Community Squad (Season 1) is a series that entertains you with its funny yet insignificant characters and their trivial task in society. What makes its humor work is the absurdity in the characters and the dialogue. The community squad is making the job of the cops easier or working to create a positive image of the cops. Is it working? Clearly no. It is not working, as the employees selected to be in the Urban Guard are themselves in need of help. So, at best, they look to be in a rehabilitation center rather than a team at service of the citizens. Towards the end, you will notice that the Urban Squad helps crack a threatening drug chain because of Felipe’s persistence (Santiago Korovsky).

Community Squad (Season 1) Recap:

Community Squad is an Argentinian show that focuses on urban guards. The urban guards are supposed to protect society from harm. In any case, the civilians know that these urban guards are used as a distraction when the actual protectors of the society and community still remain to be police officers. The urban squad only employs minority community members to boast of diversity and inclusion.

The series actually starts with Felipe, who is clumsy, unable to make his own decisions, and fearful. When he and his girlfriend are at a shop deciding to purchase a mattress, he is thinking of something else. And when a masked group with fake guns enters the shop, he grows anxious and attempts to run. His girlfriend notices this drama and instantly decides to quit the relationship.

Felipe needs a break which his father and employer offer him. That, too a paid break. But Felipe, negligent that he is, his backpack is stolen by a thief. And that is where he comes across the Urban Guard Diego. Diego takes him to the office, considering he will receive some help to get the backpack back. But Felipe ends up enrolling in the Urban Guard unit.
In an attempt to inform a civilian that he has parked the van on the wrong side, Felipe and Diego meet an unexpected situation where Diego is shot and left in a coma. The series shows us how sensationalist journalist tries to uncover the truth behind the Urban Squad, and they receive backlash. Thereafter, the Urban Squad patrols a fair on sustainability, where Felipe and Sofia (Pilar Gamboa) get hold of a drug dealer.

The drug dealers consider this a situation that needs to be handled with care, so they execute the drug dealer. While Felipe is still discovering clues, a new member enters the squad as a replacement for Diego. He is a man of Julio (commissioner and deputy security chief of Palermo). The investigation continues. But you have no idea, or you don’t feel that an investigation is going on. The Community Squad series doesn’t make it a serious thriller at all. It just safely takes you through the investigation.

Noticing that the urban squad is a danger and the unit needs to be stopped, Julio plans a rave party, and in it, all the squad members are drugged. He manages to do so, and the unit is therefore announced closed. But no truth goes hidden. The truth about Julio through the investigations of Felipe is revealed to the Squad. And the Urban Squad comes to Felipe’s rescue, and they are not just victorious but also manage to revive the Squad.

Community Squad (Season 1) Review:

The Urban Squad is satirically focused on truth and justice. But their every attempt is a failure. The series is comedic from start to finish. You would want to watch more of this fun. The humor in the series is well-defined. It is never too much or never too little. The action sequences are equally pleasurable and fascinating. The romance in the series tries to give a sincere love angle. Alongside its statement on inclusion and diversity, the series is evidently noting the point that serious issues like drug mafias can be uncovered through the disguise.

Community Squad (Season 1) Ending, Explained:

Does Felipe manage to get any lead on the secret investigation on the shooter of Diego?
Although Felipe is not someone who looks to be intelligent and capable of cracking a drug chain of this sort. He does keep at it. He constantly tries to solve the case with the clues he finds, all for the sake of Diego. In the beginning, when he escaped the situation where Diego was shot, Felipe wanted to quit the squad. However, he waits back for the sake of Diego. Felipe isn’t focused particularly on finding the one who shot Diego. He is just casually trying to understand the case. Felipe isn’t ambitious. He knows his task is to find out and take it to the police.

Community Squad Season 1

Without even noticing that even the police, especially Julio, are involved in this. Felipe reveals that he found drugs in the doll he found at the godown when he was with Diego. Julio takes the opportunity to hide his dark secret and takes Felipe along with him to the toy shop. But to his surprise, he isn’t able to do what he pleases. Felipe may not get the shooter of Diego, but he manages to crack the case. He manages to take the police to the drug dealers and get them busted.

Diego is the only witness; will he survive or recover from his vegetative state?

According to the doctors and the nurse taking care of Diego, there is a lot of chance that Diego can recover if positive vibes surround him. And Diego is lucky to have Felipe, who regularly visits and shares about the various happenings of the day. Felipe considers the beep of the machines to be the response of Diego. Diego being the only witness of the conversation and being the only person who saw the dealers in the discussion, is under threat and can be executed. But since he was in a vegetative state, he was left free.

The moment the news of recovery was spread, the drug dealers wanted him to be killed. Diego is finally back to life but isn’t able to communicate. Playing dumb charades, he communicates his best and lets the squad know that Felipe is in danger around Julio. The squad also realizes that the doctor who enters the room to administer medicine to Diego is not a doctor at all but someone who came to execute him. The squad is at last in their armor and ready to prove themselves as a team that stays together under all circumstances.

Why does Julio visit the toy store very often?

Julio visits the toy store very often because he is running a drug racket. The toys become the vessel in which the drug is transported from one place to another. But one day, the workers decide to steal some toys and, along with it, the drugs, which aggravates Julio and the team. The discussion between them is eavesdropped on by Felipe and Diego. Or did they? Innocent that they are, Felipe and Diego didn’t even realize that there was a discussion on drugs happening at the time. Even when Felipe was investigating who the shooter was, he didn’t know that it was a case of drugs.

When he learned that the doll had drugs, he hinted that the deal was about drugs. Julio was the master of it all. Nevertheless, he is caught and has nowhere to go. He, therefore, hides in a hotel room disguised. But Chang Cho and China drug dealing leaders discover him sooner and execute him. Julio ends up dead, robbed of all the drugs he might have owned and all the money he might have made from the drugs.

Were the Urban Guards of any use?

At the start of the series, you would say no. They were of no use at all. They are also behaving in that manner. They look helpless and need help themselves. How would they be of any use to anyone? They go to the older generation offering help, and they, in turn, receive pity and are helped. They are mocked and laughed at and do not really seem to be of any utility. The makers of the series seem to bring home the point that they, too, have a purpose in the world whether we try to impose the purpose onto them or not.

The Urban Guards turn out to be very beneficial in bursting the drug racket. Under the disguise, they were able to crack a case that, for a long time, the police couldn’t make head or tail of. Urban Guards, therefore, were of utmost importance as they worked as a team. They were different from each other, but they were united, knew each other, and enjoyed each other’s company.

The Community Squad series sheds light on how we can approach such communal issues in a friendly and nuanced manner. It also encourages the minority to come forward and feel part of the bigger family that may either welcome or drive you away.

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