Aligarh (2015): A Tender ‘Human’ Story!

In the film Dr. Siras says – The new generation just wants to label everything. So, if I call Hansal Mehta’s Aligarh fantastic, fabulous, cool, and awesome it would be a grave mistake on my part. What Mehta’s film did to me was turn my head in shame because that’s exactly what people like you and me do. We like to label things because poetry is just not our thing anymore and reading between the pauses is something we have forgotten.

Room [2015]: “The Boy and The World”

Lenny Abrahamson’s Room is poignant. Room is evocative. Room is devastatingly beautiful. There is a magic in creating a world in a child’s perspective. To capture and display the innocence, the purity, the sheer amount of confusing vastness of the world is no mean feat. Writer Emma Donoghue, who is also the writer of the book that the film is based upon, and director Lenny Abrahamson manage to do just that.

Neerja 2016

Neerja (2016): A Brave Account of Human Spirit!

Being brave and scared are two very closely intertwined feelings. Ram Madvani’s Neerja (2016) tells us that no education can teach you to be brave. It just takes that extra bit of human spirit that needs the right trigger at the right moment. While Neerja does undergo the typical melodramatic turn, the emotions seem more real than they are made out to be.

Mustang 2015

Mustang (2015): The Oppressor Vs The Oppressed

Watching Mustang is a very demanding thing. It almost feels like crawling through a dark tunnel with no hope whatsoever. But finding a bit of light at the end of the tunnel is what makes the experience worthy, and satisfying.

Five reasons why DEADPOOL is fucking Awesome !

This is not a review, I tell you. On principal, I can’t (and won’t) review a movie which I haven’t seen as whole. Yes, thanks to our extremely righteous censor board, what I watched in theater was not the whole movie, but around eighty to ninety percent of it. There is no sex, almost no gore and words like Cunt, Vagina has been stripped off; so that our innocent souls remain chaste. Only the f-words (and various forms of it) have been allowed, and that is the only reason for the Adult rating of this movie, otherwise it would have clearly walked away with a U/A ratings after all those purifications.

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