They say true evil never really bites the dust, and boy, does Michael Chavez’ Nun II drive that point home. After giving Valak the boot in the first Nun movie, our heroes Frenchie (aka Maurice) and Sister Irene breathe a sigh of relief, barely escaping the clutches of hell. But oh no, evil just won’t quit. Valak claws its way back from the abyss, hijacking Maurice’s body to carry out its wicked plot. Despite Sister Irene’s firm protests, she finds herself reluctantly dragged away from her peaceful covenant to investigate a string of gruesome murders happening all around the country. Will lightning strike twice, and can she banish Valak once and for all? Or will she become another victim in the demon’s twisted killing spree? Buckle up, folks; we’re about to find out.

In addition to reuniting fans with Taissa Farmiga, Bonnie Aarons, and Jonas Bloquet, the film also features newcomers Anna Popplewell, Storm Reid, Katelyn Rose Downey, and others.

Nun II (2023) Plot Summary & Movie Synopsis:

The movie begins in 1956 in the quaint town of Tarascon, France. A local church becomes the stage for something straight out of a nightmare. Valak, the demonic entity, has risen from hell and begins his murderous spree. The priest of a local church in Tarascon becomes her first victim and dies a brutal death when Valak sets his body on fire.   Valak, deciding to play it cool, returns to her human disguise and strolls out of the church like it just did something totally normal.

News about this horror show spreads like wildfire across the country, freaking everyone out. Strange and disturbing deaths start happening globally — from an old nun’s shocking suicide on church steps to a priest meeting a fiery end in his own place of worship. Sister Irene catches wind of all this madness and connects the dots. Valak, who we thought was gone for good, is back, meaner, and stronger than ever. The church wants Irene to dig into it, and although she’s not thrilled about it, she agrees.

How Did Valak Possess Frenchie (Maurice)?

Sister Irene and Sister Astrid arrive in Tarascon, ready to unravel the mystery surrounding Father Noirot’s death. They request access to Noirot’s chamber, where a striking painting of Saint Lucy, the Patron Saint of the blind, catches their attention. The painting tells a tragic tale—Saint Lucy, martyred by pagans who attempted to burn her but failed, ultimately gouging out her eyes before ending her life. Inquisitive about potential witnesses, Irene inquires if anyone else was present in the church during Noirot’s demise. They learn of a young boy named Jacques, who was indeed there.

However, there was another individual present that day, a handyman named ‘Frenchie,’ who loves traveling the world.  A flood of memories comes rushing back to Irene as she hears this name. Frenchie and Irene had once fought Valak together years ago. Their combined efforts, using the blood of Christ, successfully banished Valak, or so they had thought. Fate dealt a cruel hand as Valak managed to possess Frenchie, lying dormant within him until the opportune moment. Now, the demonic entity manipulates Frenchie, using him as a vessel to roam across Europe, orchestrating the murders of priests and nuns, all while pursuing a hidden objective.

What Does Valak Want?

Nun II (2023) Movie Ending Explained
Bonnie Aarons and Jonas Bloquet in The Nun II (2023)

In the narrow streets of Tarascon, Irene crosses paths with Jacques, who hands her Father Noirot’s rosary—something he had taken on the day the priest met his tragic end. But before Irene can delve into questions, Jacques vanishes into the town’s narrow alleys. Simultaneously, a vision grips Irene, revealing that the demon is looking for some sort of an ancient relic, utilizing Frenchie as a means to seek it out. This relic, once found, will render Frenchie worthless, and the demon will murder him like all her other victims. Irene and Astrid connect the dots between the series of continent-wide deaths, noticing that all the victims possessed a rosary adorned with a unique symbol. Seeking answers, Irene consults her librarian friend at the Catholic archive, who unveils that the symbol belongs to the family crest of Saint Lucy.

This implies that the victims were all descendants of Saint Lucy. Irene unravels Valak’s true intent: the demon is relentlessly hunting for Saint Lucy’s Eyes, a hidden holy relic. Following Lucy’s demise, pagans pursued her descendants, forcing them to scatter and go into hiding.  Now, Valak is finding and killing all the remaining descendants of Saint Lucy to locate the eye. The librarian further suggests the origin of the demon—it may have once been an angel stripped of its divine power due to defiance against God’s dominion. Now, the demon wants to recover the eye to get its power back. Saint Lucy’s eyes are a powerful relic, and in the hands of the demon, it may destroy the world. However, Irene may be able to use them to defeat the demon.

Nun II (2023) Movie Ending Explained:

Was Irene Able to Save Frenchie?

Towards the end of Nun II, Irene learns about the letters penned by Jean-Paul Redar, a monk who explicitly mentioned hiding Saint Lucy’s Eyes within his monastery. Following Jean’s passing, the monastery changed hands, becoming a winery and later a boarding school. Without wasting any time, Irene and Astrid race to the boarding school to find the relic.  To their surprise, they find Frenchie already at the school, having taken a job to find the eyes. Irene discloses to Frenchie—that Valak has possessed him—but promises to help.

However, Valak seizes control before any action can be taken. Irene and Astrid act swiftly, incapacitating Frenchie and buying themselves a few minutes.  Sophie, a young girl at the boarding school, guides Irene to the chapel, which has remained sealed for years. Kate and Irene begin to dig into the chapel’s floor and finally uncover the Eyes of Saint Lucy, safely tucked away within a spherical box.

In the next moment, Frenchie attacks Irene, leading young Sophie to flee the chapel with the Eyes of Saint Lucy in hand.  Fear drives her to seek refuge in the bell tower, but Frenchie soon corners her. In a moment of accidental bravery, Sophie uses the relic on Frenchie and temporarily incapacitates him. Unfortunately, Frenchie later manages to recover and claim the Eyes—Valak’s long-awaited prize.

The demon emerges in its true, terrifying form and brutally attacks Irene, attempting to engulf her in flames. However, Irene remains unharmed, implying that she, too, is a descendant of Saint Lucky.  However, the odds are still stacked against Irene, as, unlike last time, she doesn’t have a vial containing the blood of Christ.  Irene finds strength within her faith and accepts the wine in the room as the blood of Christ.  Irene’s faith delivers, and the wine in the room swallows Valak, burning her and reducing her to nothing but ashes. Valak’s defeat finally sets free Frenchie. He expresses his gratitude to Irene for rescuing him once again and leaves the school with Sophie and Kate.

Is Valak Gone?

Even though it appears that Valak has been vanquished, it’ll soon return to haunt everyone again. Let’s rewind to the first Conjuring movie, where things got a little too freaky towards the end. In this scene, a guy named Maurice, aka Frenchie is all tied up in a chair, possessed beyond belief. Valak (name not known at that time), the demon from the depths of darkness, had completely taken over him, turning him into a puppet of evil. This demon had pushed Maurice to the edge, making him do the unthinkable – trying to harm his own family.

We learn the shocking truth as the movie unravels: Maurice was just one of the vessels for Valak’s wicked plans. This demon was cunning and relentless, using innocent souls like puppets for its sinister agenda. Even though Irene managed to push Valak back for a moment, Valak is resilient and won’t stay down for long. The brief cameo of Vera Farmiga and Patrick Wilson as Lorraine and Ed Warren in the mid-credit scene also cements the same, possibly hinting towards a new ‘Conjuring’ film in the pipeline.

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