Revenge of Others (Season 1), Episodes 11 & 12: With a teenage drama in the forefront, Revenge of Others delves deeper into the aspects of the murder mystery genre while reaching its conclusion. Ok Chan-mi’s quest to find her brother’s murderer reveals several details about these students, whose mirage of innocence is shattered repeatedly throughout the season. With Chan-mi seeming increasingly gullible to believe anything presented to her as truth, the writing loses its grasp when it derails in making the aspect of the thriller more prominent. Written by Lee Hee Myung, the series is streaming on Disney+ Hotstar and Hulu.

Revenge of Others (Season 1), Episodes 11 & 12 Recap:

The previous episode ended with Soo Heon entering Junggyeong’s RV and attacking him and Gi Osung. He is certain by then that Soo Heon is behind Park Won Seok’s murder. Filled with rage, he is about to hit Junggyeong to death, which is when Jae Boom shows up near the RV and stops him. He goes in to confront Osung about the murder, who does not reveal a single detail. Later, Jae Boom reveals to Soo Heon what Osung told him earlier – he was the one who killed Won Seok. Soo Heon is certain that it is just another way Osung is trying to bend the fact and take advantage of Jae Boom’s loss of memory.

Right after, Soo Heon receives a text from Ok Chan-mi, and they meet near the school. He gets angry at her for leaving them all of a sudden. She then reveals that Osung’s claim (that Won Seok got pushed by Jae Boom) cannot be true since she was with Won Seok that day. Back at his home, Osung gets questioned by his father about the beating on his face. He does not share any name of who beat him that badly. He also gets scolded since the police department sees him being considered the most likely suspect of the murder. While he denies being the murderer, he tells the father to go after Soo Heon.

Later at night, Soo Heon and Chan-mi decide to take a stroll through the streets. That’s when Junggyeong and his friends get hold of Soo Heon and take him away. She calls Jae Boom right away to help save him. Meanwhile, he is held captive by these hooligans till the morning when Osung is planning to come. By that time, Jae Boom starts getting his memories back and remembers being pushed down by Osung. He manages to put a tracking device in Soo Heon’s backpack before he goes to harass Soo Heon.

Upon reaching, Osung threatens Soo Heon into confessing to the murder with the fear of cutting his fingers one by one. Right at that moment, the people hired by Jae Boom to attack Osung & Junggyeong reach the place and rescue Soo Heon. Soon after, Jae Boom reaches there and tries confronting Osung about hiding details from their past and telling lies. Afterward, he gets a document from one of the hired people to sign as a way of acknowledging that their work is over. He signs it as Jae Soon with his left hand.

The man corrects him and gives it back to him, signing the right way. Soo Heon finds it odd and mentions it to Chan-mi. While his rescue plan takes place, she goes to the police and speaks about the call she received from Won Seok’s contact number. She shares her suspicion that Osung has gotten hold of it. The police look through their evidence photos and deduces that the attacker was left-handed. Meanwhile, So Yeon is worried that her presence will get both her and Soo Heon convicted in the assault cases. So, she plans to leave the school and the town to save Soo Heon from severe punishment. Meanwhile, Osung speaks with his father about the details he will soon learn about his involvement in some terrible incidents.

Because of Jae Boom’s revived memories, he is scared that the truth will come out pretty soon. He also shares that he is romantically attracted to Jihyun, and it is the reason why he committed all the terrible acts. Since she is now his stepsister, his father gets furious and tells him not to harbor such feelings for her. Meanwhile, at their rooftop apartment, Chan-mi and Soo Heon speak about the police’s claim that the attacker was left-handed. She asks if a left-handed person also kicks from the left leg.

Soo Heon elaborates on that query, and then they both think about the person who kicked Won Seok down. While they could look at the tape to understand it, Sejin is already in the US, which makes it difficult for them to retrieve it. She only has his contact number and decides to get his email ID from his school. They soon receive the video from Sejin, which reveals that a left leg kicked Won Seok. As a result, Gi Osung is ruled out as the attacker, and they are puzzled about who the killer is.

They also speak about how Jae Boom needed to switch hands while signing as Jae Soon and then as himself, which leaves them confused. She remembers him mentioning the death of his twin brother, who he was significantly close with. Meanwhile, Jae Boom offers Jihyun a ride back home and takes her as a witness to his conversation with Osung. He reveals his knowledge of Osung having bullied Won Seok repeatedly to do the horrible acts he wanted to be done. He then mentions having seen a video of Jihyun and Osung forcing a kiss on her.

As a result of Jae Boom having shown this video to Won Seok, he could not continue bullying him. This is when they speak about Jae Boom’s split personality disorder. Later, Soo Heon meets with Jae Boom in a café in an attempt to see what Jae Boom does to hide his secret. He steals Soo Heon’s phone, and later, when Soo Heon comes to his house, Chan-mi sends a photo to Jae Boom of a phone identical to that of Won Seok’s – saying that she has gotten hold of his phone. All of it makes Jae Boom realize that his secret is not so secret anymore.


Jae Boom leaves his house and goes to a horse track, which is where Soo Heon surprises him with his mere presence. When he is about to confront Jae Boom for having Won Seok’s phone possession. That is when Osung comes in and hits Soo Heon from the back with a rod. He falls down, unconscious, and meanwhile, Jae Boom and Osung have a fight about the secrets and revelations. Osung thinks Jae Boom should be grateful to him for protecting his identity as a killer getting out. Jae Boom mentions that Osung made him take advantage of his other personality to carry forward the evil acts.

Soon after, Soo Heon wakes up and returns to his place. He mentions to Chan-mi that Jae Boom had Won Seok’s cell phone. Soon after this incident, Jae Boom’s car is found in a nearby waterbody, and he reportedly goes missing. Both Soo Heon and Chan-mi are disheartened by their dear friend Jae Boom being behind the murder. Meanwhile, the police find a photo and location from the time a call was made from Won Seok’s phone to Chan-mi. In that park, Jae Boom & Osung both were present. With that evidence and his disappearance, he becomes their primary suspect.

Now that she knows Jae Boom is behind the murder, Chan-mi apologizes to Osung for considering him as the killer. He does not accept his apology, and in the course of his conversation, she makes him confess to making Jae Boom for being on the horse track the previous night. The police, meanwhile, pull out the drone footage to find the other person, who entered and left the body shop with a cap. They learn that it is not Osung, but Jae Boom, who left the place that night.

At school, Soo Heon gives Jihyun a tracking device to know Osung’s location, who, in his opinion, will most likely know where Jae Boom is. By that time, So Yeon, who changes her identity and moves to another town, sees Jae Boom there on a boat. Sejin returns from the US and learns from Chan-mi that not Osung but Jae Boom was the one who killed Won Seok. He gets surprised to hear this and mentions that he was dating Won Seok and Gi Osung used this secret of Won Seok to use him to do dirty deeds for him (including threatening Hong Ajung about pregnancy). Osung is the reason the students disliked Won Seok.

Soon after, Chan-mi comes to Jae Boom’s boat and confronts him about the murder. He tries to act innocent but then, within a moment, switches to his evil side and attacks her. Through their conversation, it is revealed that Jae Boom was the one who left a torn part of the study café receipt in there by mistake, which implicated Osung earlier. He only followed Soo Heon there, and when the delinquent blamed him for attacking before, he could not control himself and ended up killing him.

While she was angry at him for using his split personality as a justification for proving himself not guilty, she soon mentions that she believes that there is a good side to Jae Boom. She notes that his brother does not need to be dormant in him, and he can be free. After the police arrest him, Chan-mi returns to their place with Soo Heon.

Revenge of Others (Season 1), Episode 12 (Season Finale) Ending Explained: 

Later, at school, Soo Heon gets a text from Chan-mi, asking him to meet on the terrace urgently. Upon reaching, he sees Osung holding Jihyun as a hostage with a knife in his hand. The two guys get into a fight, and it reaches a point when they reach the edge of the terrace. By mistake, Osung gets pushed down by Soo Heon and dies instantly once he falls down. While all the students see Soo Heon there and consider him the culprit, Min Seon Ha starts sharing updates about Soo Heon being the hero that attacked Junggyeong earlier.

The students, through the text exchanges and gossip, soon learn how noble Soo Heon is and how disgusting & manipulative Osung was. As a result, when they are asked to testify, every single student claims that there was no one on the roof besides Osung. That’s why no charges are pressed against Soo Heon. He soon leaves the school and decides to explore the world according to his wishes with the time left with him. While Revenge of Others resorts to a happy ending, the issue with the series is its clumsiness towards the end, which relies on bringing cliche twists and turns that start feeling contrived after a point.

The series works great when it speaks about the issues pertinent to the lives of these teenagers. However, the moment it shifts its focus to being a suspense thriller, it fails miserably. Especially in its last two episodes, several elements are unnecessarily added to the mixture that ends up defeating whatever kind of intent the writing may have behind ideating the show. It derails because of its fascination to make it an intriguing thriller when it could have been much more suited to be a hard-hitting drama.


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