#NoFilter (Season 1) Comedy with Wonderful Lessons: Marcely Menezes (Ademara Barros) must be naïve in her decision to quit college and follow her passion after being swayed by her favorite influencer Pi Love (Carol Garcia), but she does give it a whirl. This comedy blast directed by Tatiana de Lamare and João Fonseca is a solid package of fun and frolic.

Given the social media age and the virtualization of the world, all you want to be is an influencer. And Marcely isn’t wrong at attempting to become one. But her genuineness will be at odds with social media, which might demand her to be a show-off. Marcely is about ‘all real.’ Hence, will it take her that far? Will she become an influencer at all? Ararinhas is a place where everyone is on social media, from the young to the old, whether it is Instagram, TikTok, or Facebook. Except for the over-energetic, Valrinha (Flavia Reis), Marcely’s mother, who considers the internet a waste of time.

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#NoFilter (Season 1) Recap:

Well, Marcely has already decided to give up her college and be an influencer. She doesn’t inform her mother but goes straight home and explains the idea to two of her best friends, Gustavo (Pedro Ottoni) and Rubria (Thamirys Borsan). Although they are supportive of whatever she does, they are reluctant to tell her that this idea of becoming an influencer is a bad one for her because of her straightforward attitude and being sincere.

Nevertheless, Marcely isn’t the one who will stop. She receives a paid opportunity from Fernandinho right away to do the unboxing of a Sheik special introduced by him at his brand new restaurant, which switched from Japanese to Middle Eastern cuisine. But her sincerity lands her in trouble. Fernandinho gets about 15 customers who tag him in their posts, making fun of him and his art.

Meanwhile, Ademar Max’s father observes the drastic loss and damage done to the image of his competition, Fernandinho, and hires Marcely to promote his grocery store but only after receiving due permission from Valrinha.

Will Marcely Become an influencer with her #NoFilter Attitude?

Marcely creates promotional videos for Ademar’s grocery store but is compensated in cookies rather than cash. But believing in “Bartering is the currency of the future,” she sells the cookies in exchange for promotional videos for three: to give a shout-out to Sebastiana as the president of the Ararinhas Homeowners’ Association; to sell the dolls of Jose; and to find a new dance partner for Vera. But she and her friends get drunk at the party, arranged to meet Pi Love. They believe Pi Love cheated on them. So she goes home and shoots the promotional videos, blurting out sarcastic remarks that land her in hot water with Sebastiana, Vera, and Jose, as well as the villagers.

Marcely is further into trouble as she sees a hater who nastily comments on whatever she does. She, therefore, searches for the hater only to know that it’s her sister Lohana (Mel Maia), who felt that Marcely had been avoiding her from the time she became an influencer. Then comes the episode where there is a competition between Sebastiana and Fernandinho. Marcely doesn’t make a mistake here. Inspired by her mother, she makes a wonderful speech to win some votes for Sebastiana. Pi Love gives Marcely a makeover in the following episode. But when it happens, she hates every bit of it, not just the makeover but also the person of Pi Love.

Noticing that she is losing followers due to the makeover, Marcely and her friend Sandrinha (Luisa Perissé) challenge each other by swapping accounts to find out who is a successful influencer. The exchange does a lot of bad than good. They might have gained followers, but each loses the trust they have in the other. In the seventh episode, you notice that the whole community of Ararinhas is always bound together, whatever tragedy strikes them. This time it is to pay tribute to the deceased resident Vera, well, not the Vera that you are thinking, this is another one. Because the one you are thinking of was at the South American Judo Championship.

Now, Marcely’s life is becoming intense. Her ex-boyfriend Ricky just to grandly inaugurate his restaurant, invites her and her friends and also Pi Love. Two influencers with two different types of audiences came and promote his restaurant. Marcely realizes this and then wants to tell Ricky why exactly she broke up with him in the first place. That’s when Pi Love and Marcely become friends again. Live or date is a beautiful episode to tell us that whatever we plan never works.

Marcely takes the courage to invite Max (Maicon Rodrigues), whom she has had a crush on for a very long time, for a date. But then her father (Orã Figueiredo) unexpectedly turns in, and later the whole family and friends. The last episode is where Gustavo tells Marcely that she has not been sincere and keeping secrets. She confesses that she has not told her mother about dropping out of college and also has not revealed to Max that she loves him. Marcely, thus, reveals her secrets on social media.


#NoFilter (Season 1) Review:

#NoFilter series deconstructs and maneuvers you through the ‘career’ of social media influencers while also urging the audience not to consider anything serious. The frames are colorful, the costumes are outlandish, and the characters are satirized. It intends to ridicule influencers and illustrate how deceiving their way of life is. The background music is fabulous. The songs written for election campaigns are hilarious. Especially the song “Total eclipse of the heart” by Bonnie Tyler, which plays on repeat, is an excellent choice. The energy of Valrinha and the comic timings of the other characters in the series makes #NoFilter an entertaining watch.

#NoFilter (Season 1), Ending Explained:

Will Marcely do anything to become an influencer?

Yes, she does show that she will do anything to become an influencer. Marcely quits college. She doesn’t want to tell her mother that she quit college and that she wants to be an influencer. Moreover, Marcely even challenges her friend Sandrinha and swaps accounts to gain more followers. She tries to collaborate with Pi Love too on many occasions. Except that all the time Marcely works hard to gain followers, she ends up in lots of trouble. Despite the universe showing her signs that it is not her cup of tea, she just goes for it.

When she messed up with creating a brand for Fernandinho, she should have already understood that she had lost her battle. But she keeps motivating herself and collabs with three more individuals to help them gain more customers. Sebastiana, Vera, and Jose get aggravated when their reputation is on a toss. Marcely loses not just followers but gains a hater from her own family. This means she is also ready to not worry about her family, especially her younger sister who needs her attention and support. These are reasons enough to say that she will do anything to become an influencer.

Why does Ricky Marcely’s ex-boyfriend invite her to his restaurant?

Marcely had broken up with Ricky over a voice message because he was stubborn and would not allow Marcely to make her own choices. But then, Ricky invites her in preparation for the grand opening of his restaurant. Not just her, he invites Pi Love, another famous influencer. Ricky wants to gain the attention of both types of viewers from different types of influencers. Marcely keeps it real, while Pi Love fakes it most of the time. Ricky’s invitation puts her friends in confusion and questioning as to why the offer after so many years. They do not know that it is Ricky’s trick. Only when Pi Love reveals the whole purpose of Ricky inviting both the influencers to the restaurant is when they realize that it was just a farce.

While Max feels that he has lost a chance with Marcely as he finds Ricky pouring a lot of love and showering her with kisses. But when the true nature of Ricky is known, and the fiasco at the restaurant happens, Max feels he still has a chance. He, as a result, reveals to Marcely that he has already sent a breakup email to Luiza, his girlfriend.

Does Max really have a chance with Marcely?

Given the fantasy moments created between Max and Marcely in #NoFilter, it’s apparent that something is going on between the two of them. But they never admit to each other that they like, let alone love, each other. But these special moments that they share are magnificent. Both of them look good with each other. When Marcely tries to reveal to Max at the dinner date she has arranged that she loves him, the whole family appears and distorts the whole idea. And when Max desperately wants to tell Marcely that he, too, is in love with her, Marcely is grounded as she fails to inform her mother that she has quit college.

From both of their ends, there is a lot of trying going on, but none of it works. By now, the whole community has become aware that both of them like each other but haven’t revealed their love. So when Max has to leave the place due to his work trip to New York, Marcely is upset to know that he will return only after three months. But who knows, Max is going to New York, and if he finds a greater opportunity, he may never return. Thus, when he has almost boarded the plane, Marcely goes live and reveals that she loves Max.
By the end of it, Does Marcelly become an influencer?

Marcely’s true confession and her sincere attitude make her what she is. But she gains numerous relentless followers the day she reveals her love for Max. The whole reveal was live-streamed by Sandrinha from her profile and later tagged to Marcely. Everyone at Ararinhas is having a blast after Marcely announces her love. However, she sits on a sofa with a sad look. Sandrinha discloses the news to her that the video at the airport went viral. Furthermore, she adds that the video has got 5,00,000 views. Marcely Menezes has become a hit with 80k followers.

Isn’t she an influencer? Yes! she finally is.

Have you noticed just more than sincerity, true emotion thrives in these live streams of social media, videos, or posts? Sometimes, some influencers fake it, and some don’t. Marcely was very real. Or at least the makers kept it that way. While revealing the ups and downs of an influencer’s life, the makers inspired us to keep focusing on our goals and never look back, just like Marcely. It is not that simple to dive into an influencer lifestyle. One needs to be motivated and constantly on high energy. Marcely learns it on the go from the advice she gets from her friends and Pi Love. #NoFilter ends happily revealing that life doesn’t have filters, then why place them on social media posts, videos, and live streams?

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