Mythic Quest (Season 3), Episode 3: Created by Rob McElhenney, Megan Ganz, and Charlie Day, Mythic Quest has entered its third season and it is as smart and captivating as ever. The comedy series that showcases a multi-player video game design company, is easily one of the finest workplace comedies. It deserves this spot due to its witticism, keen observations about this industry in the rapidly changing world, and idiosyncratic characters that bring humour by their sheer presence.

The new season started with the emergence of Grimpop – a collaborative effort by Ian and Poppy, who are trying to find a creative balance. Meanwhile, David struggles to be an impactful leader, to no one’s surprise.

Mythic Quest (Season 3) Episode 3 Recap:

Episode 3: Crushing It

Directed by Steve Welch and written by Naomi Ekperigin, the 3rd episode titled ‘Crushing It’ opens up new character dynamics between those, who had rarely interacted with each other, one-on-one. Mythic Quest’s managing head – David (David Hornsby) has a piece of new, exciting news for his team members. To declare it, he brings in his assistant Jo (Jessie Ennis) and the HR executive (who now has a new title with very few responsibilities) Carol (Naomi Ekperigin) to his office. When janitor Brad (Dany Pudi) walks in, he excuses himself sensing it is an important discussion that he should leave since now he is just a janitor.

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It is just Brad’s way to show David that he understands his hierarchical position in the company and subtly rubs his unawareness into his face. While David allows him to stay, he still offers to go out. Jo shouts at Brad as if there is a sudden earthquake and makes him stay, as per her superior’s demand. David then begins sharing his surprising news, which everyone instantaneously assumes him being implicated in a sexual harassment lawsuit.

While they suggest different ways to bail him out, David clears the doubts and tells that executives from Montreal want to make a live-action Mythic Quest movie and for him to be its executive producer. Both Brad and Carol leave considering it is not a matter of emergency. Jo asks if she should make them sad for misbehaving with him like that. David stops her from doing one of her sinister deeds. However, he is elated by the surprising news while considering it to be ‘his’ year.

In the Grimpop studio, Poppy (Charlotte Nicdao) is engrossed in her work on developing their new game. While she shouts in joy after accomplishing a feat, no one is present to celebrate it with her – the way they were in the Mythic Quest office. That is right when Rachel (Ashly Burch) pops by, who Poppy still calls their tester. She comes in looking for Dana (Imani Hakim), who she thought would be in this office with Ian (Rob McElhenney). However, she learns that they had gone out on some strange adventures and Poppy paints strange pictures with her idea about what Ian does at such times.

Rachel gets scared by her stories for Dana’s safety in those circumstances. That is when Jo pops by, looking for Ian to escort him to David’s office, who wanted to tell him about the exciting news in person. However, seeing him not being in Grimpop office, she is unsure how to spend her time after this task of hers is done. Speaking with David, she mentions she can hang out with friends if she is free. But she has no friends and finds it difficult to connect with other people since they do not have the same topics of discussion as hers.

Mythic Quest Season 3 Episode 3 Recap Ending Explained

Rachel and Poppy notice that and invite her to tag along with them, while they go out for a brunch outing. Meanwhile, at the Mythic Quest office, Carol is having a crisis of consciousness for having a well-paying job with almost no responsibilities. Unlike Brad, she does not know how to be content by making money out of thin air. Brad says if only he was the older version of himself, he could have helped her with it. So, she asks for the evil Brad’s advice and proceeds with it.

Meanwhile, David goes to meet their wholesome & upbeat Community Manager – Sue (Caitlin McGee), on whom, he is used to dumping his traumas. Until then, she was working from the ground floor, which is why no one could listen to her complaints and go out as they pleased. However, they started entering her new office whenever they pleased! Hearing David’s plan of making a live-action movie, she suddenly erupts in anger. She knows that gamers do not like such versions of their beloved game, and tells David not to let it happen since otherwise, she will get a barrage of angry calls from gamers.

She notes that these gamers value the sanctity of their sacred place and want to have control over it. David only hears this last part, thinks of Ian, and decides to go to his sacred place (Grimpop) and regain control. Meanwhile, Poppy, Rachel, and Jo go to a diner, ask for their favourite choices of meals and start speaking about their satisfying present lives. Rachel loves being at Berkley for her studies and Poppy loves working on her own on a new game. Jo tries to pitch in but fails since she does not know how to interact in such situations. Still, Poppy and Rachel are kind to her and let her have her moment.

They also tell her that she should not strictly tell the truth but what the next person considers ideally to happen in their life. That is what makes such conversations interesting. However, shortly after, once they get a sugar rush, Poppy and Rachel start bickering about their terrible lives with Ian and Dana. Rachel says that she does not fit in in the university filled with students who are smarter than her. Poppy is angry at Ian for being an irresponsible collaborator.

Listening to this other side, Jo gets even more confused. She does not understand the social cues and messes up again. She also feels strange that this type of interaction (whining or collective venting) is considered a bonding between people. Meanwhile, David goes to Grimpop and sees that no one is present in the office. He decides to leave right away but cannot find the elevator in this office with zero lines. As a result, he remains stuck there and sees himself as Tom Hanks from Cast Away!

Mythic Quest (Season 3), Episode 3 Ending, Explained:

Eventually, David sleeps on the office floor and Ian and Dana wake him up. They tell him that they were right there in the office and joke around with him before letting him get into the elevator. He leaves the office, with piss on his pants. Meanwhile, Brad teaches Carol the way around her issues and goes to the programmers to give some random advice without any concern for their wellbeing whatsoever – pretty much how Elon Mulk is currently handling the situation at Twitter.

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When they go to Sue’s office and pitch an idea to introduce Mythic Quest-based NFTs, Brad keeps making conflicting arguments while resorting to nothing in particular. Carol gets angry at him since he does not help her in any way. By the time he ends his dialogue with himself, Sue gets pissed and leaves her new office cabin with her stuff.

After the chaos in the diner, Jo takes Poppy and Rachel to a shooting range, and they get worried thinking that she is trying to alter their political views with her conservative mindset. However, she takes them to crush cars with a bulldozer in order to work out their anger in the way she knows best. While Poppy was angry at Ian for not texting her back, she drops her phone under the wheels when she gets a chance. They get elated by this new activity in their lives. This newfound friendship takes the character dynamic from Mythic Quest to an intriguing turn.


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