Revenge of Others (Season 1) Episodes 5, 6, 7 & 8: Through its first season, Revenge of Others presents a confounding drama about a young girl’s struggle to find her brother’s murderer. In this mystery thriller narrative, the scholastic issues are dealt with just as interest as the elements of investigative drama. Starring Shin Ye-Eun, Lomon, Seo Ji-hoon, and Lee Soo-min in the lead roles, this Korean drama series is streaming on Hulu and Disney+ Hotstar. While Chan-mi’s determination is a major hook to the narrative, Soo-Heon’s soul-churning character arc is bound to make a profound impact.

Revenge of Others (Season 1) Episodes 5, 6, 7 & 8 Recap

The previous episode ends on a note when Chan-mi goes into the auditorium because of a note she receives in her locker. Jae Boom happens to reach there at the same time. While she assumes him to have written the note, he comes there out of concern for her – since she fainted the last time she entered this room. When they see someone running past them, they try to catch that hooded figure, presumably the one who left the note. He runs away, and Jae Boom realizes it is not the person who followed her before, i.e., Gi Osung, by looking at his shoes.

Revenge of Others (Season 1)

The female officer Jin So Jung apologizes to Chan-mi for not trusting her belief that her brother’s death not being a suicide. She also tries to acquire more details about why Chan-mi made that claim. After her, the detectives also speak with Soo-Heon if he shares something crucial. Now that Won Seok’s death is being investigated as a suicide, his parents, after adoption, contact Chan-mi to collect his stuff. Soo Heon joins her when she goes to meet them and conveys his disgust for their dogmatic views, because of which they do not care about their child.

Why would you even adopt a child if you do not feel emotion about him? His anger seems to stem from his own life. Not having a similar shelter or parental support causes his daily life to struggle. Back at his terrace home, Chan-mi breaks open the suitcase they get and goes through the stuff that shares a bundle of memories for her about her brother. Soo Heon seems content in seeing her find that connection with someone. When they find a bottle of alcohol in it, they have a drink or two on their own.

While speaking about her brother’s family, he becomes sentimental. She comforts him with a warm hug. Back at school the next day, she meets Hong Ajung, that Won Seok had claimed to be his girlfriend. Later, she reveals to Soo Heon and So Yeon that she is pregnant but does not share who the father is. Meanwhile, we are introduced to a new character named Sejin, who learns to play violin and works at a café. It happens to be the café where Chan-mi received a photo from Won Seok.

That is why she goes there to investigate and stumbles upon him. Seeing her inquire about Won Seok, Sejin reveals the details about their shared past. Won Seok helped him against his bullies and terrified them of causing any harm to Sejin. He was bullied because of his father’s sexuality, who came out as gay. Unlike the bad things she had heard about her brother, it surprised her that someone also had a good memory involving him. Meanwhile, So Yeon is disguised as Hong Ajung’s older sister to learn about her pregnancy.

In the clinic they visit, a guy comes in to meet the doctor and terrifies her to the point she starts screaming in fear. This guy – Ji Hyeokgeon, was put in a juvenile detention center. He threatens her to take action to get him out of there. In the past, he had brutally stabbed the doctor’s daughter since he could not accept rejection from her. But he was not arrested because of being a minor. Meanwhile, the friendship between Jae Boom and Soo Heon grows even stronger since Soo Heon helps Jae Boom from a street brawl. As a thank you, Jae Boom takes him to ride a race car.

At night, back at his home, Jae Boom sees Hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy sitting idle in his room. He gets surprised to see it there, besides a few other changes in placements in his room. While going through the book, he sees a photo of him and Won Seok riding horses. On the other hand, So Yeon meets Soo Heon at the bowling alley where he works and speaks about the delinquent – Ji Hyeokgeon. She proposes he take punishing Hyeokgeon as a job to get enough money to pay his mother’s recovery bills for the next few months.

After learning about his regular route, she informs him of the garage where Hyeokgeon works. Soo Heon reaches there in his hooded attire and strikes him repeatedly. After tying him to a chair, he threatens him in a modulated voice to apologize to the doctor for the traumatizing death of her daughter. He then tries to scare him to cut his fingers and leaves immediately. The following day, police reach the same garage to find him dead.

Sejin reveals to Chan-mi that he was the one who released the video in their school auditorium. He started recording it without knowing he would get killed in the next few moments. Meanwhile, seeing the growing friendship between Jae Boom & Soo Heon, Gi Osung gets jealous. Upon meeting with Jae Boom, he tells him to forget about having any relationship with Won Seok in the past. Later at school, Jihyun bullies Chan-mi and Ajung tries to intervene. But matters go out of hand when Chan-mi starts hitting Jihyun with no sign to stop. As a result, she gets hospitalized.

Later, Ajung reveals to Chan-mi that Osung was manipulating Won Seok into doing things according to his will. Meanwhile, detectives learn more details about the attack on Sa Jung Kyung. So, Jin So Jung goes to meet Soo Heon since she considers him one of the suspects for beating him and for the death of Hyeokgeon. While Jae Boom struggles to retrieve his memories, Jung Kyung brings some bullies to win over Soo Heon mercilessly. By looking at his fighting style, Jung Kyung just wanted to see whether Soo Heon was the one who beat him. But since Soo Heon does not fight back at all, he takes back his suspicion for the time being.

To find the cause of Hyeokgeon’s death and the person behind it, the police officer meets the OBGYN doctor from before. She reveals her connection with this delinquent, and after she leaves, So Yeon enters her cabin in disguise to learn about the molester’s death. She gets shocked since she considers him only getting beaten up and not killed. She reveals this information to Soo Heon, who also gets scared about the possible implications. The episode also reveals a stronghold Gi Osung has on how Jae Boom sees the world around him and what he chooses to consider the truth. Even when Jae Boom feels that he killed Won Seok, Osung manages to sway his mind the other way.

Meanwhile, the police consider him a suspect due to his backpack. While they try to catch him red-handed, Chan-mi learns about this development and saves him by taking the pack with her from the locker. She leaves him a note telling him to come to a place to retrieve his bag. She points a gun at him to shoot when he reaches there since she considers him also behind Won Seok’s death. That’s when she hears her phone ring with a call from Won Seok’s number. She picks up the call and hears no voice but only an indistinct sound – possibly a ringtone. It makes her clear that at least Soo Heon is not behind Won Seok’s murder.

While Jae Boom trusts Osung blinding about his past, he gets an envelope with photos of them together in a way that makes him think that he and Won Seok are a couple. Meanwhile, Jin Sojunglearns about Chan-mi living in Soo Heon’s apartment and is suspicious of her knowledge about his act. Later, the male officer reveals to her seeing Chan-mi escaping from the gym in a hurry when they are entering it. Meanwhile, Soo Heon stays away from the investigation and heads to another city. However, he faints due to his brain tumor and gets hospitalized.

On the other side, Jae Boom does not attend class and wanders around wondering about his past. He sees Chan-mi goes to the rooftop apartment of Soo Heon’s and follows her. Meanwhile, Jae Boom’s mother speaks with Gi Osung about her son’s memories. By tracking his location, Gi Osung and Jihyun reach Soo Heon’s apartment to learn about Jae Boom’s motive to be there. They also know that Chan-mi is probably living with Soo Heon. Seeing Chan-mi’s bike downstairs, Jihyun decides to take revenge on her out of jealousy. As a result, when Chan-mi rides it, the failure in breaks makes her slip and get injured.

She learns that breaks had an issue because someone purposefully cut them. When she returns to their place after the repair, she finds the glass windows broken and all their stuff scattered on the ground. She gets devastated by one tragedy following another. Meanwhile, when Jin Sojunggoes to meet her husband, Soo Heon’s doctor, she learns about his medical condition. She sympathizes with him and assures him that she won’t disclose any information about it. He soon returns to his place and sees the damaged house.

By that time, Ajung remembers Won Seok’s birthday and understands it is also Chan-mi’s, considering she is his twin sister. They throw her a surprise party where Soo Heon takes her. Since Jae Boom is also present there, Osung traces his location and reaches there in no time. When he enters the celebration room, his phone rings, and both Soo Heon and Chan-mi register the sound being the same as what they had heard during a call received from Won Seok’s number. So, she surmises him being her brother’s murderer.

While Jae Boom believed everything Osung mentioned to him until then, he now gets skeptical about wholeheartedly trusting him. Hearing his suspicion of being fed lies, Osung hits him due to his fear of the truth coming out. Ajung speaks with So Yeon about Chan-mi living with So Heon and suspects they are in a relationship. Back at their place, he asks her what gift she would like, and she asks for the red shoelaces he ties to his white shoes. These are very special to him since they belonged to his mother, who could not run the way she used to. He still decides to gift them to her.

Meanwhile, the police look through the evidence from Hyeokgeon’s murder case. They stumble upon a torn-out receipt with a barcode on it. The junior male officer traces its origin and finds out Osung uses it in a study café. He also sees Osung leaving a phone in the café before leaving. Seeing him being a possible suspect in the murder, the officer goes straight to the chief – Gi Wongdo, Osung’s father. He tells him he will speak with his son and understand the truth. Until then, he orders the officer not to take any action.

However, Jin Sojung eventually finds out about the evidence and learns of Osung’s involvement. She gets furious at the male officer for not sharing the detail with her beforehand. Back at school, So Yeon and Ajung help Soo Heon get hold of Osung’s phone, and he goes into the washroom to find more details about it. However, Osung gets a suspicion of something wrong brewing under his nose and traces his phone location to reach there. He calls his phone, and Soo Heon manages to escape getting caught at the right moment.

Meanwhile, Sejin (Won Seok’s friend from the café) tries to attack Soo Heon, who saves himself. Sejin reveals attacking him since he considers him to have killed Won Seok. Chan-mi clears his doubt about it. She learns it was Sejin who damaged their apartment. However, he did not hurt her bike, which begs the question of who did that damage to her. Mr. Kim, who got help from So Yeon for attacking his daughter’s rapist, asks her again to help threaten him further.

Soo Heon goes to Jihyun’s place to study. It is his decoy to go through Osung’s stuff from his room to learn his connection to Won Seok’s murder. Meanwhile, Jae Boom keeps Osung in a café, saying that Chan-mi wants to speak with them. However, since she does not return for a while, he suspects something wrong is happening and being stalled in the café. He sees a photo posed by Jihyun of noodles preparation. Some of her friends comment on it, asking if it is for Soo Heon. Seeing those comments, he runs right out to go to his house.

Revenge of Others (Season 1) Episode 8 Ending Explained

Revenge of Others (Season 1) Episodes 5, 6, 7 & 8

Osung runs to his house and, upon reaching, finds Soo Heon over there. While he starts attacking him with suspicion, spying on him, the female officer Jin Sojung immediately puts him in handcuffs. He threatens her by speaking about his father, who is the police chief. She mentions him already knowing about it and arrests the kid right then. Later, back at his apartment, Soo Heon gets a call about his mother being in critical condition, and he heads straight to the hospital with Chan-mi.

Over there, the doctor tells him that his mother cannot be kept on life support after a period since he would need to pay for it. He is still determined to earn enough money to save his mother. In the police headquarters, Jin Sojung questions him about the encounter in the café, and he maintains his non-involvement in any of these acts. Gi Wongdo calls her out of the room and tells him about his guilt for not sharing this information. He did not want his young son to be considered a suspect at such a young age.

Jin Sojung threatens that she would resign if he interfered again with the investigation, and he has no other option but to accept her stance. Meanwhile, Osung, freed right after, goes to meet Junggyeong at his motor house. He informs this molester that he (Osung) is being framed for someone else’s acts. During the questioning, he realized it. The person he speaks about is Soo Heon.

Meanwhile, Soo Heon tells So Yeon & Ajung that he is ready to make a hit again on Junggyeong. So, he goes to his motor house to attack him. While the episode ends on this cliffhanger note, it would be interesting to see how Junggyeong’s knowledge about Soo Heon comes into play now.



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