My Perfect Stranger, AKA Run Into You (Season 1), Episode 14 Recap & Ending, Explained: This episode has a number of revelations. Hae Joon’s life comes crumbling down. There are a lot of loose ends that still need to be tied up. We see Hae Joon and Dong Sik working together and making a fantastic team. Soon Ae makes a bold move, making it easier to catch the culprit.

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My Perfect Stranger, AKA Run Into You (Season 1), Episode 14 Recap:

“Meeting you will bring me joy.”

The episode begins with Soon Ae being discharged from the hospital and her father abusing the criminal out of frustration. Yoon Young goes with Soon Ae’s family. Dong Sik thinks the criminal is not afraid of getting caught, but Hae Joon thinks otherwise. He believes the criminal was afraid, and that it was the first time he did not kill his victims. Dong Sik overhears his colleagues blaming the two murders on Min Soo and talking about the note from the hospital.

A police officer drops Soon Ae’s family and is about to leave when Yoon Young stops him. She asks him why he is not questioning Soon Ae on who had dropped by the hospital as the culprit had indeed paid a visit. The officer talks about protocols and says he will get back, but Yoon Young asks how long it is that they have to wait. The officer informs her that he will check at the police station.

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Hae Joon returns home the following day and chats with Soon Ae’s family. Hae Joon suggests that Soon Ae should go on the news and reveal the case as the police officers and residents are pretending that nothing has happened. He tells them that this is the surest way to make the police officers start investigating. He also points out that despite Soon Ae receiving a threatening note, there is not a single police officer guarding the house. Soon Ae’s father tells Hae Joon that he trusts him, but that even if Soon Ae’s voice is modulated and her face blurred, the culprit will identify her and put her in a dangerous position. Soon Ae’s mother feeds them and tells Hae Joon that she is willing to trust him, only if he promises to keep her safe. Soon Ae tells them that she wants to be on the news as she was the victim and the culprit is the one who has to be afraid.

The interviewers prepare to take the interview, and Hae Joon reminds them to blur their faces and alter their voices appropriately. Dong Sik helps Hae Joon by giving him the Bong Bong teahouse matchbox found in the hospital. He also tells him that the note from Soon Ae’s pocket from when she escaped the abandoned house was missing. Dong Sik tells Hae Joon that the police are likely to make Min Soo the culprit; Hae Joon asks if Mi Sook is yet to speak. The news reporters interview everyone, shaking the village up as expected. The police, under pressure, is guarding Soon Ae’s house round the clock.

Dong Sik gives Mi Sook a last chance to confess who the real culprit is, but she fakes tears and sticks by her statement that she had seen Min Soo by the riverside on the day of the murder. Hae Joon and Dong Sik realise that they cannot wait for Mi Sook’s confession because once the journalists put pressure on the police, they will come up with a false conclusion. Hae Joon asks if he can be Min Soo.

Hae Joon asks Min Soo to remember what he had done the night he had broken his hand. He remembers Mi Sook helping him and taking a taxi, but he is not sure as to what happened afterwards. Dong Sik starts calling all the taxi drivers hoping to find a lead and manages to get a hold of the driver and confirms that he had driven Mi Sook and Min Soo that night.

Hae Joon brings Min Soo’s alibi to the reporters who are having a fun time drinking. Hae Joon asks the reporters to air the news for 20 minutes. One of the reporters tells him that he wants to work on that format; Hae Joon remembers an instance from the future when that reporter succeeds in coming up with that structure. The other reporter tells him that Min Soo had used a fake name when he was staying in the hospital. If this is true, he cannot be the murderer. Hae Joon requests them to help him bring the truth out.

The reporters pressurize the Captain and Min Soo is released. Min Soo and Mi Sook walk home, and Mi Sook is afraid. Yoon Young sees this and follows them. Mi Sook hesitantly takes her steps to enter the house, but Yoon Young comes to the rescue. She asks Mi Sook if she had forgotten to meet her, and Min Soo laughs, asking if they have become friends. He tries to touch Yoon Young and invite her home, but Yoon Young warns him, asking if he intends to return to jail as soon as he is released. Yoon Young and Mi Sook walk out.

Mi Sook asks Yoon Young why she helped her. Yoon Young tells her that she always spotted her fidgeting with her necklace when annoyed or bothered. She asks Mi Sook how she has been feeling after Min Soo was released from jail, and Mi Sook breaks down. Yoon Young gets annoyed and asks her why she has chosen that moment to cry when she acted like she did not care when other people were getting hurt and murdered.

A Still from My Perfect Stranger Season 1 Episode 14.
A Still from My Perfect Stranger Season 1 Episode 14.

Hae Joon watches his mother vacate Bong Bong teahouse and refusing to throw out a box with baby clothes in it. She lifts her head to see Hae Joon watching her. The Principal calls Dong Sik and Hae Joon to get updates on what is happening. Dong Sik updates him while Hae Joon is lost. The Principal asks him to be careful and not get into dangerous situations. He asks the Principal to get Soon Ae treated appropriately, somewhere away from the village, and he agrees. Dong Sik offers to send police officers to escort her. He also asks to borrow the Principal’s car, who gives it to him.

Hae Joon takes Yoon Young on a drive to the sea. They have a romantic time as they have good food and get to know each other. They share things about their lives in the future. As they continue to talk, walking along the beach, Yoon Young stops to ask Hae Joon why he has taken her there. She asks him how difficult it is for him to talk about it that he has to drive to the sea to speak to her. Hae Joon asks if she would trust him no matter what he does. He tells her that he cannot share what he will do to her yet but promises to her that he will be fine and asks her to wait for him.

Hae Joon walks by Bong Bong teahouse and sees his mother moving out. She asks him if he can walk her to the bus stand as she is scared. On their way, Hae Joon tells her that it is his business to protect his people and that he cannot live in a village with a murderer on the loose. She tells him that he is a nice guy, but his mother would not think so, as she will not like it if her son sacrificed himself for others. Hae Joon gets annoyed with it, and she apologises.

Hae Joon asks her what she is holding onto, and she tells him that they are clothes for her baby. He tells her only people desperate to have kids collect baby items like that. She tells him that she hopes to see her child with the one she loves. He asks her why she is leaving, and she says she is not sure how about she feels. The new format of the news is put into action, and the residents of the village watch it.

Soon Ae’s family and Yoon Young watch it as well. Among the villagers watching the news together are Hee Seop, Yu Seop and Hae Kyung. The reporters announce that an important person will provide more insight into the murder case. Hae Joon appears on the screen. The Principal and Yeon Woo are taken aback. Yoon Young is shocked and runs out of the hospital. Soon Ae asks aloud why he has chosen to show his face after deciding to blur her face. Hae Joon describes the culprit and tells the viewers that he had witnessed what happened during the third murder case. Hae Joon also says that he recognises the culprit’s face. Hee Seop sees Yu Seop is in a state of shock and asks him if he is okay, and he responds by saying that he is extremely mad.

Yoon Young takes a taxi to the village. Dong Sik monitors Hae Joon to catch the culprit if he attacks. Hae Joon had planned this out with Dong Sik. Hae Joon walks around the house and waits. He sees a shadow of someone and assumes it is the culprit, but it is his mother. She asks him if he is lying about seeing the culprit’s face and asks him to leave with her immediately. Hae Joon asks her how she is so sure. She shows him a knitted cap and tells him that everything found on the victims’ bodies belonged to her. Hae Joon asks if it is the child’s father, and she says it is, and she is scared and has decided to leave. She tells him that since the child is his, she is not looking forward to seeing him.

The episode ends with Hae Joon rushing inside the garage to find the car missing. Yeon Woo appears in front of the house. Dong Sik sees him and is in a state of shock. In that panicked state, he drops something, and it alarms Yeon Woo, and he runs away. Dong Sik runs after him. Hae Joon rushes out and runs towards the tunnel as Yeon Woo takes the car and leaves. He hits Hae Joon. The scene ends with Hae Joon and Yeon Woo staring at each other.

My Perfect Stranger, AKA Run Into You (Season 1), Episode 14 Ending, Explained:

This episode ends with Hae Joon realising the truth about his parents. All this time, he resented his mother, not knowing the reason for her leaving. But after she reveals what kind of a human Yeon Woo is, his world comes crumbling down. In the last scene, we do not see any remorse on Yeon Woo’s face. As expected, Yeon Woo does play an essential role in the show.

All this time, Mi Sook was afraid of telling the truth as Yeon Woo was the Principal’s son, and nobody would have believed her. Mi Sook had the most challenging time battling Min Soo’s abuses and the weight of knowing who the real culprit is. What is concerning is Yu Seop’s response while watching the news. Why does he say that he is extremely angry, which implies that he had committed the murders, while in the end, it is revealed it was Yeon Woo?

If it is Yeon Woo, then Hae Joon’s life is in danger. We are back to asking the question, what are the rules of time travel? What will be the consequences if Hae Joon died in 1987 and his mother was pregnant in 1987? It is also important to note that we see Hee Seop again in this episode for the briefest time. What are his motives, and why has he not been around Soon Ae? Will Yoon Young save the day?

If the Principal finds out and he dies, what are the consequences? If Hae Joon survives, he will grow up without a father after changing history but get his mother’s affection and love. We have to wait and find out what will happen.

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