Episode 6 of Sex Education Season 4 is all about faith callings and the big funeral that could possibly go either way. Otis is still pretty distracted but is trying his best to keep it all together for Meave, but in doing so, he has also kept himself from truly understanding or trying to understand Eric. A fallout was eventual, but would it lead us to not like Otis any more than the season has already led us? It was a slim chance, but here we are.

The following article details everything that happens in the episode, so if you still haven’t checked it out, please come back since it’s full of spoilers.

Sex Education (Season 4), Episode 6 Recap:

Episode 6 of Sex Education Season 4 opens with Eric having another one of his vague callings. This time, it’s a dream about the same homeless girl he helped the other day. Only this time, she is fishing and then turns into a vision of God that aligns with Eric’s black Jesus, only queer. Then, the vision somehow turns into Cal, and the dream ends. We understand that it might be just a manifestation of Eric’s guilt of escaping baptism and his faith, but more concrete details come later.

Meave feels like she is really struggling as she is not just avoiding Otis’ text but is unable to come up with a eulogy for her mother. That is, until she stumbles onto her notes for that one chapter she wrote about her time with her at the Caravan park.

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Otis now has a neck wrap after the incident with Meave the other night. As he is getting ready to go to school, O arrives at his house to talk to Jean about the show. It angers Otis, and he tries to leave. Only before he does, Jean tries to talk to him about putting his priorities forward. We all know he did not want to have sex, and since he wasn’t able to convey that to Meave, it might rile back to him later.

As O is looking around the house, she stumbles on the manuscript of Jean’s book that is about Otis’ sexual issues.

Anyway, Otis catches up to Ruby on the way to school, and they have a falling out when he tries to manipulate her by saying that she should not say anything wrong about their time that night if she gets to meet Meave.

As Meave is getting ready for the funeral, she tells Aimee that her thing with Issac makes her uncomfortable, and Aimee agrees that she wouldn’t let it become anything more than ‘just friends.’ Meave also receives a call from Wallace (her school in the States) asking if she would complete her course there.

Jackson gets extremely anxious when he receives a call about his test results being ready.

Jean unloads a bit of trauma when O sits down with her for the prep of their radio show. She tells O how difficult it was for her after her husband left, and the grief engulfed her. A very honest confession about how important it was for her to take the radio job and how small the career landscape is for women comes up.

Jan and Adam have another flirty moment as she tells him that he is ready to teach kids on his own.

As Eric and Otis discuss why he was not able to have sex with Meave, the possibility that he wanted to make her jealous about the whole Ruby thing comes up. Otis then makes him feel guilty for blowing him off for his new friends. Meanwhile, Meave calls him and asks a favor to track down Sean, who hasn’t reached the funeral house yet. They set out to find someone by the name of Dodgy Moo.

They don’t find Sean but get the flowers that he had arranged for the funeral. So when Otis is taking the flower sign on his bike while arguing with Eric about being left behind, his best friend confesses how he doesn’t care – he loses his balance and falls into a pine bush, ruining the sign. This is when Eric tries to make Otis understand how different they are from each other and that Otis often doesn’t get what he is going through. Already preoccupied with a lot of stuff, Otis again avoids Eric’s feelings.

During art class, Aisha asks Cal to the bathroom, and while she is fingering Cal, her fingers turn red. Cal had thought that since they were on testosterone, they wouldn’t get their period. This makes them feel embarrassed and disappointed.

A still from Sex Education Season 4, Episode 6.
A still from Sex Education Season 4, Episode 6.

At the funeral, everyone that Meave did not expect arrives. It feels like it is going to be a nice little ceremony before Sean finally shows up and starts talking ill about their mother. This really pisses Meave off, and when Sean leaves while guilt-tripping her for leaving for America, it feels like her chest would burst into a thousand pieces.

While Jean and Joanna come out of the pharmacy, we see the guy whom Joanna was supposed to date. He has actually had an accident, but the main part here is that he is the same guy Jean had sex with, except Jakob, and he is possibly Joy’s dad.

At the funeral, Meave briefly vanishes, and everyone does not know what to do, including Otis, who can’t find her. Meanwhile, Eric and Adam talk to each other for the first time since their breakup. It is such an adorable moment that I will forgive every mishap in the season so far just to see the two of them in a single frame again. The kind of chemistry they have is incredible, and even though this moment is used to establish the prophecy in Eric’s dream, I would take that for a slight glitch in the matrix here.

Issac is able to find Meave, who has hidden herself in the back of a car due to embarrassment. He then tries to convince her to go back in and makes some valid points that she agrees to. She then goes inside a speaks her mind about the reality of her mom. It’s a moving eulogy that brings almost everyone to tears. The funeral ends with Colin singing ‘With or without you,’ Meave’s mum’s favorite song that also symbolizes the beginning and end of a lot of things at the funeral.

During the song, Jackson starts hyperventilating because of the tension of his results, and when Otis tries to hold Meave’s hand, she does not respond in the way we expected.

Sex Education (Season 4), Episode 6 Ending, Explained:

How does Ruby sabotage O’s image?

As things get to a close at the funeral a lot do things take place. Firstly, Beau gets extremely up and about Jackson and Viv’s private talks and not being included. Viv gets angry at Jackson for calling out his boyfriend weird. Eric and Otis are sort of having a falling out as both of them claim that they have not been heard. Emily lets Meave know that she is incredibly proud of her for being one of the best pupils she has ever taught.

However, Meave forgives Otis for his little fuck up the other night as they walk back home.

Aimee shouts at random men trying to hackle her, and Adam gets to know that her mum and dad are sleeping together when he gets to her dad’s place for some hanging out.

Cal’s mum calls the radio station for some advice on how to get her child to talk about their feelings after dismissing them initially for being non-binary. Both Jean and O team up to give her some ideas about the same.

Jackson’s result states that his lump is non-cancerous.

Ruby calls the radio station and makes everyone aware of the video she had on O and has uploaded for everyone see.

The ending of Episode 6 of Sex Education Season 4 finds Meave and Otis trying to have sex again, but Otis exhibits the same issues he has had with sex before. He tells Meave how he has been thinking about his mum – especially the time when she was depressed, leading him to not concentrate on being with her like that.

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