Ted Lasso (Season 3) Episode 8, Recap & Ending Explained: I found my eyes welling up several times during the latest episode, which is something I never imagined from a show like Ted Lasso. The show never really had a shortage of heart-warming, emotional moments. But while I thought a lot of those were there just for the sake of it and felt very much artificial especially in the second season, in the latest season these moments seem well-earned and naturally way more impactful than before.

There were several moments in the episode where I was wondering “if they are gonna do the kind of thing they used to do” and every single time, the writers proved me wrong and I am really glad about that. This effectively means that Keeley Hazell (who plays Bex, Rupert’s new wife) and Dylan Marron, who has never written a Ted Lasso episode before this one, should be given full credit for delivering a fine episode that is entirely dependent on the writing choices.

Ted Lasso (Season 3), Episode 8, Recap

Led by a newly improved, full-of-spirit Jamie Tartt, Richmond are back on track again after winning four games in a row. Coach Lasso must be the happiest man in London, but unfortunately, that is not at all the case.

What’s eating Ted Lasso?

Excuse me for Gilbert Grape-ing the caption another time, but our leading man Ted hasn’t been feeling well lately. A turnaround in his professional life is a very good thing no doubt, but that can’t change what is going on in his personal front. Especially now that he has to deal with his ex-wife and Doctor Jacob, who keeps insisting on being called Jake, in flesh and blood.

They have come to London, with Henry who is going to stay with Ted while the pair is going to Paris. Ted suspects Doctor Jacob is going to propose Michelle and it is eating him. He clearly hasn’t been able to move on from Michelle and what is even worse is the thought of his family, the most precious thing in the world, is being taken away by another man in front of his own helpless eyes.

A much-needed Diamond Dog meeting follows where we have a new member and it is none other than Trent Crimm. Beard, Higgins, Trent and Roy who still refuses to be part of the dogs all acknowledge the fact that what Ted is going through is really hard but they also suggest Ted to not speculate and flip out over something that is not definitive yet. Although, the words Paris and Propose are pretty much interwoven with each other which bothers Ted a lot and he eventually ends up seeking help from Rebecca by asking her to hire a Private Detective. Rebecca doesn’t warm up to the idea but still chooses to help anyway.

Keeley in trouble

In this new Ted Lasso world, good things don’t last long; very similar to our own world. If last week’s episode was any indication, Keeley and Jack were already in murky waters and this week’s episode pretty much confirms that. I was still shipping these two and was actually happy to find the duo in a place of all warmth and love and zero darkness at the beginning of the episode. Rebecca’s uncle Berney is visiting from out of town, and she can’t wait to show off her girlfriend to Berney and the rest of the world at a party to which they have been invited.

But Keeley’s world turns upside down when she unfortunately becomes a part of the disgusting “private pictures and videos of celebrity leakage” culture. Ted Lasso has been handling social issues really well this season and this is no exception either. While Jack initially appears to be supportive and promises Keeley that she is going to take care of the matter, Keeley eventually ends up with a typed statement saying basically how sorry she is for doing that video handed to her by Barbara. She eventually finds out that it’s the lawyers who have conjured the statement when Jack apologizes to her. Even at this point, I was shipping Jack and Keeley.

The scandal affects Richmond players as well but they all handle it really well when it reaches Richmond dressing room. From Sam to Jamie to Issac everyone empathizes with what the victims have to go through. In fact, Issac being a true leader orders everyone to delete all the personal photos from their phone. I really like the show’s choice of giving the second-tier characters enough space this season, as it has only made things more interesting.

What’s up with Nate?

Nate’s arc in this season has been very interesting so far, despite not being associated with Richmond at all. I felt genuinely happy to see him glowing and brimming with joy, after waking up with Jade. That seems to be going fantastic although when Nate brings up the prospect of labeling the relationship which Jade carefully avoids, for the time being. In an adorable and heartbreaking scene, Nate tries to start a “Diamond Dogs” group on his own with some of his Richmond workers but fails miserably. I’m sure if he knocks at the chamber of the OG dogs, they’ll still welcome him no matter what has happened in between.

Ted Lasso (Season 3), Episode 8 Ending Explained

How does Jamie surprise Keeley?

Keeley’s latest misery only increases when Roy accidentally asks her about the person for whom the “infamous” video was made. Roy instantly realizes that it was an extremely insensitive thing to do but the damage has already been done. The first visible crack in the Jack and Keeley relationship comes out when Jack introduces her as a “friend” to someone while being out with Keeley in order to make Keeley’s day better.

At home, Keeley receives the updated statement which is again the same old apologetic PR stunt. When she confronts Jack about it, Jack asks her to do the apology which Keeley declines. She clarifies that she doesn’t feel bad about making the video and it’s not at all her fault. Jack shows her true color by judging Keeley’s choice of making the video which further sours things. Jack leaves, with no promise of coming back.

A heartbroken Keeley eventually gets a surprising visit from Jamie who has come only to say sorry and it is finally revealed that the video was for him after all, from the time he and Keeley used to date. Jamie tells her that he deleted half of their personal photos and everything right after they broke up out of anger, but when Keeley got serious with Roy, Jamie accepted that they were never meant to be and deleted everything else. It still found the way thanks to his email password being “password” for which he is genuinely sorry. Jamie Tartt has not only become a beacon of light for his football team, he has come a long way as a human being as well.

Does Ted finally come to terms with his life situation?

In a surprising turn of events, Henry chose to go to a football match on Ted’s day off where he absolutely didn’t want to be associated with football. But the kid’s wish is final, and the game they choose to go to is a West Ham game after all, perfectly setting up for another Ted and Nate face off (and maybe a proper reconciliation?).

During the game, Henry screams Nate’s name from the stand, wearing a West Ham Jersey. This makes Nate clearly happy but with all the dilemma, guilt and hesitation inside, he fails to find a proper moment and we don’t get a proper interaction scene. While I would have really liked some Ted and Nate conversation, I appreciate what the writers decided to do here.

Life doesn’t give you perfectly constructed moments like that, all you can have is a scream from the stand. West Ham wins the game and Ted makes it to the tabloids for being in the stand. Later, we find Nate still contemplating about everything when Jade walks in, asks him to celebrate his victory and most importantly, call her his girlfriend. I guess that is the biggest win for Nate. If only the Diamond Dogs had known!

Coming back to Ted, he finds it really hard to go through the day with his inner turmoil but he still goes through with it for his son’s sake. Henry conveys to Beard that he understands what is happening and Beard tells him the story of the iconic song that was written for a boy named Jude, when his parents were divorcing. Yes, a local musician was singing the iconic song at the park nearby. Rebecca calls Ted (perhaps to provide an update on Michelle and Jake), but all we learn from the call is Rebecca telling Ted that his time with Michelle is done, but he shouldn’t waste his time with Henry. That somehow works and Ted goes back to Beard and Henry and they all join in to sing “Hey Jude”.

When Michelle gets back to pick up Henry, Ted asks about their trip to Paris but she doesn’t mention any engagement and tells him it was okay. While Michelle, Doctor Jacob and Henry go away in a taxi, Ted stares at them from the window. When Michelle sees him, he does his best to come up with a smiling expression and waves goodbye.

Has he finally reached the point where he accepts things as it is and gonna let it go? Probably not yet, but we can say that he is on the right track and by the end of this season, he will finally reach there. With all the show has done this season, I feel Ted has earned it.

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