Revenge of Others (Season 1) Episodes 9 & 10: Directed by Kim Yoo Jin, ‘Revenge of Others’ blends teenage drama with suspense thriller elements to create a highly engaging season. Starring Shin Ye Eun, Lomon, Seo Je Hoon, Jung Soo Bean, Chae Sang Woo, and Lee Soo Min in the lead roles, it tackles the elements of school bullying, sexual assault, and grief among others, in a sensible manner. While it sometimes resorts to sensationalism, what strikes out is the strong determination of Ok Chan-mi to get to the bottom of the truth about her brother’s tragic death. Written by Lee Hee Myung, the series is streaming on Disney+ Hotstar and Hulu.

Revenge of Others (Season 1) Episodes 9 & 10 Recap

The previous episode showed Soo Heon reaching Junggyeong’s RV with the intent of thrashing him again. Mr. Kim, whose daughter was raped by him, asks Hong Ajung to make a hit on him yet again. Since Soo Heon desperately needs money for his mother’s treatment, he agrees to do it. The new episode shows the events that happen after Gi Osung gets out of police custody and before Soo Heon shows up near Junggyeong’s RV. The day before this incident, Soo Heon visits his mother in the hospital, and Hong Ajung accompanies him to inform him about Mr. Kim’s request.

Revenge of Others (Season 1) Episodes 9 & 10

Soon after, Chan-mi shows up at the hospital and, on her way, sees Hong Ajung leaving. She gets irritated that he keeps it from her, and out of this jealousy, we sense the kinship she feels about this new friend of hers. During this meeting, he shows her the polaroid photos he found in Gi Osung’s locker. These are group photos of him, Jae Boom, Sejin (the violinist from the cafe), and her brother. While Soo Heon suspects Gi Osung’s involvement in Won Seok’s murder, Gi Osung is questioned by his police chief father about the incident.

He insists on having to do nothing with Won Seok’s murder and getting himself a clean record. At school, he meets Junggyeong, who tells him that Soo Heon left the body shop before he entered. He plants the seed of Soo Heon being behind him getting beaten up. Later, upon meeting Soo Heon himself, Gi Osung threatens him to reveal further details about his confusion. While he insists Soo Heon has stolen photographs, he denies doing so.

Meanwhile, when Chan-mi meets Jae Boom to show this photograph, she cannot muster the courage and resorts to asking for a driving lesson from him. Soon after that, she shows the photograph and asks if he remembers anything about it. He mentions Osung having shown a similar photograph, but just of him and Won Seok. Osung notices these two interacting from a distance and later tries to recover the photos from her. Luckily, Jae Boom saves her from his assault. He also asks Osung why he showed photos of him and Won Seok. Osung does not share his intention.

Meanwhile, Osung creates an Instagram account and adds Jihyun’s candid and embarrassing photos. She goes to confront him about his purpose for doing so since he has never joined Instagram in the past. He says that she would understand it within a couple of days. The rift between the female officer Jin Sojung and her associate persists until he shows a new piece of evidence from outside the body shop. He manages to get hold of a video that shows two people entering it before the murder of the delinquent. The other person besides Soo Heon in this video is Osung. But the officers have identification of neither by that time.

Meanwhile, Junggyeong keeps terrifying Min Seon Ha, and later her father reveals to her his plan to get revenge on this molester once again. Osung overhears this conversation from a distance and informs Junggyeong about a possible attack on him the next day. He tells this molester to misdirect Soo Heon, who would most likely follow him to his RV. During that time, Gi Osung planted a few hidden cameras in and around the RV to get the footage of Soo Heon beating Junggyeong for him to eventually get getting arrested.

When Soo Heon reaches the RV at night (the cliffhanger scenario from the previous episode), his mother passes away. Since his phone is off, the hospital staff cannot reach him and calls his gym trainer to inform him, who then notifies Chan-mi about it. She calls So Yeon, who learns from Hong Ajung about Soo Heon’s plan to attack Junggyeong once again. Chan-mi then contacts Jae Boom about it, and they all get together near So Yeon’s place.

By that time, they see the recording playing on Gi Osung’s Instagram account from inside Junggyeong’s RV. The four quickly understand Osung’s plan to get Soo Heon on record of him beating Junggyeong. So, they rush to stop Soo Heon from getting caught. Meanwhile, Osung sees Soo Heon entering the RV and thrashing Junggyeong. He gets elated seeing his plan getting successful and rushes to get inside. He takes off the attacker’s mask to reveal his identity to the entire school (since most of the students follow his account due to Jihyun’s photos). However, he gets disappointed seeing Jae Boom under the mask, not Soo Heon.

While Osung’s plan flops at the last moment, Chan-mi takes Soo Heon to the hospital to meet his mother. He is heartbroken hearing his mother’s sudden demise. Meanwhile, the police officers reach the location of the RV and take Osung, Sejin, and Jae Boom into police custody. Jae Boom justifies his presence by mentioning going there – to be known as ‘the hero’ in school. Since the students considered this hooded figure a messiah, he mentions wanting to gain that fame.

The police find no other option but to believe him. When they try to get more detail about the encounter from Junggyeong, he does not disclose anything. The police also mention him molesting Min Seon Ha, but he does not budge despite that. Jin Sojung questions Osung, and she asks who he expected to be behind the mask since he was surprised to see Jae Boom. Upon their continuous attack, he realizes being considered a suspect for both murders (the delinquent and Won Seok). He then shares Soo Heon’s name as the one whom he suspects is behind the murders.

Meanwhile, Jin Sojung goes to pay respect to Soo Heon’s mother, along with her husband (the doctor). After that, the newly formed gang of friends meets to also pay respect to Won Seok. During their conversation, So Yeon realizes that Soo Heon and Chan-mi know something that they have not revealed to others. The two suspect Gi Osung is behind Won Seok’s murder. Later, at school, at Chan-mi’s request, Jae Boom confronts Osung again about why he showed photos of just him and Won Seok, implying their romantic involvement with each other.

Osung then discloses a new secret – Jae Boom did not commit suicide before the memory loss, but Won Seok pushed Jae Boom from the top of the building. However, he mentions that only the two of them knew the reason behind their heated argument, and he has no idea why Won Seok did it. Chan-mi overhears this conversation from a recording and gets saddened by hearing it. She finds her quest of Won Seok’s murderer’s search futile since he was such a distasteful person, unlike the image she had of him.

On the same day, Osung tries to incite a reaction out of Soo Heon, angering him to the point that he attacks Osung. However, he sadly faints during this encounter, and it is Chan-mi who informs the ambulance to contact Soo Heon’s doctor. She goes with him to the hospital and gets told by this doctor that he will be in a deep sleep for the next 24 hours. By the time he wakes up, she leaves him with a recording on his phone.

Revenge of Others (Season 1) Episodes 9 & 10 Ending Explained

Soo Heon sees a recording done by Chan-mi on his phone, where she reveals Won Seok is behind Jae Boom’s accident. He rushes right back to his rooftop apartment to find a note left by Chan-mi, wishing well being for him. She leaves a lovely bracelet along with it, made from the red shoelaces gifted by him. She also shares a recording with Jae Boom apologizing for her twin brother’s reckless actions.

While Soo Heon was too emotional at the time to process his emotions about Chan-mi’s departure, he soon started thinking about the person who communicated this information to her. He thinks of what Gi Osung said to him in school about dragging Jae Boom along with them in their investigation. That is when Soo Heon suspects Osung’s involvement and goes to his house. Right outside, he sees Junggyeong meeting him and notices one of his white shoes that have red shoelaces.

He then remembers Sejin informing him about the killer having red shoelaces on white shoes, which made him suspect Soo Heon in the first place. Soo Heon surmises Osung is behind the murder and goes up to Junggyeong’s RV. He knocks on the door and thrashes Junggyeong. Afterward, he gets inside the van and confronts Osung about sharing a lie with Chan-mi about Won Seok.

While he beats Osung, Chan-mi sits by herself near a seashore she visited with Won Seok in the past. She goes through their old photos together and sees the date on them from the month of April. She soon recalls it being used as a date when Won Seok pushed Jae Boom from the building. It would be impossible, considering they were together that day. While she realizes the lie shared by Osung, the episode ends on this cliffhanger note.

By this time, the development of Chan-mi’s character feels weak since she is shown as too gullible. She believes almost anything presented to her without much thought. Of course, losing her twin brother and getting his image tarnished over the period takes a toll on her, which can dull her capacity for clear-sighted thinking. However, it is stretched to the point of feeling contrived. While your heart aches due to the emotional struggle of these characters, the development of suspense thriller is not the strong suit of this series.

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