Seth Rogen discussed the impact of the film “The Interview” on the podcast Hawk vs. Wolf. He described the fallout from the film as “catastrophic” and caused “seismic shifts” in Hollywood at the time, with people getting fired from their jobs.

He said that the film led to the dismissal of the head of Sony Pictures (Amy Pascal) from the company. The Interview, which was a story about a fictional assassination attempt on North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un was canceled by Sony Pictures after North Korean leaders called it an “act of war” and there were digital threats of a 9/11-style attack.

It’s another thing that the 2014 movie was later acquired by Netflix, making it one of the biggest movies to be ever streamed on any platform at that time.

Rogen added that this phenomenon showed the success of the movie showed that any given movie could have led to success if the right plugs were pulled. However, he adds that the fallout that the movie was slated to impact was not as detrimental as he expected, and they were able to keep making movies.

Rogen added that making the movie was overall a “horrible experience,” but the kind of controversy it caused feels like a really sad afterthought when he now sees it playing on TV in a very casual way.

In one of his early interviews in 2016, he said, “It’s bad to be blamed for almost starting a war. It’s not fun; it’s super weird.”  He later hilariously added that “I had personal security, and then one day, they just went away. I was like, ‘I guess I’m safe now.’ The studio provided the filmmakers with security in case someone from North Korea was gonna kill us, I guess. And then literally, one day, they were just gone…The studio just didn’t want to pay for security any more.”

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