In episode 8 of My Happy Marriage (Season 1), Kiyoko and Miyo face challenges as they build their new life together. Kiyoko is concerned about Miyo’s nightmares, which he believes may be linked to her Usuba family heritage. Meanwhile, Arata, a mysterious man from the Ministry, seems to be taking Kiyoko’s help while having sinister plans for the couple. In the episode’s shocking ending, Arata threatens Miyo’s life. Amidst the unfolding chaos, alliances are tested, secrets are brought to light, and the true intentions of certain characters are coming to light.

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My Happy Marriage (Season 1), Episode 8 “Nightmares and Ominous Shadows” Recap:

The episode opens with Kiyoko giving us more information about the grave. It is a burial ground for the gift users, and vengeful spirits are sealed away here. If the seal were broken, the entire imperial capital would be at risk. Kiyoko’s colleague thinks aloud as to the purpose of the seal being opened. Kiyoko believes in His Highness Takaihito, who is a better judge of these things than they are. His colleague informs him that Takaihito thinks his powers could be steadier, and they might know the reasons once he ascends the throne. While walking, they meet Kazushi Tatsuishi, and Kiyoko comments about his choice of formal wear while meeting the emperor. Kazushi tells him that military officers have uniforms, and since he is not one, he does not have to follow any rules; the only rules he needs to mind are those of the emperor. Okaito, Kiyoko and Tatsuishi meet Takaihito.

Kazushi introduces himself as the new head of the Tatsuishi and apologizes for the trouble his family has caused him. Takaihito tells him it is alright, as it probably was hard for him as well. Kazushi continues and tells him that he would take guidance from Kudo to erase the tarnish his family has caused. Takaihito tells him that he and his father, the emperor, had forgiven the family but asks him to keep his word. Okaito feels the urgency to know more about who had unsealed the grave and wants more revelations from Takaihito. He has a vision and tells them that a grave danger is approaching, and they all have to be careful. If they are unprepared, many people may lose their lives. Kiyoko believes that the threat is already on its way to the Imperial Capital. Takaihito tells them they will be informed if he sees any more visions. They all thank him and are leaving, but Takaihito stops Kiyoko.

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Takaihito asks him about his engagement and tells him that Miyo is interesting, but things will be difficult for him. Kiyoko asks if he has seen a revelation through his vision, but Takaihito does not answer. Kiyoko tells him that he will be mindful of things and leaves. Miyo is practicing hard to learn to be like a lady and preparing for the party with the help of Hazuki. Hazuki tells her that since Miyo had little experience in terms of socializing, they would focus on working on that as a priority. Hazuki tells a fun story about Kiyoko to make her laugh and tells her that while socializing, that should be her natural laugh and smile. She teaches her how to walk in a dress, which is different from walking in a Kimono. She also teaches her the table manners for a Western setting, like eating with a knife and fork. Miyo is in awe of Hazuki as she looks up to her as a fine lady. She is happy she is learning many things from her, making her suitable for being with Kiyoko.

My Happy Marriage (Season 1), Episode 8
A still from My Happy Marriage (Season 1), Episode 8

Kiyoko is distracted as he knows Takaihito knows what will happen to Miyo, but Kiyoko doesn’t know how to help her. He looks at the file he had received about Shinichi’s first wife and how she was related to the Usuba family. Kiyoko knew that the Usuba family was considered a threat among all the magic families. They could see people’s memories, read their minds, and enter their dreams when asleep. Kiyoko wonders if Miyo is linked to someone from the Usuba family, as she has consistent nightmares. Kiyoko leaves work early and promises his colleague he will be back soon. Miyo thanks Hazuki for all the help, and Hazuki is more than happy to help her. She requests Miyo not to be formal and use “Miss” while talking to her as she is one of their own now. She asks her if she doesn’t mind calling her sister and being able to rely on her for anything. Miyo thinks of the word “sister” and is triggered by the trauma of how Kaya would call her sister and asks her if calling Hazuki is okay and she is thrilled. She leaves for the day. Miyo wants to be part of Kudo’s family but is left wondering if she knows what family means.

Kiyoko meets with Iwashimizu to find out if he has any leads about the Usuba family. He tells him that he had searched in every way, but there was no record of the family except for some rumors, and the only person who had used that last name was Sumi Usuba. Kiyoko knew Sumi Usuba to be Miyo’s mother but also knew that people could keep things a secret but couldn’t erase a person’s existence. He asks Iwashimizu to get any information on Sumi and search the entire capital for it. Kiyoko sees Miyo having nightmares and is determined to discover the truth. Miyo had come a long way in learning how to be a lady. Hazuki suggests they go to town and test it out but asks Miyo to tell her if she was ever stressed or felt the training was too much. Hazuki is angered as Kiyoko had chosen work over Miyo, but Miyo tells her that he was working hard at his job and she was doing the same with her.

Arata from the Ministry visits Kiyoko. Arata tells him that a group of people were found collapsed near the grave, but their intentions for unsealing the grave were unknown. Kiyoko is curious as to why the Ministry is sharing Intel with him. Arata tells him that the Ministry is short-staffed in handling the situation. Kiyoko asks him why he is doing this since the Ministry does not employ him, and Arata tells him he is a negotiator. Arata brings him his engagement and tells him he is envious of him as it’s not easy to find someone to settle down with. Kiyoko agrees to help the Ministry. Okaito has found one of the people who had collapsed and assumes he is cursed. He asks Takaihito to do his best to lift the curse after Takaihito tells him that he has the skill to do it on the living and not on the dead. Takaihito finds the curse strong and overwhelming for him to handle.

My Happy Marriage (Season 1), Episode 8 “Nightmares and Ominous Shadows” Ending, Explained:

Is Arata the Threat to Miyo’s Life?

Kiyoko finds the area near the grave extremely quiet, which worries him. They see the skeletal beings surrounding them. Kiyoko attacks the beings with fire, while Miyo has a nightmare of being in a dark place with water and being grabbed by one of the skeletal beings. After Kiyoko attacks, Miyo wakes up sobbing. Arata is talking to someone about it being the time for the awakening while touching a cherry blossom tree. Miyo is taken to town for training, and Yurie and Hazuki are with her. Hazuki takes Miyo back home as she is looking pale. On the way back, Miyo faints, but someone holds her, and she assumes it’s Kiyoko. She opens her eyes to see Arata. He calls her “My dear Miyo” while holding her.

There is a hint that Arata might be linked to the Usuba family, especially in the last scene of the episode when he calls Miyo “My Dear.” The unsealing of the grave may also have been Arata’s doing, and the emperor is surely involved in this, as we saw a couple of episodes earlier. Miyo’s life is in danger, especially if she can be manipulated by light, sound, and dreams. Just before Miyo faints, we hear a loud ringing, and the next thing you know, Arata is holding her. If Kiyoko’s understanding of the Usuba family is true, Arata has all the qualities of a Usuba. Many forces are trying to keep Kiyoko and Miyo away, but now that Miyo is around Arata, will Kiyoko be able to save Miyo? Will Hazuki show her abilities if she has any to help Kiyoko?

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