself, only to be persuaded by Suzanne to join their party, Counter Arrow, and do the quest together instead. Suzanne also notes that his expression is of one who does not care if he dies, and Rudeus realizes that while her reasoning for teaming up is sound, she is acting out of pity. They agree to meet the next day at the city gates.

Introducing himself the next day, Rudeus cannot quite bring himself to shake hands with Suzanne, who also introduces herself, followed by the rest of the party and their roles. Rudeus is, of course, still a mage. Suzanne is the vice – captain and leader, Sara is the archer, Timothy is the leader and specializes in attack magic, and there are a few other members who also introduce themselves. Voicing her displeasure with Rudeus’s presence, Sara is chided by Suzanne, who says that she has to learn how to cooperate with others, especially in the event that she has to work with others outside their party. Rudeus notes to himself that he is being used to teach Sara a lesson on cooperation, which is fine by him.

Later, at their camp, the party goes over their strategy and Rudeus tries to voice suggestions regarding his own role, but is shot down by Sara every time. Suzanne scolds her this time, telling her not to make things awkward right before the quest, and Sara apologizes.

A still from Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation Season 2, Episode 1
A still from Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation Season 2, Episode 1

Standing by himself a little further from the camp, Rudeus is joined by Timothy who apologizes for Sara’s behaviour. He explains that while she is a good person, she can be a little big-headed. Rudeus smiles a little, seemingly reminded of Eris again, and Timothy changes the subject to Rudeus’s magic skills, specifically his voiceless incantations, and how he must be quite a mage. Rudeus, though, is depressed again and speaks about how the power cannot help bring back those who he has lost, and walks away.

Acting as scouts, Sara and Suzanne see twenty bear-like monsters sleeping at the bottom of the hill, and Timothy launches a ranged fire based magical attack, while Rudeus traps the approaching bears with his earth magic. The others have let their guard down, thinking there is no need for melee combat in this fight, but Rudeus puts his ear to the ground, seemingly listening for something while the others are confused by his behaviour.

Suddenly, black bear-like monsters called black grizzlies appear, covered in mud to presumably mask their approach and not be affected by the fire attacks. Timothy orders a full retreat, but Rudeus stays rooted to the spot, having given up and is about to be killed by a grizzly when Suzanne moves in to block the attack. She volunteers to hold them off while the others escape, but it is already too late as they have all been surrounded.

Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation (Season 2) Episode 1 “The Depressed Magician” Ending, Explained:

What causes Rudeus to snap out of his depression?

Counter Arrow decides to put up a united front and fight, and as the battle rages around a still frozen Rudeus, he wonders why they are not running away, why their actions are stirring his heart, and why he feels so euphoric. He then realizes that he has already known the answer to those questions for a long time, and regains his will to live having watched the Counter Arrow members fight and struggle to survive.

Reassuring a tired Sara and an injured Suzanne, Rudeus asks them to leave everything to him. He walks towards the horde of monsters, and summons a massive fireball with his staff, and launches it at them from a distance. All the monsters are killed as the sun rises in the background.

A short amount of time passes, and they are skinning the monsters. Suzanne thanks Rudeus for saving them as they would be dead without his intervention. In turn, Rudeus thanks her for inviting him, and finally shakes her hand. Sara also thanks him.

Back at the guild, they receive a less than warm welcome from other local adventurers due to being outsiders but Timothy turns that around in an instant by offering to buy drinks for everyone. Suzanne introduces the party to them and singles out Rudeus, causing him to laugh in joy as he is accepted by Counter Arrow.

In his room later that night, Rudeus is by himself and with his “treasure” (Roxy’s panties) he emotionally declares that he still has a lot to live for, and that he had forgotten what it was like to live earnestly. A montage of the important people to him – his family, Ruijerd, Roxy and Sylphie – plays, and Rudeus remembers he is not alone. He also reminds himself that his life used to be far worse in his previous life, and he throws Eris’s lock of hair into the fireplace, burning it. He then prays to Roxy to light his way ahead as the episode ends.  

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