“My Lady Jane” is a retelling of the story of Lady Jane the Grey—the nine-day Queen. In the real tale, Lady Jane is beheaded, but in this series, we see a story where Jane survives more than nine days as a Queen. It is a story that imagines Queen Jane’s reign if she had not been killed. This series is based on Cynthia Hand, Jodi Meadows, and Brodi Ashton’s books, which is a retelling of Lady Jane’s history.

In the series, Jane is suddenly named the Queen after the alleged death of her cousin King Edward. Unprepared for the position, Lady Jane is met with many obstacles, especially because of her opposition to the division laws, which puts her in a weak spot in her court. Lady Jane’s troubles continue when she discovers the truth about her husband, and she fights to protect him at all costs.

This article contains spoilers.

My Lady Jane (Season 1) Episode 1 “Who’ll Be The Next In Line?” Recap:

The series kicks off with a comedic narration of the real story of Lady Jane Grey. The late Tudor King Henry VIII didn’t treat his wives well. After his death, instead of his half-sisters getting the throne, it was given to Lady Jane the Grey after she was married forcefully. The reign of the new Queen only lasted for nine days as Lady Jane was branded a traitor and was beheaded. In this series we see the retelling of this story. The story begins with Lady Jane gossiping with her servants and telling them that she doesn’t want to marry and wants to publish her book about herbs.

Unfortunately for Lady Jane, when her father died, he didn’t leave anything for his family because he didn’t have a male heir. Instead, all the wealth was given to the rude Duke of Leicester. Since the family is dependent on the Duke of Leicester, Lady Jane’s mother is awfully nice to him. Unlike her family, Lady Jane is vocal about her opinions and starts to yell when the Duke of Leicester talks about Lady Jane’s marriage to Guildford Dudley. It doesn’t help much since Lady Jane’s mother is on board and reminds Lady Jane that she is of pure blood, cousin to the King, and marrying Lady Jane off to Guildford Dudley will help her family.

Lady Jane’s escape

That night, Lady Jane takes a drastic step and decides to flee and calls on her maid, Susannah, to run away with her. However, Susannah reminds Lady Jane about Ethians that are out there but Lady Jane is determined to leave. Convinced, Susannah agrees to flee with Lady Jane. However, they don’t reach far when the guards, along with Lady Jane’s mother, catch them. In an attempt to escape, Susannah apologizes to Lady Jane and turns into a hawk. In this world, some people can turn into various animals at any given time, and they are called Ethians.

The next day, Lady Frances Grey (Lady Jane’s mother) goes on a boat to meet Lord Dudley. Hearing the news, Lady Jane follows and tries her best to convince Lord Dudley to call off the wedding since Lady Jane is not interested in marrying his son. However, Lord Dudley and Lady Frances don’t pay attention to Lady Jane’s needs and carry on with the wedding plan. Outside, Lady Jane sees a royal man (Lady Jane’s husband-to-be) acting rude and teasing young kids. The two get off on the wrong foot, and Lady Jane is a lot more determined to call off the wedding after meeting Guildford Dudley.

Edward’s Health Crisis and Lady Jane’s Aid

In an attempt to stop her wedding Lady Jane meets her cousin King Edward to ask him to do something to stop the marriage. However, King Edward disappoints Lady Jane as he has already approved of the marriage and tells Lady Jane that it is the real world and they need to do what is expected of them. Meanwhile, King Edward’s half-sisters come to visit him, giving him a piece of pie. As soon as King Edward eats it, he starts to cough since he has the affliction (a disease). Luckily, Lady Jane’s knowledge of herbal medicines helps King Edward.

Since King Edward’s health is deteriorating, Lord Seymour (one of the King’s advisors) suggests King Edward choose the next in succession of the throne and recommends that his half-sister Mary take the throne. However, Lord Dudley joins in and recommends Lady Jane to take the throne, knowing well it will work in Lord Dudley’s favor since his son will be marrying Lady Jane. Listening to the advice of both Lord Seymour and Lord Dudley, King Edward makes an informed decision. But nobody knows who he has chosen to take the throne in his untimely death.

Is King Edward’s life in danger?

Meanwhile, Lady Jane runs away again and enters a tavern filled with an enthusiastic and entertaining crowd. Amongst all the people, Lady Jane’s lustful eye falls on a young man, and they interact. As they form a love-hate relationship, two Ethians enter the tavern, immediately followed by soldiers. The Ethian in question, “Archer,” turns into a bear and fights the soldiers. The young man takes Lady Jane to a safer space in the tavern, and Susannah comes in to warn Archer to make a move as more soldiers are coming in. Recognizing Susannah, Lady Jane comes out. Still, the soldiers capture everyone, including Lady Jane. As Lady Jane is about to be dunked in the well, Lady Frances saves Lady Jane.

My Lady Jane (Season 1) Recap & Ending Explained
A still from “My Lady Jane” (Season 1)

At the palace, Kind Edward has a loyal pet dog that does not allow King Edward to eat anything given by Lord Seymour. Once everyone is out of the room, the dog turns into a woman. She is an Ethian and tells King Edward that his great grandmother sent her and warns King Edward that he is being poisoned and he does not have the affliction. Meanwhile, King Edward also realizes he may be gay since he is not attracted to the naked woman in front of him. At the same time Lord Seymour is having an affair with Mary and helping her to become the Queen.

Lady Jane’s final attempt to escape marriage

One of Lady Jane’s sisters, Margaret, plays pranks using fake blood. Watching this, Lady Jane has an idea. Without making a fuss, Lady Jane is dressed for her wedding. In the church, Lady Jane sees the rude man, but it turns out the real Guildford Dudley is the man from the tavern. The wedding ceremony begins, and as Lady Jane is about to speak, blood oozes out of her mouth, and she faints. However, Guildford Dudley watches her with a smirk, and Lady Jane does not try to hide her intentions.

My Lady Jane (Season 1) Episode 2 “Wild Thing” Recap:

The episode continues as Guildford waits for Jane to be treated by the doctor. Unfortunately for Jane, Dr.Butt’s methods scare her, and she says that she is absolutely fine and the doctor has cured her. With no other choice left, Jane and Guildford get married. After the marriage ceremony, the guests are partying and most of them are excited for the bedding ceremony. Meanwhile, at the palace the Ethian woman helps King Edward in planning what to do with the person who is poisoning King Edward.

It is the time for the bedding ceremony, and the guests gather in Guildford’s bedroom. Lord Dudley asks Guildford to make sure he consummates the marriage, and Lady Frances gives Jane bizarre tips for having sex. Suddenly, both Jane and Guildford are pushed onto the bed and covered in bedsheets. Inside the covers, Jane is confused as to why nobody is leaving and Guildford asks her to play with his feet so the guests leave. Doing as Guildford advises helps as the guests start to leave. That night, Guildford struggles to say something to Jane, but she loses patience and accidentally locks herself in the dressing room.

Honeymoon with a Hitch: Jane discovers Guildford’s secret

Meanwhile, Guildford’s brother and Lady Frances have sex, and Guildford’s brother accidentally reveals that the Dudleys are broke. In the dressing room Jane hears someone and assumes it is Guildford and starts calling out. But a maid opens the door and tells Jane that Guildford has a bed by the stables. Arriving at the stables, Jane watches Guildford taking a shower. Suddenly, Guildford asks Jane to get back inside, but she does not listen, and Jane watches him turn into a horse.

While Jane is still in shock Lord Dudley arrives and informs Jane that Guildford and she will be going on a honeymoon somewhere far away. Angered, Jane tells Lord Dudley that she cannot be married. But Lord Dudley brings her back to reality as both their families will be killed for hiding the fact that Guildford is an Ethian. There is a slight problem with Guildford that Jane learns: unlike other Ethians, Guildford cannot change as he pleases. He is a horse by day and a man by night.

King Edward in peril: A race against time to identify the poisoner

Meanwhile, King Edward disguises himself as a common man and enters the market with the Ethian woman to find out about the source of the poison. Luckily, they stumble upon a flower girl, and the Ethian woman brings the poison to King Edward. The flower girl says the person she sold it to was wearing a weird eye ring. It is the same ring that Lord Seymour is wearing, but King Edward does not know that yet.

As Jane thinks about a way to escape, Guildford’s brother Stan brings a gift from King Edward. There is a secret note inside asking Jane to meet him at their usual spot. Assuming King Edward will stop her marriage, Jane rushes to him but realizes King Edward is preoccupied with understanding the use of the poison. Unfortunately, King Edward learns that the poison induced in him is deadly and the worst sort of poison.

Guildford and Jane make a deal

At the palace, King Edward tells his men to find the person who has attempted to assassinate him. Meanwhile, Lord Dudley sends Stan to fetch King Edwards’s will, but Stan does not find it and rushes to give the news to Lady Frances. Now, Lady Frances is worried that the will is stolen by someone, which means she and the Dudley family are in trouble.

Meanwhile, on the way to the honeymoon location, Jane asks the guards to leave. As they do, an Ethian man tries to rob Jane, but as Jane opens the chest, it only has books. Luckily the guards arrive in time and continue on their journey. Once they reach the place, Guildford asks Jane to read the books to help him cure of being an Ethian. In exchange, once he is healed, they can get divorced. Motivated by the aspect of finding independence, Jane agrees, but their chemistry is palpable.

At the palace, Lord Seymour and Mary frame Lord Dudley for poisoning King Edward, and he is sent to the tower to be locked up. But as Mary gets close to King Edward, he sees the ring with the eye and realizes it is Mary who tried to kill him. However, before King Edward can say anything, Mary sprays something, and the next thing King Edward knows is that he is in an isolated room. When King Edward realizes the implications, he looks for the Ethian girl, but she is missing, and Mary is at the door. With only one way out, King Edward jumps out the high window. As Mary and Lord Seymour enter, they see King Edward’s coat in the water and rejoice, knowing King Edward is dead.

My Lady Jane (Season 1) Episode 3 “With A Girl Like You” Recap:

A still from My Lady Jane (Season 1)
A still from “My Lady Jane” (Season 1)

The episode continues with Jane busy researching a cure for Guildford. After nine failed attempts, it is time to try once again. This time, Jane uses an incantation to cure Guildford and feels hopeful when the sun starts to shine, and Guildford has not turned into a horse. However, the hope is short-lived as Guildford turns into a horse again. As Jane strolls around the ancestral home, she finds a ransom note, and she rushes in to ask the maid for gold.

Meanwhile, Lord Dudley is locked up in prison and asks to see his son Stan when the guard tells Lord Dudley about the rumor that the King may be dead. Now, Lord Seymour is worried as Mary wants to reveal King Edwards’s death, but Lord Seymour knows the will is stolen. To make it easier for Mary to sit on the throne, Lord Seymour asks two of his guards to kill Jane and Guildford. In the prison, Lord Dudley asks Stan to bring a believable alibi, and he rushes to meet Lady Frances.

Who does Katherine marry?

As Stan arrives to meet Lady Frances, he realizes there is a wedding, and it is between the Duke of Leicester and Katherine (Jane’s sister). At the ancestral home, Jane shows the ransom letter to Guildford who refuses to give any money since they are broke. Jane decides to take some silverware to help Susannah and asks Guildford to either help her or stay out of her way.

At the palace, Mary lies to the ministers in court that King Edward is dead and has named her the heir to the throne. However, one of the officers refuses to accept it without seeing the body and reading the will. The shrewd Mary offers the man a castle, and he keeps quiet. Meanwhile, Jane is alone in the woods at night and Guildford decides to help her after all.

Did Susannah betray Jane?

At the prison, Lord Seymour has asked one of the Ethians to write a fake will that he can present at the council, and after his job is done, he kills the man. As Jane and Guildford make their way to the Ethian camp, Jane opens up to Guildford and says when her father passed away, the family was broken, and Susannah was the only one who cared about Jane.

Close to the Ethian campsite, Jane and Guildford watch Susannah talking to two other Ethians, saying Jane will surely arrive. As soon as the two Ethians leave, Jane barges inside Susannah’s tent and confronts her. Not bothered by Jane’s anger, Susannah says she never tried to betray her. But the Ethians are suffering, and they steal to survive. At the same time, they don’t harm anyone. Susannah and Jane make amends as Jane learns about Susannah’s cruel past.

Who is the heir to the throne?

Suddenly, there is a commotion outside, and the trio rushes out to find two men killing an Ethian. It turns out the two men are the guards sent by Lord Seymour. The guards reveal that they have been given an order to kill Jane and Guildford. Jane and Guildford fight the guards, and they run away. The duel makes Jane and Guildford get close, and they start to kiss. The lovemaking continues to the bedroom. Amidst the passion, Jane asks for a divorce, disappointing Guildford.

Meanwhile, Margaret cannot stand the fact that Katherine is married to the Duke of Leicester and decides to take matters into her own hands. When no one is around, Margaret suffocates the Duke of Leicester to death. At the ancestral home, Guildford comes back to check on Jane. He reveals that the first time he changed it was after his mother had been murdered.

In a shocking turn of events, it turns out Bess had stolen King Edwards will to safeguard it. Elsewhere in the palace, Lord Seymour is about to reveal the contents of the fake will. Just in time, the Ethian girl (King Edwards’s dog) brings the will and drops it in front of Charles, and he reveals that the new heir to the throne is Lady Jane. As Jane is busy thinking of Guildford, the servants arrive with the news of King Edward’s death and names Lady Jane as the Queen. The episode ends with the servant saying, “Long live Queen Jane.”

My Lady Jane (Season 1) Episode 4 “Bluebird Is Dead” Recap:

The episode continues with Jane’s shock about King Edwards’s death and Jane becoming the Queen. Both Jane and Guildford reach the palace, and Jane is immediately given the crown. The shock and grief make Jane faint, and she is immediately put on the late King Edwards’s bed. Meanwhile, Mary decides to make a move to harm Jane on her own. As soon as Jane wakes up after her fainting spell, she is met with Charles, who informs Queen Jane about King Edward’s poisoning.

A still from “My Lady Jane” (Season 1)

At the council meeting, Jane asks Lord Dudley to explain himself, and Lord Dudley pleads not guilty. However, Lord Seymour says he has a witness, a cook who saw Lord Dudley poison King Edward. With a lead, Queen Jane questions the cook, but her story does not match the incidents. Moreover, the cook constantly looks at Lord Seymour for guidance. When Queen Jane asks the cook why she is lying, she runs away. It turns out she is an Ethan, and the guards kill her.

Mary tries to spy on Queen Jane

Now, Mary is working on her own and she finds a locked Ethian to change into an animal and spy on Queen Jane. To make her plans work, she uses Bess and asks her to take the box with an Ethian in it to Queen Jane. Meanwhile, Rupert (Equine Guildford’s caretaker) brings the equine Guildford to the stables but is stopped by Lord Seymour. At first, it seems like Lord Seymour is close to finding out the truth. However, he concludes that Queen Jane had kicked Guildford out of her room, and hence, he is living in the stables. When Bess takes the box to Queen Jane, she invites her to hang out, and the snake from inside the box peeps out. Later, Bess takes the box and walks away.

Outside, Bess releases the snake, and King Edwards’s dog shows herself as the Ethian woman and tells Bess she knows the truth about King Edwards’s death. Meanwhile, Guildford and Jane talk. He asks her if their deal is still on, and Jane says it is, but first, she needs to find King Edwards’s killer. Once Guildford is in his stable, he packs his bags to leave. But Lord Dudley stops him and asks him to stay and make sure Jane names Guildford as King.

Mary’s attempts to kill Queen Jane

As Queen Jane sleeps, she has terrible dreams about Lord Seymour trying to kill her. Now, more than ever, Jane needs answers and she enters Lord Seymour’s cabin looking for clues. Suddenly, Lord Seymour enters, and Jane asks for a list of all the guards by name. However, intentionally, Lord Seymour puts the papers on fire, making it look like an accident. Still, Queen Jane is not bothered, and she invites Lord Seymour to a supper party. At the supper party, Mary tries to put poison in Jane’s drink while her sisters sneak into Lord Seymour’s cabin and steal a book. However, Mary’s plan to kill Jane fails.

Later, Jane and Guildford decode the letters in Lord Seymour’s book and realize Mary and Lord Seymour are having an affair, and in a code, they mention the poison. At the same time, Lord Seymour tells Mary that Queen Jane has removed all the guards near Guildford’s stable, and Mary decides to investigate. Later, Stan almost reveals to Lady Frances that Guildford is an Ethian but stops himself. Lady Frances puts an ultimatum stating Stan needs to uncover the truth if he ever wants to sleep with her again.

It is almost dawn, and Queen Jane leaves the stables and finds Mary walking towards it. However, Queen Jane tries to stop Mary. When she does not listen, Queen Jane shows her the letters, and Mary tries to choke Queen Jane to death. In the stables, Guildford turns into a horse, and Lady Frances witnesses it. The episode ends with a twist: King Edward is alive.

My Lady Jane (Season 1) Episode 5 “I’m Gonna Change the World” Recap:

The episode begins with King Edward waking up and seeing his great-grandmother Margaret Beaufort, who asks Edward to rest as the palace is doing fine. At the palace, Queen Jane wakes up and rushes to the stable and is informed by Rupert that Mary took the letters the previous night. Elsewhere, in one of the Ethian camps, the guards attack the Ethians in the name of Queen Jane even though she has not ordered them to do so. Frantic, Jane confides in Lord Dudley and tells him about Lord Seymour and Mary’s poisoning of King Edward and Mary’s attack on Jane. However, Lord Dudley tries to force Queen Jane to name Guildford her King so her throne becomes stronger.

Meanwhile, Mary continues to plot against Jane and meets Lord Norfolk, requesting his army to assassinate Jane. Norfolk asks to be the Lord Chancellor when she becomes the queen. Seeking answers, a bruised Susannah meets Jane and asks her about the attack on Ethians. However, Jane denies ordering any such thing and takes care of Susannah. Jane hits upon an idea and informs her Counsellors that she is disbanding the Kingsland Guards effective immediately. Outside, as Jane walks with Lord Seymour and Lord Dudley, Jane bumps into Mary, who is about to attack Jane at the mention of Ethians. However, Lord Seymour stops her, and Jane learns that Mary’s father had kicked out Mary’s mother because she was an Ethian. Now Jane knows Mary’s weakness, which is hatred.

What happens to Bess?

Back in her room, Jane decides to invite the Ethians to her coronation ceremony, and Susannah reveals that there is no cure for Ethianism. As Susannah and Jane are conversing, Lady Frances comes to talk to Jane, informs her about what she knows about Guildford, and promises to get them divorced. However, Jane does not want a divorce, and Lady Frances asks if Jane loves Guildford.

Instead of answering, Jane rushes to the stable and tells Guildford that she does not want a divorce, and they have sex. Meanwhile, an Ethian called Fitzy visits King Edward and asks him to fake sickness when nuns arrive and grab the big keys from them and Fitzy will help Edward leave the place. At the palace, King Edwards’s dog, Petunia, asks Bess to join her to meet Margaret Beaufort. Bess leaves a warning letter to Jane before leaving. As Bess arrives at her carriage, Lord Seymour arrests her, stopping her from leaving.

What happens at the coronation?

A still from My Lady Jane (Season 1)
A still from “My Lady Jane” (Season 1)

Later, Margaret Beaufort reveals herself to be an Ethian, and she insists that King Edward is an Ethian as well and will be the first Ethian King. Meanwhile, Lord Seymour becomes friends with young Margret. After spending time with Margret, Lord Seymour visits Mary, and she has decided that Lord Norfolk will be the Lord Chancellor. It is time for the coronation ceremony, and the Ethians have arrived. Queen Jane declares that verity (pure breed) and Ethians need to live harmoniously, which angers Mary.

Despite Queen Jane’s efforts, Mary does not utter a word of treason nor attack Queen Jane. Nevertheless, she does create a scene embarrassing herself in front of the important people of England. During the ceremony, Guildford meets the Ethians and asks if there is a cure, and they all laugh at him. Overhearing the conversation, Queen Jane pulls Guildford outside the hall to tell him there is no cure for Ethianism, and they fight.

As Guildford enters his stable, another Ethian is waiting and tells Guildford that there is a cure and he knows where to find it. After the ceremony, cunning Lord Seymour talks to young Margaret and makes her reveal that Queen Jane was speaking to a flower girl at the market. Alerted by the news, Lord Seymour rushes out, and Queen Jane brings the guards to arrest Lord Seymour and Mary. When the guards enter Mary’s room, she is gone. In the last scene, we see Mary and Lord Seymour on a carriage headed somewhere.

My Lady Jane (Season 1) Episode 6 “I Feel Free” Recap:

The episode begins with Queen Jane ordering her counselors to find Mary at any cost. At that very moment, a woman comes with a bow and arrow and tries to kill Queen Jane, but Archer saves her. Meanwhile, Margaret Beaufort is trying her best to bring out the beast in King Edward. Sadly for Queen Jane, she is informed that the court has fled. In retaliation, Queen Jane hosts a tournament for all the counselors and Lords, so they are forced to stay in the palace until their armies arrive.

The next thing Jane wants to do is to tell Guildford about Mary. However, when she arrives at the stables, she is informed by Rupert that Guildford is gone to find a cure for Ethianism, and he apologizes for it. Meanwhile, Edward manages to escape his room and meets with Fitzy, who helps him escape in exchange for some gold or money. As they begin to move, a nun catches them, and Edward fights her and rescues Fitzy. At the palace, Katherine sends love notes to a young man.

Archer vs Lord Norfolk

The day of the tournament has arrived but it starts to rain heavily. Getting creative, Queen Jane holds a bowling tournament indoors, and everybody seems to be enjoying their time. However, Queen Jane needs to make sure the Verity and Ethians interact, and Jane asks Archer and Lord Norfolk to team up. Things get heated up when Lord Norfolk goes against Archer with a bet that if he wins, the Division Law will remain, and if Archer wins, the Division Law gets abolished. The bowling games begin. In the end, Archer wins; the noblemen and noblewomen learn that Archer is royalty. Later, Katherine has a make-out session with the young man who she learns later from Lady Frances is William Seymour – Lord Seymour’s son.

Can Queen Jane rally an army against Mary?

Amidst all the chaos, Scrope proposes to Queen Jane. When she reminds him that she is married, Scrope points out that Guildford has left and will not be coming back. The bad news is that Lady Frances gave Scrope the authority to propose to Jane. Infuriated, Janes confronts her mother and reveals information about Guildford that she didn’t know. Now, Jane is scared as she senses that Lady Frances has done something to Guildford.

In the woods, Guildford is chained to the tree by the other Ethian, and the Ethian says the beast trader is vile. Scared for Guildford’s safety, Jane decides to find him, but Rupert stops her and says he will go instead. Queen Jane also learns that the Ethians had killed his mother. In fact, that was the reason Guildford wanted to find a cure so desperately. Back in the woods, Guildford manages to escape, but with a chain on his neck, he sees a man and asks to be rescued. Thankfully, the stranger helps Guildford, and he changes and gallops towards the palace.

At the palace, Queen Jane receives bad news that Lord Norfolk and Scrope have left, but Jane still has hope. To get some help, Queen Jane asks for Archer’s help. But he refuses, saying he does not want to take part in a losing war. However, Lady Frances begs Queen Jane to leave as they are in trouble. Soon, Lord Norfolk arrives, and Jane is happy. Unfortunately, Lord Norfolk comes with Lord Seymour, and they start arresting everyone. To survive, Jane starts running outside towards the carriage. However, she is surrounded by Mary on one side and Lord Seymour on the other. The narrator ends the episode by saying, ‘Queen Jane is fucked.’

My Lady Jane (Season 1) Episode 7 “Another Girl, Another Planet” Recap:

The episode begins with Jane being captured and put under house arrest by now Queen Mary. The next day, Mary is named the Queen, and she immediately orders to kill Jane. For the first time, Jane does not have a plan, and her mother comes up with an idea to try to reason with Mary. Meanwhile, Edward tries to return to the palace, but the guards don’t recognize him, and as Fitzy sees Lord Seymour, he drags Edward away. As Lady Frances tries to plead with Mary, she is revealed that the reason Mary could escape is because of Margaret. Annoyed, Lady Frances is rude towards Margaret. At the same time, Queen Mary wants Jane dead soon. But Lord Norfolk points out that killing Jane without a trial will cause riots, and now Jane is given another chance.

Guildford returns

A still from “My Lady Jane” (Season 1)

Now, the Dudleys are hiding in a safe house, and Guildford finds them and asks their help to save Jane. However, Lord Dudley only cares about protecting Guildford and does not intend to save Jane. Angered, Guildford decides to visit Jane on his own. As Jane is awaiting her sentence, the guards give her the good news that she will be given a trial. Jane starts to prepare for it.

Meanwhile, Fitzy takes Edward to a tavern where he meets Charles, who turns out to be an Ethian. At night, Guildford carefully sneaks into Jane’s room and asks her to leave with him so she can be saved. However, Jane says she can’t because if she escapes, then Mary will kill her family. One thing leads to another, and after being separated for so long, Jane and Guildford sleep together. Later, Guildford opens up and says that he blames himself for his mother’s death. Unfortunately, their conversation has to end as a guard is at Jane’s door.

Will Jane be put to death?

The next morning, Stan decides to help Guildford and asks his father to join him, but Lord Dudley accepts that he is afraid. With some comforting words, Stan convinces Lord Dudley to join him to save Guildford and Jane. At the trial, Lord Norfolk goes on and on about Jane’s betrayal. But Jane, in her defense, says that according to King Edwards will, she was named the Queen, and hence she is innocent.

To help Jane, Bess also joins in to prove that Jane is loyal and is, in fact, innocent. As Jane enters her room, she finds Edward, who tries to convince Jane to leave. As a piece of advice, Jane asks Edward to take the throne, but first, he needs allies. Outside, Edward and Fitzy kiss before leaving the palace. It’s time for a verdict, and Jane is proven innocent. However, there is a twist when Mary and Lord Norfolk bring in Rupert, who confesses that Guildford is an Ethian. To prove their claim, they bring the equine Guildford in. As the sun sets, Guildford changes, and as per the law, both Jane and Guildford are sentenced to death.

My Lady Jane (Season 1) Episode 8 “God Save the Queen” Recap:

The episode begins with Jane being taken to the Tower of London as a prisoner awaiting her sentencing. Unfortunately, she does not know about Guildford’s whereabouts. Inside the prison room, Jane realizes she can probably break the bars on the windows. Meanwhile, Mary is hunting down people who betrayed her while the commoners are shouting to free Jane. When Lord Norfolk goes against Queen Mary, she kills him.

In the Tower of London, Jane manages to break one bar of the window. Lady Frances visits her and tells her to denounce Ethianism and Guildford so she can live. But Jane asks Lady Frances to request Mary on her behalf to see Guildford once. Now, Guildford is in Lord Seymour’s zoo (prison for Ethians). He visits Guildford and asks him to stay alive in his prison. Lord Seymour promises to fake Guildford’s death, but Guildford chooses to die next to Jane. Luckily, Jane is called to the stables to see Guildford. When she gets there, she sees a dead horse and starts wailing. Hearing this, Mary laughs and says it isn’t Guildford, but Jane can save Guildford if she reads a speech in front of the court.

Jane’s appearance in court

Meanwhile, Edward and Fitzy try to talk to the Ethians to ask for help to save Jane, but Archer refuses to help. At the palace, William Seymour asks Katherine to run away with him, but Katherine refuses. Later, Mary receives a gift from the Prince of Spain. She reveals that Mary intends to kill Guildford even if Jane gives the speech. Hearing this, Margaret visits Jane and informs her about Mary’s plan, and Jane comforts her sister. At the same time, Mary tells Lord Seymour that she intends to marry Prince Philip of Spain as he had slayed the last Ethian there, and he wants to join forces with Mary.

Meanwhile, Jane breaks the bars of her windows and collects some moss. The guards rush to her room because they assume Jane is escaping. Later, Mary asks Lord Seymour to marry Katherine, which angers Katherine, and she runs to William Seymour and asks him to marry her. It’s almost time for Jane to appear in court, and Jane has prepared a herbal poison hoping to kill Mary. In the court, Jane’s plan fails, but she also does not read the speech given by Mary.

My Lady Jane (Season 1) Episode 8 Ending Explained:

Can the Dudleys save Guildford?

Now that Lord Dudley is on board to rescue Guildford, Stan and Lord Dudley disguise themselves as peasants and attack the guards. Once they do that, they change into the guard’s uniform and rescue Guildford. Unfortunately, Lord Seymour arrives, and Guildford asks his father and brother to run as he can handle Lord Seymour by himself. Now, Lord Seymour and Guildford have a duel. Lord Seymour loses, but the guards arrest Guildford. It’s time for Jane’s execution. Jane tries to kill one of the guards with the poison, but she can’t go through with it. With no other choice left, Jane walks with the guards to the location of the public execution.

Will Jane and Guildford survive?

At the Ethian camp, Fitzy is getting tired of Edwards’s whining. He asks Edward to take action. Watching Susannah at the camp, Edward has an idea. As Jane prepares to be beheaded, she looks straight ahead and finds that Guildford is tied up, and she regrets not expressing her love for him before she dies. It’s time now, and Jane is blindfolded and ready to be beheaded when Ethian birds fly and hurt the guard.

The Ethians are fighting for Edward and Jane, and Jane rushes to save Guildford as he is put on fire. Taking the opportunity, Jane expresses her love for Guildford, and finally, Guildford can change his form as he pleases. The Equine Guildford takes Jane on his back and gallops away from the palace. The heroes are safe for now, as Edward and Fitzy are having a romantic time. Katherine has secretly married William Seymour, and Mary is in the grip of madness. In a twist, we see that Bess is also an Ethian. In the end, away from the palace, Jane and Guildford kiss. But Jane says she cannot run away, and she needs to fight Mary, and Guildford promises to join her.

In the end, Jane proclaiming she will be back means there is a season 2, and it will be a fight to take down Mary and save Ethians. Edward has found love, and he will work on finding allies that can help him in his cause. It seems like Ethians will have Edward and Jane’s back. If Edward is alive, then he will take back his throne and be a more informed monarch, or he will let Jane take the throne and become her most trusted advisor. The chances are also that Jane and Guildford’s struggle will be far from over.

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