Wreck-It Ralph was a surprising but welcome change from Disney that took us on a nostalgic trip down the lane with its interesting world view of arcade game universe. Ralph Breaks the Internet adds several upgrades that brings its setting up to date by shipping its arcade game characters to the vast, limitless virtual world where in lies infinite possibilities.

Set 6 years after the events of the first film, Ralph Breaks the Internet finds Ralph & Vanellope taking a journey into the unknown after the latter’s game is unplugged. In order to retrieve the piece that’s capable of saving their arcade game, they decide to travel to the Internet via the newly-installed wi-fi router and end up discovering a world beyond their wildest imaginations.

Directed by Rich Moore & Phil Johnston, the story does away with the old to invest in a more contemporary timeline but the core ingredient that made the first film work remains in tact here i.e. the bonding between Ralph & Vanellope. Also, the internet provides the filmmakers ample room to come up with timely gags by taking inspiration from today’s viral trends & internet culture.

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The relationship dynamic between Ralph & Vanellope is what drives this story and it is a relief that the filmmakers didn’t lose sight of that while pandering to the internet-obsessed & social media-driven society and even glimpse at both the perks & ugly side of this online world. The third act is where things begin to fall apart but the film still somehow manages to finish on a sufficiently satisfying note.

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Compared to the first film, this one packs less sugar in its content and though the kids are going to enjoy all it has to offer, the themes may strike a better chord with the grown-ups. Parodying everything Disney — from its entire line of princesses to characters from its subsidiaries — and other unmissable brands of the virtual world, the ride remains thoroughly fun, mostly lighthearted & surprisingly optimistic.

Both John C. Reilly & Sarah Silverman return as the voices of Ralph & Vanellope respectively and steer the film with their splendid chemistry but it is suffice to say that all the supporting characters nicely integrate into the narrative. However, the decision to step out of the gaming platform may not go well with everyone, as the film merely scratches upon that surface and is instead more interested in illustrating the internet’s role in today’s world.

Overall, Ralph Breaks the Internet may lack the freshness of its predecessor but it makes up for that with a firm focus on its main characters & the growth their relationship undergoes while simultaneously taking the viewers on a wild, if ad-filled & pop-up infested, ride through the world that dominates nearly every facet of our lives today. A worthy successor that rectifies some of the original’s shortcomings while promising delights of its own, Ralph Breaks the Internet is an enjoyable, entertaining & wonderfully witted sequel that’s just as amusing as the first film, if not more.


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