Trying (Season 3) Episodes 1 & 2, Recap & Ending Explained: Created by Andy Wolton, ‘Trying’ is a British comedy television series streaming on Apple TV+ that stars Esther Smith as Nikki and Rafe Spall as Jason. They play a couple in their late twenties who have had a fair share of adventures in their early adulthood. Since they seem comfortable being with one another, they plan to have a child and become a parent. However, their journey towards parenthood becomes shaky due to some medical complications that make it difficult to conceive it naturally. In their pursuit of parenthood, they decide to adopt a child. Its process has its share of hurdles that they walk through due to their strong emotional bond.

Towards the end of Trying Season 2, we find Nikki (Esther Smith) and Jason (Rafe Spall) reaching the end of the tunnel with a light on the other side. They sense a connection with one of the little kids called Princess (Eden Togwell) who wishes to be adopted by them as well. After a long and strenuous screening process to judge their parenting capability, they are allowed to be her parent. However, there is one more obstacle – she is closely attached to a younger boy from their orphanage, which makes it difficult for them since they understand that these siblings should not be separated. We follow the aftermath of this conundrum in season 3. The episodes from this season are directed by Elliot Hegarty.

Trying (Season 3), Episodes 1 & 2 Recap: 

Amidst the chaos of adopting a kid, Nikki and Jason also get married. During the ceremony, they are subjected to the conundrum, as aforementioned, which puts them in a difficult spot. While they make the difficult decision to take just Princess along with them to their home, they are welcomed with a surprise on their door when they find Tyler (Mickey McAnulty) in their car trunk, who tagged along with them without their notice. While they are not allowed to let him stay, they decide to make an exception for the night. The second season ends on this cliffhanger moment.

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Trying (Season 3) Episodes 1 and 2
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Trying Season 3 begins after this incident when Nikki and Jason are trying to make sure that everything goes right with handling the kids. Since they lived just as a couple until then, they were not prepared to have all the things necessary for a kid’s diet and nutrition. So, Nikki calls her mother and asks if she can help her by bringing something that will be good for them. Her parents bring different options to help the couple out with their first day of parenting. Even Jason’s father arrives with a wooden frame for the bed to show his love, care, and support for the new family.

While he was leaving the house, he overhears a conversation between Nikki and Jason where they were talking about the possibility of needing to give the kids away. While Nikki wants to elongate the presence of these kids, Jason understands the reality of the situation. After hearing this, his father leaves the house where Jason catches him leaving and asks him about his sudden leave. They have a conversation about being a parent and how choice is not ever involved in such relations. Since that is the case with him and Nikki, he should ideally get the shot at parenting. He gets furious with the same thought which makes Jason tell him not to do something stupid.

Afterward, Nikki and Jason go along with the kids to see dolphins and their focus remains on making these kids as happy as they can. While they couldn’t stay there long to see something special later, Jason finds a way to make the happiness not fade. There is a hilarious scene where Jason feeds the penguins to make them cheer with joy. While this happens with the couple, Jason’s father goes to the newlywed couple’s house (Nikki’s sister, Karen, and her husband Scott). After their brief conversation, all three of them end up at the door of Nikki’s father’s place. All of them rush out together for something urgent, but the reason is not revealed right away.

Jason and Nikki spend a day with Tyler and Princess sharing the pieces of goofy wisdom that they can share with them. The funny part about their suggestions is how these wouldn’t help them in any way right away. That results in scenes filled with incredible warmth that work because of the adorable immaturity fused with genuine sincerity towards parenting. It also shows both trying to make the most of their time with the kids and trying to share as much as they can with them.

Later, when all of them arrive home, jumping and cheering with joy & laughter, they see a whole squad of their friends and family walking towards them with goodies for the kids. The mood stays light & bright until the council worker comes to their house. While he states their situation and the lack of experience in parenting, the couple requests him to let the kids stay with them and tries to win him over. They receive 12 weeks to convince a judge they can look after these children permanently. Due to this happy news, Jason suggests quitting his job while Nikki keeps working to focus on parenthood.

The 2nd episode starts with the couple lying on their beds. Nikki puts several alarms on just to make sure that they get up on time so that both Princess and Tyler be well-prepared for their first day at school. They seem to be better prepared for what goes in their breakfast and prepare it with much more clarity. They have the timetables written on different parts of the kitchen that they follow through while speaking with the kids. Tyler has a Show and Tell at his school, and he had thought of taking his rock along with him, which he believes to have magical powers. Jason sees that and realizes how he might be bullied for speaking about a rock. So, he decides to give him a playbook to take along with him.

Afterward, when Nikki goes to her office, she is subjected to a task where she is supposed to fire an employee. Since she is known to have a good relationship with everyone in the office, it becomes difficult for her to carry through this task. Along with her friend from the office, Jen (Robyn Cara), she starts on a mission to find the weak link in the office. Meanwhile, Jason gets to know that the flat they are residing in, is up for sale. He goes to a real estate agent to inquire about it where he learns about the 3 months of tenancy remaining in that place. While he mentions how he hasn’t received any notification about it, the agent insists on it. When he asks how much it would cost to buy it, he learns that in case of the flat has asbestos.

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As a result, Jason tries to look for it in his flat with his father, Vic. Alas, they do not find any harmful chemicals like that, and their plan fails. Even his father could have helped him buy the flat. Yet, that becomes impossible since he had recently put a deposit for a flat on his own. With respect to buying the flat, when this door closes, he knocks on the other one – which happens to be snobby Scott. Jason asks him whether he can help him double his cash urgently even if the ways to do that turn out to be unethical. Scott agrees to his proposal.

Trying (Season 3), Episode 2 Ending Explained: 

In Nikki’s office, the sales had gone up and the complaints have gone down since their search started. That happened to coincide with the time when Jen was not working. Nikki realizes that the weak link from the office is in fact, her closest friend & colleague. At Tyler’s school, all the students are participating in the Show and Tell. Jason gets worried about Tyler who takes his magical rock to the school despite telling him not to do so. He calls Freddy and asks for his help in an impromptu skit. The two arrive at Tyler’s school in hazmat suits and pretend that the rock is from outer space and extremely lethal. With their exaggerated gestures and antics, they impress other kids and stop them from laughing at Tyler. Due to this, he becomes popular among them.

In the morning, when both Nikki and Jason has the advertisement for a flat going for sale, they had assumed it to be another one. Now towards the end of the day, Jason lets Nikki know about it, but lies later saying that Vic, his father will pay for the deposit of the flat. While Nikki can’t be happier, it puts Jason in a difficult spot since he has not yet figured out how to manage the money for this purchase. The bittersweet moment goes along with the comic style that the showrunners have managed to maintain throughout its run. And by putting its characters in conflicts where their interpersonal dynamics are at stake, the show keeps the interest in their lives intact. We care for them, root for them, and wish them an amicable way out of these situations. That’s the beauty and the success of the show.

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