Ruined (2023) Movie Ending Explained: How did Liv and Landon free themselves from the grip of Alexis Torres?

Ruined 2023

Given its classification as a TV movie, it’s natural to anticipate that the production values might not attain the highest standards found in cinematic releases. However, there’s an expectation that the narrative itself should possess a level of intrigue that holds the audience’s attention. Regrettably, this aspect falls somewhat short in Tamara Bass’s “Ruined (2023).” Nonetheless, let’s delve into the details of the plot and explore the narrative threads that “Ruined” weaves together.

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Ruined (2023) Plot Summary and Movie Synopsis:

Landon and Liv’s journey together began during their college years, leading to a joyous marriage. Over the course of a decade, Landon found success as a gynecologist, while Liv flourished as a talented interior designer. However, their happiness began to waver when they faced difficulties in conceiving a child. In their pursuit of parenthood, misunderstandings emerged.

Landon, believing work stress hindered Liv’s chances of conceiving, urged her to quit her job. Unbeknownst to him, this pressure only added to her stress. Seeking guidance, Liv confided in a friend, yearning to salvage their marriage during these trying times. Amidst her struggles, fate introduced her to Alexis Torres, a new neighbor. Alexis shared that she had overheard Liv discussing her marital troubles.

Interestingly, Alexis was an acclaimed marriage counselor who specialized in rejuvenating fractured relationships. Coincidentally, she was preparing to open an office nearby and offered her assistance in resolving the issues between Liv and Landon. In a moment of despair, Liv found a glimmer of hope and, despite Alexis being a stranger, chose to place her trust in her.

What happens after Liv starts visiting Alexis Torres?

Liv finds Torres’ guidance exceptionally beneficial and feels a strong inclination to confide in her. This guidance proves advantageous on multiple fronts, significantly impacting both her professional and personal spheres. At a juncture, Torres proposes that Liv include Landon in their sessions, as joint participation is deemed pivotal in couples’ therapy. Recognizing the challenge this poses, Torres advises Liv to engineer a disagreement, thereby highlighting the necessity for therapy to Landon organically.

Meanwhile, Torres orchestrates a visit to Landon’s office under the pretext of a simulated pregnancy check-up. Employing an intimate demeanor, she places Landon in a conspicuously uncomfortable position. Yet, on the same day, when Landon, accompanied by Liv, visits Torres, he is taken aback. Unbeknownst to him, the individuals he had encountered earlier as a patient and Liv’s marriage counselor are one and the same. Disturbed, Landon promptly departs and, fearing a potential threat, beseeches Liv to maintain her distance from Torres.

How are Alexis Torres and Landon connected?

As time unfolds, a hidden facet of Landon’s history emerges, a shadowy past he had shielded from Liv. During his early academic years, he was entangled with a woman named Taura, even contemplating marriage. However, their intended union took a tumultuous turn. Taura’s demeanor shifted, morphing into possessiveness and an unbending determination that stifled Landon’s very existence.

On what was meant to be their wedding day, Landon made the painful decision to call off the impending nuptials. This action deeply wounded Taura, who endured public humiliation. Her anguish gave way to a harrowing pursuit, wherein she pursued Landon with a loaded firearm. In the midst of this confrontation, Taura disclosed a shocking revelation—she carried Landon’s unborn child. Striving to defuse the escalating situation, Landon managed to disarm Taura. In a fateful moment, however, Taura met a precipitous fall from a rooftop, seemingly meeting her demise.

Yet, fate would prove otherwise. Taura survived, transforming herself through surgical means into Alexis Torres, a distinguished marriage counselor who had even achieved television prominence. She saw an interview featuring Landon and Liv aired on a news channel. Witnessing Landon’s presence and sensing his happiness living with Liv, the vestiges of her former possessive ardor were rekindled. A profound shift transpired—her yearning for Landon shifted into a consuming obsession. Consequently, she surreptitiously shadowed the couple, adroitly positioning herself within the fabric of their lives.

A still from Ruined (2023).
A still from Ruined (2023).

Ruined (2023) Movie Ending Explained:

How did Liv and Landon free themselves from the grip of Alexis Torres?

It took Liv some time, but she began to sense that something was off about Alexis Torres. One day, Liv and Landon discovered that the crib they had bought for their future child was shattered. Among the wreckage, Liv found a familiar earring that she had seen before in Alexis Torres’ ear. This discovery triggered a realization that they needed to distance themselves from her.

While exploring Torres’ home, Liv stumbled upon a college yearbook containing Landon’s photo. After the earring incident, she spoke with Landon, seeking an explanation for his connection to Alexis Torres. Gradually, they both understood that Alexis Torres was not the person they believed her to be. United in this realization, they decided to involve Liv’s brother, Jayce, to dig deeper into the matter.

Their plan unfolded as Jayce met Torres, and the two had dinner together. Torres invited Jayce to her house, where he uncovered a room containing surveillance equipment aimed at Liv and Landon’s bedroom. This included a hidden camera Torres had placed on the day she broke the crib. Tragically, before Jayce could share his findings with Liv, Torres took his life.

Distraught and lacking information about Jayce’s fate, Liv turned to the police, expressing her suspicions about Alexis. Unfortunately, without concrete evidence, her concerns were not taken seriously. Meanwhile, one night, Alexis revealed her true identity as Taura to Landon, disclosing that they had a teenage son together. She manipulated Landon’s desire to be a father to persuade him to leave Liv.

Notwithstanding, Landon resolutely upheld his matrimonial devotion, a stance that bore forth a pivotal confrontation wherein Alexis transgressed into a physical assault against Landon. Culminating in an apogee of events, Liv undertook a resolute encounter with Alexis, a confrontation that culled the grim revelation of Jayce’s mortal remains. With poise and determination, Liv marshaled her self-defense, leading to the decisive termination of Alexis’ life by employing a knife at her. Promptly thereafter, the police take over the crime scene, thereby custodial oversight. However, Alexis remained alive and was sent to the hospital for recovery.

Later, it was revealed that Alexis had fabricated the existence of her son. She had lost the child in that tragic fall over a decade ago. Months passed, and Liv and Landon managed to rebuild their relationship. They welcomed a baby boy, and Liv excelled in both motherhood and her professional career in interior design. Landon embraced his role as a supportive spouse and devoted father.

The ending of Ruined shows that, unknown to them, the hidden camera remained, granting Alexis access to their lives from behind bars. Her lingering obsession compelled her to watch over Landon’s family, casting uncertainty over their future. While the extent of her influence remains uncertain, her unsettling smile suggests the possibility of her haunting their lives once again.

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